What women notice about a guy at first glance

Girls Notice THIS At First Glance

Learn what women notice first about a guy and how to make a good impression in those initial moments!

What do women look for in a man? If you want to impress a girl the moment you meet her then understanding what it is that she notices first about a guy, and what will leave that positive lasting impression can make all the difference.

When you first meet someone you have about seven seconds to make a first impression.

Now the thing about a first impression is that once you’ve made it, boom, that’s it you never get to redo that first impression. It’s kind of permanently in the other person’s memory and it’s something they will remember forever.

When a woman first glances over at you they notice things about you and they do it in seven seconds or less. So you need to make this first glance count. And have you ever wanted to know exactly what a girl notices when she first looks at you?

What women notice about a guy at first glance

How you are dressed

This will most likely be the first thing that a girl notices when she glances over at you. Our eyes are attracted to color so she will notice your clothes first, even if they are black.

You can tell a lot about someone’s personality by the way they dress.

Normally we date people who dress in a similar style or way to us. Subconsciously she will be studying what you are wearing to see if you could be a match and to see if she is attracted to you.

Although keeping up with the latest fashions is important, what is more important is wearing nice clothes.

By this I mean making sure they are clean, without wrinkles and that they fit properly. She will start by looking at your shoes which should be clean and not to worn.

Your clothes should not look old, they should be fresh. To make sure they don’t look old, regularly refresh your wardrobe with essentials like t-shirts, jumpers and jeans. This will keep your look fresh. 

If you would like to gain extra brownie points then always dress for the occasion because you never really know when you are going to run into the love of your life.

If you are going to a casual bar then opt for smart casual to stand out. If it is a formal occasion, make sure that you dress to match it. If you are hiking, have nice hiking gear on.

Girls want a man that can dress himself well, no matter what his style choices. So, make sure that you dress to impress. 

Your smile 

They say that you are never fully dressed without a smile. I would totally agree with this.

A smile is always something girls always notice when they have their first glance at a guy.

When you smile you are showing the lady that you are welcoming, inviting her to speak to you and that you are friendly.

All things girls want to know on their first glance before risking it all and making their first move.

If you notice a girl looking over at you then flash a quick smile at her. 

Now when it comes to having a nice smile there is a certain amount of work that needs to be put in by you.

It’s important that you keep up your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash. Plus, you should go to the dentist regularly so that you can make sure you have healthy teeth.

Girls look for guys that maintain good dental hygiene because it normally means they look after themselves which is important. With a nice set of teeth, your smile will always be perfect. 

Your face 

If a girl is glancing at your smile then she is probably also looking at your face.

She will take a quick look at your features. Your eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and forehead are all things she will take in. She will basically be looking to see if you are her type.

Now don’t think to yourself well I don’t like my face so that is me tapped out. Everyone has beautiful features and what one person thinks is good looking will be different to what another person does.

So, if you are thinking well I am no Brad Pitt then start by working on your confidence. You don’t have to be a celebrity to land a girl. 

Another thing you should make sure you are working on is something not many guys appreciate the importance of. Yes I am referring to skin care.

You should be washing your face with cleanser daily, moisturizing your face and doing face masks every so often.

This will help keep your skin healthy which will make you glow now but also when you are older.

When we are young we often think we’ll always have nice, plush skin but if we don’t look after it we will end up with wrinkles.

Any girl that glances over at you will be looking at your skin and will notice straight away if you look after it or not.

It’s never too late to start using skincare, it’s just important that you do start. 

The watch you are wearing 

Not just a watch but any accessories you have, a girl will take note of at first glance.

It might be your backpack, a shopping bag, a watch or a hat. Whatever it is, it’s important to make sure it reflects you and your personality.

Don’t try to be someone you are not by wearing things you think a girl will find attractive. Wear things you love with confidence and the right girl will be attracted straight away.

An accessory can be a great first talking point though and you might notice she opens with “I love your watch.” 

How you are standing 

Which guys do you think a girl would be more attracted to? 

Guy 1 is standing in the corner at a bar. He has his hands in his pockets, his shoulders and head are slouched with his gaze to the ground, he looks as if he would walk in a shuffle and has made himself look as small as possible. 

Guy 2 is standing in the corner at a bar. His gaze is towards his group of friends, he has his arms by his sides, his chest and shoulders are up straight but out a little making him take up more room, his back is straight and he looks like he would walk with big strides. 

Guy 1 is displaying closed off body language which makes him look shy and makes a girl less likely to approach him. Guy 2 is displaying open body language. He looks confident and like he would be able to hold a conversation. A girl is very likely to approach him. 

Don’t underestimate the power of your posture when you are making a good first impression when a girl glances your way. 

How you smell 

This one depends on how close you are to the girl. If you are close enough that she can smell you then she will subconsciously be doing this whilst having the first glance at you.

Girls like it when men smell clean of course and also when they wear some aftershave. Make sure that your clothes are fresh when you go out, that you wear deodorant and some aftershave that suits you.

Girls absolutely love men who smell nice so it’s an extra point for you. 

Your hands 

Women often look at men’s hands. They don’t normally realize they are even doing it. They will be looking at the size of your hands, the way you are holding them and if they look more used or more pampered.

A girl can normally tell if you are more of a hands-on guy like a builder or if you work in an office just from your hands. 

Your friends 

If you are with your friends then she will also glance at them. She will be looking at the type of friends you have and how they interact with you.

You can tell a lot about a person from the type of friends that they have. 

Eye contact

You might not notice when a girl first glances at you. If you do catch her eye though, make sure to maintain eye contact for a minute.

It will make the moment far more powerful and leave more of an impression on her. So much so that she might feel able to come straight up to you and talk. 

The energy you give off 

Are you happy or sad? Loud or quiet? She will quickly be able to pick up on the energy you are giving off.

She might be more introverted and prefer someone who is a little quieter or she might be really confident and want a guy who is the same.

Make sure to give off the energy that truly reflects who you are so that you can attract someone who suits you. 

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