THE HARD TRUTH - 6 Reasons Men Should NOT Chase Women (DO THIS INSTEAD)

THE HARD TRUTH – 6 Reasons Men Should NOT Chase Women (DO THIS INSTEAD)

Don’t chase women! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing the reasons men shouldn’t chase women and what you should do instead!

Oh the chase, it’s addictive chasing women and trying to win them over. It’s going to give you that rush of feel good hormones, feelings and emotions which are just incredibly overpowering. Because when a lady is interested in you, you feel like the man, you are going to feel powerful and like you can do anything.

I get it, I really do, but the problem is that chasing a lady does not always work. Sometimes you don’t realise that you are actually chasing girls away. And that girl could have been the one. It’s amazing, but when you stop chasing women you actually start to have more luck, or at least more luck with those high value women that you should be dating. So in today’s video I’m going to give you 6 reasons why men should not chase women and how you can stop chasing today.

Don’t chase women

You will have more self confidence if you stop 

We talk a lot on this channel about needing to have self confidence when you are trying to attract a lady. The same goes when it comes to chasing a lady. It’s a negative pattern of behaviour that requires confidence to break. You need to believe that you are good enough for her and that she should naturally be attracted to you, it’s not something you need to force upon her. 

Every time we get rejected or forgotten about though we lose some of our confidence, it simply disappears. That is why it is important that we know how to build ourselves back up and gain confidence back. Our confidence should not rely on what other people think or feel about us.

I am sure you are now thinking, ok I need confidence to break this negative cycle of chasing women. How do I gain this confidence though? Two simple exercises that you can do every day are looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself one thing that you like about yourself. Another is writing these things down every morning or night. The act of writing something down makes your brain believe it more so it’s more powerful than just saying it out loud. 

One other thing you have to do to gain confidence is to overcome situations. For example, if a girl you are seeing dumps you then you might immediately crumble. Instead try to be mentally stronger and stay composed. This act of doing the opposite of what you would normally do will help you gain confidence. 

Make sure you also have set goals and then achieve them. Personal accomplishments and keeping the promises you make to yourself will drastically improve your confidence. When you start oozing confidence, you will start to notice the girls running to you. 

You will have more time to focus on your life’s mission

Again with the goals! Focus on your life’s mission and things that you want to achieve. For example, maybe you want to own your own business which is definitely achievable. Stop waiting for the right time because it will never arrive, instead jump in and take the risk. You will really want it to succeed so you will work extra hard to make sure it does. This focus will mean you have less time to chase ladies. You will be busy doing productive things with your time instead and growing as a person. 

This will also make you more attractive to potential dates because you will be driven, hard working and that is the sexiest thing a man can be! So work out what your mission in life is or some goals that you would like to achieve and then start working towards them. 

You will stop wasting your time on girls who are not interested 

When you chase women the ones you end up getting are normally lower value ladies. They might enjoy being chased but once you win them over they are suddenly not interested at all and back away. This is something you do not want, you want a lady who is high value and is super interested in you, for you. 

Often you will think you are doing an ok job because you are picking up some ladies but after a while you will realise that the girls you have got don’t last. They leave and then you have to start all over again. Trapped in a super negative cycle. 

Focus instead on being the best version of yourself and that way you will attract high value women as opposed to low value ladies that don’t last. You don’t need to change the way you chase ladies to attract them, you need to stop chasing all together. 

You will regain some power in the relationship 

This is the final reason as to why men should not chase women. When you stop chasing, you stop looking desperate and you start to regain some of the power within a relationship. You start to not be a pushover type person that is always available. Instead your time is precious, it is worth something and so are you. 

Spend time doing other things that are more inwards focused, which will take up more time and give you less time to chase. You will honestly be amazed at how much better you feel when you stop chasing, how much more confidence you have and of course how many more ladies you have lining up for a piece of you. 

How to stop chasing woman 

Give a lady space to miss you 

Chasing ladies means they never have time to miss you! You are always around when they need you and only ever one message away! You need to get them to miss you. This shows you if they are really interested and if they will stick around. It also means that you are not chasing them, they will miss you and come back to you. 

For example if you have been seeing a girl for a while and you are crazy about her then pump the brakes. Don’t message her first and don’t be available whenever she needs you. A great way to do this is to tell her that you are going away for a week and you will be super busy. Then you have a week where she doesn’t expect you to contact her but she has time to miss you. 

Don’t text and call girls all day

You need to stop doing this all day. You might have a few girls that you are dating and all day you text them or call them. Going from girl to girl and using all your time on chasing. This is a waste of your time and it makes you look desperate. This is not what you want, you want to be powerful and respected by a high value lady.

So put the phone down, back away and find something else to fill your time. 

Think about the type of lady you want 

To help you stop chasing ladies you need to think about the type of lady you want. I don’t mean just for a one night stand, I mean the type of lady you want to settle down with and share a life with. 

What does she look like? Smell like? What does she do as a job? What type of friends does she have? What does she like to do in her spare time? What type of common interests do you share? Really be specific. 

You need to spend some time thinking about this and you will realise after some time that the type of ladies you have been chasing are not anything like the dream lady you have in your head. If you want this high-value lady in your life then you need to stop chasing because you will only end up with the wrong lady. 

You need to wait and see who comes along, you need to practise patience and trust that the most amazing lady will be want to be your partner. 

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