Can’t Tell If A Girl Likes You? Pay Attention To THIS – Work Out If She Likes & Avoid Rejection

Are you finding it hard to tell if a girl likes you or not? In today’s video we’re going to be learning about some of the signs a woman like you and what you need to be paying attention too if you want to figure out if a girl is into you or not.

When it comes to the world of dating, wanting to learn how to know if a girl likes you before you make a move is a popular topic. People often have a high level of fear when it comes to rejection, especially if they already know their crush quite well in their regular day to day life. So it makes sense that you’d want to spot these subtle hints that a girl likes you before making you’re move. The better an idea you have that she’s into you the less chance there is of any rejection right?

Lets be honest, it can be a struggle to tell if a girl likes you or not. She might not seem very interested at all but could like you a lot and be playing hard to get. She could act really interested and like you a lot or not at all. It’s a minefield out there and girls give off all sorts of signals. Which is why you need an expert to tell you what to look out for. So are you wondering how to tell if she actually likes you back. Well you need to start paying a little more attention to the following 10 things.

Can’t tell if a girl likes you?

She messages you back quickly 

You will know if a girl likes you or not by the way she communicates with you both online and offline. If she is messaging you back quickly and sometimes messages you first it shows that she likes you and you can make a move. She would only message you back quickly if she really liked you otherwise she might not reply at all or if she does it would be a while after you had sent your first message. 

She sends you GIFS and memes when she does message you 

If you are communicating by messaging each other online or via text then her sending GIFS and memes is her way of flirting with you. She might send you GIFS of anything from cats to a popular TV show, either way, this is her way of showing you that she likes you! It’s also a type of online flirting especially if you read between the lines of the GIFS and memes. People who send GIFS and memes are normally more creative, out the box thinkers with a good sense of humour! 

She wants to help you

If you can’t tell if a girl likes you or not then spend some time looking at their behaviour when they are around you. Is she going out of her way to help you? Does she help you carry your grocery shopping home? Has she offered to help you move house? We only do these types of things for people that we really like. These are not necessarily things we would do for friends but we would do them for people we are romantically interested in. If she is spending more time helping you out with things, even if it is just keeping you company then she probably likes you! 

She acts differently around you 

This is something you can notice when you are in large groups. A girl will typically act differently around you if she likes you. She will giggle more, listen to you more, flick her hair and stand closer to you. If you are in a big group this can become more obvious because she will speak to her friends with confidence then turn to you and act almost shy. She might not be throwing herself at you but she is definitely throwing out signs, you just need to pay her more attention. 

She makes eye contact with you 

It’s polite to make eye contact with people when they speak to you. Eye contact takes on a whole new meaning though when it comes to dating and flirting. If she likes you, she will stare into your eyes as you speak to her. She might make eye contact with you from across the room or look at you and when you look back, look away. These are all signs that she likes you and she is waiting for you to show her that you like her. 

She starts asking questions like “Are we dating?”

When you get to this stage, you can sleep easily at night knowing that she likes you! If a girl ever asks you “are we dating?” it is because she wants to be dating you. Things might be moving too slow for her and she wants to speed things along by getting to the point. She might say it in a jokey situation like maybe you are out with friends and she laughs and says “are we dating?”. It can sound like she is just joking with you but she actually does mean what she is saying, she just wants to see your reaction. 

She has a deep interest in your life 

If you find her asking you questions about your childhood, your house or your job, it is normally because she wants to know more. Girls like to know everything about guys they like so she might ask some deep questions. They like to understand a guys background and what he went through before meeting her. It also allows her to think about whether you will work together and if you have similar hobbies. She might also remember things you told her ages ago and bring them back up (like a birthday etc). These are all way’s to tell if she likes you. 

She opens up to you and is vulnerable 

Opening up to someone and being vulnerable are things we do when we trust someone. We really only trust someone if we know them well or we like them. To show you how much you mean to her she might open up about things that are happening in her life and be vulnerable about her past. These are common signs that she thinks of you as more than just a friend. She wants you to get to know her like she is getting to know you. 

She gets flustered around you 

Girls are not often flustered. We have the ability to be put in stressful or uncomfortable situations and be cool, calm and collected! Even though some ladies get more stressed than others, the majority are very calm. It’s something that comes naturally to us. So if a girl is getting flustered around you and looks visibly a little all over the place, it’s probably because she likes you. She might be thinking to herself “why am I so flustered, it’s silly” but it’s her bodies way of showing you, how she feels about you. Watch out for hair flicking, clumsiness and stumbling of words. 

Read her body language 

Sometimes we find ourselves lost in the moment and everything happens so naturally. We forget to actually take notice of what the person we are speaking to is doing and the way they are acting. It’s important that you step back and read the girl’s body language. Is she making eye contact? Is she touching you every so often or grazing you as she walks past? Is she displaying open body language by having her arms by her side? These are all signs that she is attracted to you and her body language is giving her away. 

Copying someone’s body language is something else we do to show them that we like them. It is called mirroring and we have all done it from time to time. We might start using similar language to the other person, mimicking the way they speak or picking up a glass when they pick up their glass. These are all classic signs of mirroring someone and it’s something we do when we are around people we want to flatter. 

Another type of body language to look out for is when a lady moves towards you as she is talking. For example, if you were in a bar and you were answering a question she had asked you, you might notice her leaning in a little closer. This is because she wants to be closer to you and she is interested in what you are saying and wants to know more.

If you are puzzled about a girl and whether she likes you or not then take some time to study her body language, it will tell you more than her words ever will! 

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