Girls Love This Masculine Body Language, Attractive Male Poses

Girls Love This Masculine Body Language, Attractive Male Poses You Can Impress Women With (ALPHA)

Lets talk about attractive masculine body language! Girls love when men do this type of thing so if you want to impress women and appear more attractive then fixing your male body language can make all the difference.

You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following topics: Alpha male body language, how to get a girl to like you, what women find attractive, how to get a girlfriend and many more along a similar theme.

Today’s video will come in helpful in all the above areas so be sure to watch till the end! Masculine behaviour normally comes down to two things. The first being showing other guys that you’re not threatened by them and secondly showing girls that you are the real deal and that you don’t just intimidate others. Girls love it when men display masculine body language because it makes them look confident, strong and like a protector. And today I’m going to teach you about the types of masculine body language that girls absolutely adore. And to keep you on the right track I’m also going to tell you about one thing that guys do that actually makes them look weak.

Masculine body language girls love

Masculine guys set the pace 

It’s all in the way they walk, masculine guys walk with purpose. They don’t shuffle, walk with their head low, run after the person in front of them or walk in a stressed hurry. They walk with purpose and power. Their heads are up straight, shoulders back, they don’t walk slowly but they also do not hurry. They walk like the world runs on their schedule and they are in control of it. 

A masculine man walks in such a way that any girl that he is with will change their speed to match his. He is also polite enough to try and walk at their speed but mostly he is unwavering the way he walks, girls know straight away that he is masculine. 

Masculine guys sit up straight 

So many guys forget to check in on their posture. When their date arrives at the table the first thing they see is a guy sitting slumped over, checking his phone with his head down. This is not what would happen if a girl was walking in and seeing a masculine date. He would be sitting up in his chair, looking straight ahead which would allow him to see his date walking in, catching her eye and flashing his smile.

Which guy would you rather walk in on?

Masculine guys always have good posture whether they are sitting down or standing which makes them appear more confident. Girls love this confidence.  

Masculine guys open up their chests 

Masculine guys often take up more space. I don’t mean manspreading, which is men obnoxiously taking up space so that women cannot sit down. It’s more of a natural thing because they have great posture which means their body sizes are averagely bigger. 

Masculine guys tend to open up their chests more which makes them look naturally confident and they take up more space in a room. 

Masculine guys make a good first impression 

Their body language like the way they walk, their posture and their open chests get them noticed by the ladies. They still have to speak though and make a good first impression. Masculine guys are not just looks, they are also great speakers. They naturally make a great first impression by simply being themselves.

They ask the other person about themselves, they tell them a little about them, they offer up interesting conversation and overall they come across as approachable, confident and stable. All things that girls love and are looking for. 

Masculine guys display control 

If a masculine guy says no to something, he means it, sticks to his word and stands by it. He has control over his actions which also means if he decides to do something he will do it. Masculine men are high achievers, they don’t procrastinate instead they display control and get the job done. The same applies to their romantic lives. If they meet a girl and they like her then they won’t take an interest in any other girls that might throw themselves at them, they only have eyes for her.

Girls love the determination, control and dedication that masculine men possess. 

Masculine guys have style 

Dressing in a sloppy way is not something you will find a masculine guy ever doing. They are stylish and very well dressed. 

Masculine guys often have what is called a capsule wardrobe which means they have all of the basics and replace them often. This means a few nice pairs of jeans, some nice casual shirts, nice dress shirts, trainers and dress shoes plus some jumpers. This forms the basis of a capsule wardrobe. Masculine guys replace these items often so that they are always in style and look good

Style is something masculine guys always have and it impresses the ladies. 

Masculine guys message ladies back 

Masculine guys will always message back, they hold themselves accountable for their actions and are very respectful. Girls that date them know that they will always be there and will be honest with them. If they are busy, they will message a girl and say sorry I am busy, I will message you in a few days. They will also tell them if they don’t feel the same way as the girl does. Girls actually appreciate this honesty although it might hurt at first.

Masculine guys are also never afraid to text a girl first, but they won’t keep sending messages if she does reply as he has respect for himself as well as her.

Girls can trust masculine men which is why they enjoy dating them and being in relationships with them. 

Masculine guys stay fit 

What do you picture when you think of a masculine guy? Most of you are probably picturing a bodybuilder in a gym. Sure bodybuilders can be masculine but it’s not just them, any guy can be masculine. You don’t need huge muscles and a six pack

Masculine guys stay fit because when they look their best, they feel their best. So they lift weights or run or swim, they do anything that suits them and their body. They stay strong and this is something that girls love about them. Their fitness comes across in their body language, from the way they walk, stand and even sit. They just look better and are often the most confident people in the room. 

Masculine guys like a challenge 

They don’t give up easily. They are willing to work towards something for years if they think it is worth it. This includes a challenging relationship or winning a girl over. They will try and try again and always put 100% effort into something. In fact, masculine guys love being faced by a challenge, it keeps their lives interesting because to them there would be nothing worse than living an uneventful life.

They show girls that they are up for a challenge by immediately making strong eye contact when they meet them. Obviously girls love this determination. 

Masculine guys are leaders 

Some people learn to become a leader and others are born leaders. Masculine guys are born to be leaders. They have the natural confidence that is needed to lead a group of people, they are also fair, respectful and empathetic when people come to them with issues. They also display leadership style body language, with open arms, uncrossed legs and they use their hands to illustrate what they are saying. They make some of the best managers and they often find themselves at the top of a company quickly. Girls find this really sexy because it makes them driven and successful. 

Masculine guys are not negative

Everyone experiences dissatisfaction. From time to time we can get trapped in a negative cycle and it can be hard to escape from it. We all have down periods but masculine guys don’t stay down, they get back up. They are emotionally mature and deal with their thoughts and feelings. This means they can easily get back to being positive and strong for themselves and those around them. If they kept all of their feelings inside then it would be a lot harder for them to get out of their funk. Instead of focusing on the negatives of everything, they think of the positives. This is what sets masculine guys apart from other guys and it is something that girls love about them. 

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