ugly habits that kill attraction

BAD Habits That INSTANTLY Make You UGLIER – Ditch Ugly Habits To Increase ATTRACTIVENESS ASAP!

Today we’re going to be talking about ugly habits. When it comes to attractiveness and learning how to get a girlfriend, ditching these 6 habits will help you immensely.

When you first meet a girl you want her to like you, you don’t want to end up initially turning her off of you with something you could easily have addressed. Be it how to talk to a girl, you’re body language with her, how you physically present yourself and more, there’s always subtle changes you can make that will really increase your attraction with a woman.

Ugly Habits That Kill Attraction

We all have habits that we would rather kick to the curb. Habits can be both good or bad. Bad habits are things that have negative consequences like drinking too much, smoking or biting your nails. The consequences of biting your nails are not as bad as the consequences that come with drinking too much. Both are unattractive though. That’s the thing about bad habits, they can make you look uglier to someone you are trying to attract. 

In today’s video, we are going to learn about 6 habits that will instantly make you uglier. The good thing about a habit is you can unlearn it so let’s get going. 

How you present yourself 

The types of clothes you wear or how you present yourself is really important. It sends out a message to the person you are trying to impress. It tells them you either like to take care of yourself and therefore can take care of them. Or that you are messy, unclean and unkept making you less than an ideal partner. 

There are so many things to look out for when it comes to how you present yourself. 

Let’s start with clean clothes. I am sure guys that you all clean your clothes. The important detail here is making sure to clean them regularly. Especially if you are going on a date. A lady will notice straight away if your clothes are not clean and it means she will stay away from you instead of coming closer. Make sure they smell fresh and are wrinkle-free. To ensure that they do smell fresh use fabric softener and dry them outside if possible. 

If you are wearing white, wear white. I have bought cream coloured clothing in the past. Whenever I do someone will comment on it and say something like “you can buy a dye that will make that white again”. They think it is dirty! Of course, it is not but because it is not crisp white, it does look old. Keep this in mind when dressing for a date or important event. Only wear crisp white! 

I have been guilty in the past of this next one. Rolling up your sleeves in a messy way. If you are wearing an outfit like a denim jacket that means you need to roll up your sleeves, roll them up nicely. Make sure all the sides are uniform, don’t just crunch them up. 

Unkempt beard, this one is for you guys! Make sure that you trim and look after your beard. Don’t just let it run free. Again, it makes you look messy which is a very bad habit to have. You want your crush to think that you are a real catch. The same goes for your hair make sure you have it cut and shampoo it regularly. 

Before I ever leave the house, I take a moment to look at myself in a mirror. I check my teeth, flatten my hair and adjust my outfit. This means that when I walk out my front door, I know that my outfit is perfect. I would recommend that you do these guys, it takes two minutes but makes a world of difference. 

Lack of sleep  

If there’s one thing we don’t want, it’s eye bags! Lack of sleep makes us look older than we really are. We require the correct amount of sleep (between 7-9 hours for adults) so that our body can repair itself overnight. It stops us ageing too quickly and helps us look our best every day.

In 2010 a study was conducted in Sweden and The Netherlands. They took pictures of people who had slept for 8 hours and of people who had not slept for 31 hours! Imagine having to stay awake for that long!! The people who had not slept for 31 hours were rated as less attractive and less healthy. Which shows that sleep matters! 

Three years after the study, they revisited it. They asked another group of people what they thought of the pictures of the people who had not slept for 31 hours. The researchers asked them to explain their thoughts in detail. They answered saying that the people looked sad and that they had dark, red eyes. 

None of us wants to look sad! So it’s important guys that you pull yourself away from your video games early enough to get between 7-9 hours sleep a night. 

Don’t be mean 

Don’t make a habit of being mean. It really does come down to killing people with kindness. 

A Chinese study was conducted about this. People were shown pictures of other people with words underneath them. The words were things like kind, happy, evil, dishonest. 

The people looking at the pictures rated the people with the titles evil and dishonest underneath as unattractive. Proving that we all find nice people more attractive

Guys, if you want to attract your crush, be nice! 

Body language 

I was with friends the other day and I realised I was doing something I never do, folding my arms! This is called contractive body language. It makes you appear closed off and serious. Sometimes people think of it as a power pose which is fine for business. But when it comes to dating someone, you need to appear softer and more open.

So if you have a habit of sitting with your arms crossed or you have a serious look on your face, spend some time re-assessing this. This is a habit and you change it by focusing on your body language especially when you are around your crush. 

Don’t be too happy 

This is a strange one guys. I mean ladies love a happy man right? True but if you appear too happy when she first meets you, she won’t find this attractive. It will look like you are faking being happy or trying too hard. Which is never sexy whether you are a man or a woman. 

Ladies love a mysterious type of guy. So the trick is to smile sometimes but not all the time. You should sometimes have a really blank look on your face but still, be looking at her. She will be left wondering, “what is he thinking about?”. 

A huge smile is not always actually very attractive (think wrinkles guys). So when you are first dating, it’s better to hide some of this. 

Make sure to use eye contact when you have a slight smile on your face. This is so she knows you are interested in her. Practise this in the mirror and then make it a dating habit.

Not having a sense of humour

There’s nothing more off-putting than someone without a sense of humour. It’s really not attractive. You may have found yourself stuck in a habit of not being humorous. This can be changed. I know someone who has zero sense of humour and took everything really personally. 

I would always say, “that was a joke”. They could just not get it. After a while, I sat them down and spoke to them about it. They made a real effort to change this habit of taking life too seriously. After a while, I noticed that they would tell jokes or point out funny observations. I was so proud! Now they have a great sense of humour and we have a much closer relationship. 

Making a girl laugh is one of the ways to really attract her. Not having a sense of humour will make her ugly in her eyes. Guys, I am sure you all have a great sense of humour but if you do struggle with it. Practice makes perfect and I would suggest asking friends for help. 

One last thing, remember guys that drinking too much and smoking are bad habits. They will bring on health issues which will make you look worse. Try to create more healthy habits like sports or reading. Any lady will love this! 

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