The Most Desirable And Essential Qualities In A Partner

8 Most Desirable And Essential Qualities In A Partner

Learn the most desirable and essential qualities in a partner. When it comes to attraction, dating and relationships, you may think physical traits would be up there when it comes to important qualities, but it isn’t!

When it comes to actually finding a partner for a worthwhile, loving relationship there are some surprising things that are much more important. From how confident you are, how you carry yourself, your honesty and more.

If you want to be a high-value partner or you’re looking for that high-value person to date…read on!

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Qualities in a partner

Being the best version of yourself by growing and developing so that you can add tons of value as an amazing partner is important and is something I talk about a lot. Today though let’s talk about what you should be looking for in a healthy high-value partner.

If you don’t understand what to look for, you could continue to date people that don’t see your worth. So they mistreat you and then you completely miss out on dating that high-value person you deserve.

Today’s video is all about finding out the most desirable and essential qualities for a high-value partner are so that you can feel happy, secure and fully loved.

My name’s Anna and stay tuned!

Not taking life too seriously

The first quality you want to be looking out for is someone that does not take life too seriously. The ability to date someone that can have a laugh and a joke with even in the most stressful times is someone that you need to be marrying as soon as possible or at least dating for a long time if marriage isn’t your thing.

Someone that has a sense of humour brings a nice relaxing, fun energy into the relationship and relationships. Let’s be honest can get a little bit boring because you are listening to the same person every single day. Having a sense of humour allows for playfulness, teasing and constant flirting.

Let’s think of it in this way would you be prepared to stay with a boring person for 40 years of your life? Or would you rather be with someone that makes you laugh for the next 40 years of your life?

Well I know which one I would choose…number two!

Affectionate in different ways

The next trait is someone that is affectionate in oh so many different ways. To some people giving a hug and offering a box of tissues when someone’s crying is enough. For others, though it could be actually talking about their feelings. A good partner is someone with a full understanding of what affection is and makes you feel like you are receiving full affection.

This ties in very close to love languages but as a rule of thumb, you want to look for someone that is able to respond on a physical, emotional and verbal level of affection. Make sure that way you guys are close and that you have a more meaningful and deep connection.

The ability to empathise

You also need someone that has the ability to empathise. Empathy is being able to recognize someone’s current state and letting them know that they are not alone.

It’s a skill where you can fully observe someone’s intellectual, emotional, physical and intuitive state. When you have a partner that can fully empathize with you, it doesn’t actually feel like you are struggling alone with life’s troubles. You have someone by your side, holding your hand and walking with you every step of the way. This is going to make you feel wanted, respected and understood and the overall bond is a lot stronger.

Full respect & boundary appreciation

You also need a partner that fully respects you and has a boundary of appreciation. You want to date someone that fully respects you and everything that you live for.

Let’s break it down, that means they don’t laugh at your goals, they don’t laugh at your interests, your weaknesses or that cringy person that you have subscribed to on YouTube. An ideal partner is someone that treats you with equal amounts of respect just like they would treat themselves.

They don’t own you, they don’t control you and they don’t try to punish you or manipulate you in any way.

Basically, they just let you live and do your thing you. They let you have your own personal boundaries and you guys can come together in the middle when you want to have a relationship and hang out. Then when you kind of separate from each other it’s as if you both live separate single lives. Which is healthy when it comes to dating.

Honesty & transparency

Sometimes we feel like we have to sell ourselves to the person across the table from us in the restaurant. We want them to see us for all of the fun bits and pieces like how successful and interesting we really are. Instead, it’s just two people in a relationship that are able to ask questions and listen to each other, be curious to find out more about each other with honesty and full transparency.

Being honest in a relationship is such a core fundamental of what success actually looks like. If two people don’t trust each other and then dishonesty comes into the mix. The relationship naturally starts to break down. Honesty doesn’t always mean infidelity it could mean just withholding important information or hiding something that we don’t want to share with our partner for fear of embarrassment or breaking up.

An ideal relationship is one where both people maintain a level of integrity when both people can just open up and be honest with each other. Everyone knows each other’s intentions and nothing feels like hard work.

This is key and if both partners are able to be transparent in everything that they do, they can fully commit to one another. Knowing that they have each other’s backs and that they are a power couple.

The ability to open up

A lot of people say they have partners that are very closed off in nature, they don’t share a great deal of how they feel, they keep their dreams, aspirations and goals secret.

Now usually there wouldn’t be much wrong with this type of relationship. However, if one person is not getting their emotional needs met and they are unable to open up emotionally about their needs to their partner. Sadly their relationship will eventually break down.

Why? because one person is always unhappy and the ability to be open in a relationship means that both people can freely speak about what’s on their minds, they don’t hold back but also it’s a great way of developing on your personal journey throughout life.

A relationship with someone let’s be honest here really changes who you are. Sometimes we don’t realise how selfish, how humble, how loving or dishonest we have been until we are in a relationship. If both partners are able to open up to each other it means there is nothing lacking in the relationship. Couples are able to accept feedback from the other person and change what is needed to compromise and keep the relationship flames burning.

Don’t get this confused in thinking that if someone opens up the other partner has to heal them, solve their trauma and deal with their problems. In fact, it’s a lot less effort than that. The ability to open up means that each partner can reveal those parts about themselves without feeling that they always have to be validated and have a solution.


Maturity isn’t just being able to hold down a job, clean the windows on a Saturday morning, then mow the lawn on Sunday, remember to take the dog out, feed it and feed the fish! It’s a whole load more. Specifically, it’s actually about being able to leave the past in the past and change what is needed in the present to build a successful future.

Having the maturity trait in a partner is fantastic. It’s one of the best things that you can experience in a relationship. It means that the relationship is always going to grow in a healthy, positive way so that both partners are able to grow and develop. Overall it becomes a rewarding relationship.

High self-esteem

You need to look for a partner with this because confidence is so sexy. It means that building the relationship up becomes something amazing. A confident partner is one that is able to invest in the other person.

Naturally, when two confident, high self-esteem people start dating well the relationship feels pretty much unstoppable! Both partners can feel secure and convinced that whatever goes on they don’t have to worry. About something like another person committing infidelity or doing something untrusting because they both trust each other. They have an overall amazing secure relationship.

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