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Seductive Body Language 101 – How To Seduce Your Crush Without Even Speaking! (SEDUCE & ATTRACT HER)

Learn about how you can use seductive body language to attract women without even speaking. We’re going to be covering 11 tips that go over how to seduce women, the power of body language and seduction and more. 

Seductive Body Language 101

Sometimes you just can’t find the right words. No matter how hard you try, the words you want to say just will not come out. This happens especially when speaking to the opposite sex. Ladies have a way of completely flooring you and leaving you unable to say anything. Luckily, just like a picture tells a thousand words, so does body language.

Human bodies are very complex and we can’t control the majority of things we do. Our body is pre-programmed to do them. This affects our body language. Depending on what personality type we have, it will affect our body language. 

We can use the body language, that we have control over though to seduce whomever our crush is. That’s right, seduction without having to use words! It is possible, it just takes practice. 

In this video, we are going back to basics. We will be exploring the main types of seductive body language. Once you have seen this video, you will be able to practise and wow any lady. So let’s get started, shall we? 

Facial expressions 

Facial expressions can be so powerful. Someone sitting, looking bored is not attractive or seductive. If someone has a serious facial expression, you feel as though you have done something wrong or like they are not having fun at all. You want someone who is giving off the impression (via their facial expressions) that they are having fun, that they are interested and a little flirty. 


Smiling is a universally attractive facial expression. When you see someone smiling, you smile back at them. It is contagious. Smiling is a form of seductive body language. If you are on a date, smiling and having fun then your crush will want to do the same. She will feel at ease with you. You can use your smile to tease and joke with her as well. 

Practise your seductive facial expression 

Everyone has one really sexy facial expression that they do. This depends on your personality. For example, I am quite bubbly which means that if I smile or pull my eyebrows up on a date that’s my seductive facial expression. I used to date this really sexy man. He used to angle his smile sideways and maintain eye contact. It would drive me wild, it was so sexy. Almost like a wink but with a smile. Every time he did it, I would melt and it worked! It definitely seduced me. It made him seem dark and mysterious. I wanted to know more. My tip here is to practise your seductive facial expression. You might already know what it is, that’s great. If you don’t practise in front of the mirror and use it on your next date. No words needed, just that sexy face! 

Eye contact 

I touched on eye contact above. Eye contact can be so seductive when used right. Maintaining eye contact is important for flirting. When it comes to seductive eye contact, it’s all about execution. If you are in the middle of talking about something serious, seductive eye contact won’t work. If you are talking about how you really like her black dress and you maintain eye contact, that’s hot! The most important thing to remember is to be subtle with your eye contact. Too long and well it’s creepy. Too short and she will feel ignored. Somewhere in between, the sweet spot, is what you are aiming for. This is also something you can practise in front of a mirror or with a friend! 


When it comes to seductive body language, posture matters! Closed off body language like arms crossed or slumped over a table, well you guessed it, not seductive. Leaning towards someone, moving in while they speak and facing the other person while they speak are all great ways of seducing someone. Obviously not only are you closer to them physically but they will just feel a spark. You could do this while they are speaking. Seducing them without any words!


You might be wondering, Anna, why are you talking about scent in the same video you are speaking about body language? Well, scent is incredibly important. It is a non-verbal seduction technique. If you are wearing nice cologne, it shows your crush that you look after yourself. They will also always associate that smell with you. Different smells, stay in our memories. We don’t forget them. People are naturally attracted to certain scents. Ladies love nice cologne though and like most of the different ‘manly’ scents. So make sure to wear some on a date. She will absolutely love it and associate that smell with you. 

Subtle touch 

Subtle touch like touching your lady’s upper leg or arm is a great form of seductive body language. When you are looking at her in her eyes and leaning in, touching her arm would really show her how interested you are. She will most definitely get butterflies, I would. Touch is extremely important when conveying sexual interest. Which is the main reason you want to seduce your lucky lady right? Make sure to keep with subtle as when you do seduce your crush, a lot more touching will be involved. 

Use your lips 

Slightly licking your lips or subtly biting them is so seductive. It draws the other persons attention straight to them. Watch me do it, guys! It’s sexy and when you do it, all a girl can think about is how much she wants to kiss you. You could also touch your lips with your finger. This really drives ladies wild and if she does it back, you might be able to lean in for a kiss. It’s a form of teasing and girls love it. 

Leave her wanting more 

Basically don’t give it all up on the first date. By using seductive body language, you have shown a lady what is to come. You have given her the first hint of what you can offer. She is intrigued. She wants more and is drawn to your natural mysterious nature. She will want to keep coming back and keep going on dates. So be seductive with your body language but don’t give it all up. The same goes for the conversation, tell her just enough about yourself but not so much that she knows everything about you. Keep some things back. 

Be good with your hands 

Women use hand gestures and techniques a lot. It’s one of the main ways they communicate. You might notice when you talk to them, they are very expressive with their hands. They expect you to do this back to them and so practising your hand gestures is important. I don’t mean waving your hands around but using hand gestures to illustrate a story you are telling would be enough. 

For example, guys, if you are telling a lady about your favourite meal. You could so a hand gesture that represents cooking and eating. If the story is funny, this will work really well! 

I personally love a man that is good with his hands. It definitely seduces me and leaves me wanting more…

Your outfit 

What you are wearing can affect your posture. If you are in a smart shirt, you are more likely to sit up straight and this can make it look like you are paying attention. If you are in let’s say a tracksuit, you are more likely to look uninterested and slouchy.

What you wear on a date is really important. Smarter clothes are more likely to seduce a lady. Slouchy clothes are less likely to make them very interested in you. This of course does depend on what type of date you are on. If you are hiking then a lady will love to see you in shorts and a top. These must be clean though and tidy (no holes guys).

If you are out in a fancy restaurant as mentioned above, a smart shirt and nice trousers will work a treat. Presenting yourself in a nice way will tell her a lot about who you are and if you are someone she would like to be seduced by. I’ll be honest, I have a soft spot for any man in a suit or uniform. 

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