Things Women Can’t RESIST On Men

Things Women Can’t RESIST On Men – Impress Her Within 7 Seconds! Fashion, Style & Body Language WOW

Learn how to impress a woman within 7 seconds of meeting her by making an amazing first impression. Today we’re going to be discussing some important things women can’t resist on men!

Pay attention as we’re going to reveal what women want in a man, what girls like when it comes to men’s fashion and style, and how to impress her and keep her interested simply by wearing the most sexy outfits a guy can wear.

If you’re interested in learning how to get a girl to like you, the first impression is key. You want to make her want you within moments of meeting you, so this is the video for you.

Gentlemen we have seven seconds to make a first impression. Of course, what you look like is not everything, personality counts for a large chunk of it, if we like someone or not.

When it comes to meeting someone for the first time, what we look like and what we wear is everything.

In short seven seconds a woman will decide if she thinks you are attractive or not. So you need to make those seconds count.

There are certain things that gentlemen can do or wear that would improve their chances of making a good first impression. And today’s video we are going to learn about 10 things that women simply cannot resist on a gentleman.

Things women can’t resist on men

Good grooming habits

Keeping up good grooming habits will create a great first impression.

A woman cannot resist a man who clearly looks after himself, it’s sexy!

Great grooming includes keeping your hair styled and cut. Shaving your facial hair regularly or keeping it trimmed and tidy.

Using products like hair gel, beard oil and aftershave plus keeping in shape.

Yes, great grooming does include staying fit and healthy!

Keeping up with these habits will help you stay on top of your appearance and will mean that you are always looking your best!

Good grooming is not something that you can only focus on every couple of weeks. It is something that needs to be maintained daily and you need to stay on top of it.

The good news is, well-groomed men have more luck with the ladies!

Great taste in shoes

Ladies love shoes! We are known for our addiction to shoes and although we love seeing them in our own closets we also love seeing them in your closet! When we first meet someone, without realising it the first thing we look at is their feet.

If your shoes are old and dirty, that instantly makes the lady think, oh he is dirty and does not take care of himself. If you have clean and tidy shoes on she will think the opposite which is what you want. 

If you want to go a step further and make yourself even more irresistible, you will need to develop a great taste in shoes!

Matching your shoes to your different outfits and having a good taste in shoes will help you stand out from the crowd.

There are roughly 5 sets of shoes men should have for different outfits and events, these are:-

  • Exercise shoes
  • White trainers
  • Smart shoes
  • Shoes for a suit 
  • Winter boots 

If you have a great pair of each of these types of shoes you will be irresistible to any lady! 

A signature scent

A sexy signature scent is a must when you are trying to impress a lady.

Cologne is something a woman can just not resist.

You could have one scent that you always wear and will remind her of you or you could have several scents and she might just always remember that you smell nice.

Either way, spend some time experimenting with scents and picking one that suits you.

Make sure to wear it every day and not just on special occasions!

You never know when you will have to make a great first impression. 

A nice watch 

There is something incredibly sexy about a nice watch.

These day’s we all tell the time from our phones but there is still something really sexy about a man wearing a watch.

When you purchase a watch it is important that you think about what it will match with and how long it will last.

For example, leather watches and metal watches are more likely to wear well and not get dirty. Fabric watches look nice but get dirty quickly and plastic straps (unless they are an apple watch) look cheap.

It’s important that you don’t rush into buying a watch but carefully pick one.

Girls find a mans watch so sexy and they cannot resist them when they wear them. Think of it as an investment.

A well-fitting suit

Women absolutely love a man in a suit. It’s when a man is normally at his most attractive and seductive.

Make sure if you are buying a suit that it fits well and is not baggy.

Loose-fitting suits look cheap and are just not as sexy as a suit that fits a man well.

A good way to get a suit that fits is to take it to a tailor and ask them to fit the suit to you. A suit is a staple in a man’s wardrobe as you will most likely need one for a wedding, party or work function.

A crisp t-shirt

An un-marked, ironed, well fitted, crisp t-shirt is simply irresistible on a man.

As a woman, I can not really explain why we love it so much, apart from saying that it makes the man appear very clean, tidy and shows that he likes to take care of himself which is important to us.

It’s not hard to keep a t-shirt crisp and clean or to buy new ones so that you always look well turned out.

A nice t-shirt is perfect for a relaxed look. On a more casual date in say a cafe or on a walk. It’s another staple of your wardrobe.

Try to have a few, because like I have said before, you never know when you will be making a 7-second first impression on a lady! 

A nice casual look

A crisp t-shirt will help make up a nice casual look. Your casual look will depend on your own personal style.

Everything should match things you actually like wearing including your casual style!

It has to represent your personality but also be well-styled and fashionable.

When it comes to creating your casual style, think about what you like to wear and how you can elevate that look. For example, maybe you like wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It’s a good start!

To make it stand to outwear a crisp white T-shirt, a corduroy jacket over the top, black jeans and white trainers. Simple right? But so effective and you will have ladies eating out of the palm of your hands! 

Mixing up fabric textures

Try to match fabric textures together to create a stylish outfit.

A mixture of fabrics really helps bring an outfit together and makes it stand out.

I bet you are thinking how will mixing textures make me irresistible to women? Well, it will make you look so stylish.

Style is something that never goes out of fashion and women will always love in a man.

It shows that you care about what you look like and the impression you are giving off which is something women can simply not resit. 

Well-fitting jeans

So many guys wear jeans that are too tight or too loose for them!

When they are too tight, it makes the man look smaller than he is. When they are too loose, it makes him look bigger than he is and messy! Which is why woman simply cannot resit well-fitting jeans.

Jeans are something that most men have in their wardrobe and when they fit well, they can really impress a lady.

They are often the main part of an outfit or are the second thing you notice after a man’s shoes so it’s important to get them right!

Try going to a specialist jeans shop and asking their advice on the type of jeans that would suit your body. You can then buy the same style of jeans in different colours and have the perfect wardrobe! 

A smile 

Finally, something that every woman loves is a man’s smile! It is simply so attractive when a man smiles at a woman and it can really catch her attention.

If you are in a social situation and a woman has made a good first impression on you, catch her eye and flash her a smile. It’s an accessory that does not cost a thing but goes a very long way! 

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