Learn how to get a girlfriend

How To Find A Girlfriend? 12 Super Helpful Suggestions On Where To Find A Girlfriend

You may have stumbled onto today’s video because you’re looking for advice on the following subjects: How to find a girlfriend? Where to find a girlfriend? How to get a girlfriend? How to get a girl to like me? And many more along a similar theme. Today’s video will provide you with some workable solutions you can try out from day one.

Where do you find a girlfriend these days? Sure, you can use a dating app, but they don’t have a great success rate and most girls on there aren’t really looking for anything long term.

Meeting a girl in person and striking up a conversation still has the highest success rate, but it’s not easy either. It takes far more confidence to approach a girl and to start talking to her than it does messaging her on a dating app. You will be a lot more successful though and could find your next girlfriend, so it’s worth the risk.

Learn how to get a girlfriend

How to find a girlfriend? 

Before we dive into where you can find a girl, you need to make sure that you are ready to win over a girl. How is your flirting? Do you have the confidence needed to walk up to a girl? Do you have some conversation ready?

These are all things to think about before you go out looking for a girl. You might find her but not win her over if you are not ready to impress her. 

Find a girlfriend while you are out jogging 

Have you seen this scene in a movie? Well, it happens in real life too. Picture this, you are on your morning jog. Running through a park, you are focusing only on running and you accidentally run into someone.

You look up and think she’s cute. You strike up a conversation and ask her if she would like to go and grab a coffee. She says yes! You go and talk for hours.

You start dating and eventually, she becomes your girlfriend. It all started with you going jogging! 

Now you shouldn’t try to run into girls, but if it happens, it happens and it probably means that it is meant to be. So maybe take up jogging? 

Find a girlfriend in the bookstore or in a library 

Are you searching for an introverted girlfriend or someone who really loves reading? Well then it makes sense to look in places that this type of person would hang out.

Introverted girlfriends can be hard to find because they are normally at home spending time alone. When they are not though you’ll find them in a bookstore or library both of which are quiet places.

If you spot a cute girl looking through the books remember that she has probably gone there to be alone, so you need to be careful when it comes to approaching her. If you rush over and say hello, she might feel ambushed which is not good. You want her to feel comfortable and like you are a similar person to her.

You could instead start looking at books on the shelf next to her, you might catch her eye and she might even be the one to strike up a conversation.

Meeting a girl in this way will take patience, you may have to visit a few bookstores before you find your Juliet. 

Find a girlfriend in a restaurant 

You could be out for dinner at your favorite restaurant and a certain lady catches your eye! Don’t let the moment pass you by, you might never see her again.

You don’t need to disturb her while she is eating, there are other ways to catch her attention. Send drinks over to her table or try to catch her gaze by making eye contact with her. She might just notice you and ask for your number. A nice meal and a girls number, it’s a win – win. 

Find a girlfriend at a bar 

Bars are great places for meeting girls. They often get a bad rap and girls assume that guys that speak to them at bars only want one thing. Approaching a girl at a bar is not without its risks. 

The first step is making eye contact with her and catching her gaze. Then asking if you can buy her a drink and striking up a conversation. This will make her think, wow this guy is so confident and sexy.

You also need to make it obvious quickly that you are looking for more than a one-night stand.

One way to do this is to ask her for her number but nothing more.

Most guys will jump straight to asking if she wants to go back to his house. Don’t invite her back, but the next day message her and ask her out on a date. That will show her that you want more than sex and that you might be looking for a relationship. 

Find a girlfriend at a festival or concert 

If you are looking for a girlfriend that loves music, you might want to look at festivals or concerts. Maybe your favorite artist is coming to town, and you are deliberating whether to book tickets.

Well, what if you could see your favorite artist and meet your future girlfriend? It’s not a sure thing, but plenty of girls go to concerts with their friends and spend their time looking at the guys who are there. 

If you end up talking to a lady then you can start by mentioning the music and the concert which is a friendly conversation starter. You will both have plenty to talk about and you could even invite her for a drink after the concert. 

Find a girlfriend on vacation 

Heading on vacation with your friends or family? Well, who knows what will happen, but one thing is for sure, there will be girls.

It’s not always easy if you find a girl on holiday because it could end up being a long-distance relationship. It’s still worth keeping your eyes open though and talking to some girls. 

Find a girlfriend at the beach 

If you live near a beach or are on holiday, the beach is a great place to find a girlfriend who is hanging out with her friends.

Remember not to look creepy by staring at her while she has her swimming costume on, but you could invite her to play a game of beach volleyball and see how that goes. 

Find a girlfriend at a local coffee shop 

A coffee shop is a great place to find a girlfriend.

Girls are constantly going in and out of a coffee shop plus lots of girls work in them. It could be worth grabbing a coffee and sitting in to read a book once a week, you just never know who you might meet or strike up a connection with. 

Find a girlfriend in the park 

On a summer’s afternoon, a park is filled with girls enjoying picnics and reading. You could go with your friends to play a game of football and see who you meet along the way.

It’s helpful to take friends with you sometimes as they might talk to a girl’s friends or just make things less awkward. They can talk to her friends while you talk to her and ask for her number. 

Find a girlfriend while doing volunteer work 

Do something good while getting something in return? Doing volunteer work is a wonderful way to meet a girl, especially one who has a kind heart.

If she is doing volunteer work she likely has a really kind heart. You will both spend hours working together which will allow you to form a strong connection before one of you makes a move and asks the other on a date.

When you meet a girl like this, you don’t need to rush. You can take your time until you are both ready to make your next move. 

You can find your next girlfriend anywhere 

The truth is the places I have mentioned are wonderful places to meet a girl, but you could meet her anywhere. Murphy’s law dictates that when you stop looking for a girl, you will find her.

You might already know her, perhaps she is a friend, or you work with her, but you don’t see her in a romantic way yet. Give it time! If you look for a girlfriend in these places you might not find her. If you spend time with them though, you might randomly find her.

Basically, stop looking and instead spend your time in places that you like. You never know who you might meet! 

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