Girls need space

You Have To Give Women THIS To Massively Increase Attraction – Why Is Space So Important?

Learn one of the most important keys to attracting women – giving them the space we all value and need for a healthy relationship. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to increase attraction with a woman by actually learning about the type of space people need.

The essence of attraction is space, now the attraction will only ever grow if there is enough space between you and the other person.

So let’s start right at the beginning, in fact the day you were born, that’s how far we’re going. So in the beginning we are just like our parents, we rely on our mother for everything and because we have grown inside her we feel as if we are an actual extension of her. And as we start walking and talking though, we start displaying our own unique personalities. Our personalities only grow over time and we develop a sense of independence.

The truth is, we all value our independence and we are not supposed to be around another person all of the time. It’s healthy for us to have space and to have our own lives. And today’s video is all about uncovering why space is so important but also the many benefits of giving the person that you like plenty of space.

How space increase attraction

Why space is important? Fight or flee

When we are really attracted to somebody, we tend to chase them. Humans have two responses to being chased, either fight or flee. Let’s take a closer look into what fight and flee really mean. 


Fighting is when she is not very attracted to you and so she will end up pushing you away or breaking up with you in a nasty way. This can leave you with scars for a long time. 


Fleeing is when someone pushes you away or breaks up with you for no real reason. They are scared because you are showing them so much attention and it starts to put them off. 

Now we don’t want this to happen to you, do we? This is why space is so important. 

The benefits of space 

Let’s take a closer look at why space is important and beneficial if you want a relationship to blossom. 

Space increases attraction 

Space can increase attraction dramatically. When we spend time away from someone they start picturing us in a different way. What I mean by this is if you give a girl space she will start thinking about the first time she saw you, what you looked like, what you were wearing and your body language. She might remember that you wore a really nice shirt and think ‘oh he looked handsome in that’. Basically, space gives her mind more time to race and picture you in a different way from how she may have seen you before. 

Space increases tension 

You know how some relationships seem to have that magical spark, electric attraction and a type of tension around them. Well, it didn’t just appear overnight. They most likely used space to create this winning formula. Space allows the tension between you both to increase, the feeling of missing someone helps with this as well. If you are both talking every so often but not as much as you normally would and not seeing each other face to face, you can build tension by flirting a little. Don’t be overly sexual but drop just enough in to create some tension between you both and then sit back and reap the rewards. 

Space gives you more time to focus on yourself 

We are all independent at heart and have unique things that make us happy. If a girl has asked you to give her space then respect it and use the time to focus on yourself. Spending time with friends and family is a great way to do this. Another way is to do things you love like going to the movies or playing a sport. Spend time doing something that lights you up and it will make you a more desirable partner in the long run. 

Space allows the other person to miss you 

Ohh yess the magical “I miss you” text! It’s what you all dream of right? Giving someone space allows a lady to really miss you. She will be thinking about what you are busy doing and start wanting to do things with you. You might have to wait a week or two but she will text you in the end and say “I miss you, want to meet up?”. That’s when you know that you have her where you want her and she will be all yours. You need to still message her during this time but just less and make sure you stop seeing her as much. 

Space allows you to think about what you really want 

That’s right, we have spoken a lot about playing hard to get, creating tension and winning a girl over. It’s been all about her, the truth is though you actually might be wanting to take space from her because something just does not feel right. You might have an inkling that things are not as they may seem and you are not sure if you want the relationship to go past dating. Take a step back from everything and think about what you really want, then instead of fighting or fleeing, just tell her truthfully how you feel and part on good terms. 

How do you know when a woman wants space? 

Women are often compared to cats because of their need for both space and attention. You see cats like attention but it has to be on their terms not on anyone else’s. They also like space and to be left alone. This is exactly what women are like. They want you to pay them attention but only when they want it and they want space but again only when they want it. So how do you tell when a woman wants space? Well, she will start acting distant, not wanting to see you as much and taking longer to reply to your messages.

It will seem as though she is drifting away from you and possibly not as attracted to you as before. This is when you know to pump the breaks and give her the space she wants so badly. Tell her that you are going to give her some space and when she is ready to see you again, she can contact you. This shows her that you are confident enough that she will come back and also that you are mature enough to act this way. 

How much is enough space?

This is another tricky thing to watch out for. If you give her too much space she will think you are not interested at all and she will just move on. If you don’t give her enough space she will feel suffocated and chased. You need to give her just enough, you can read this by how often she contacts you. If she starts messaging you first, it means she is ready for you. If she is not messaging you though, it means she either has decided to move on or she needs more space to figure out her feelings. Don’t get me, wrong guys, giving a woman space can be risky. You could lose her but if you do, it means you probably would have lost her further down the line anyway and she was not the person for you. If she sticks around, you know then that it’s a strong base for a relationship and you would both be able to get through a lot together. Even if it ends with you both just dating, as long as you both have fun it was all worth it. 

Needing space does not mean something is over 

If a woman says that she needs space make sure not to just walk away and switch off. There is still a chance that she will come back and it does not automatically mean that it is over. In fact, there is a huge chance that she will come back so you don’t want to cut ties completely and ruin your future chances. Respect her need for space, ask how long she thinks she will need it for and then get on with living your own life while she has space and then comes back and is even more attracted to you.

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