Girls Can't Resist These 7 Types Of Guys

Girls Can’t Resist These 7 Types Of Guys (Women Find This SUPER Attractive)

Learn about the types of guys women find most attractive and completely irresistible. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing personality types that women love and what they’re looking for when it comes to different relationships. If you’re interested in attracting a woman then this video is a great place to start.

How come some guys have all the luck with women while other men are left waiting for a girl to notice them? It’s a complex mix of things but the most important is the personality. Women are attracted to certain types of personalities and when it comes to which personality they would like well it, depends on whether they are looking for a man they want to marry or when they want to have a little bit of fun with.

So these two types of personalities are clearly very different, but most guys will have these personalities over their lifetime. And today’s video, I’m going to let you in on a secret that will have the women flocking towards you. You are going to learn what the archetypal personalities are, and then the personalities of seven types of guys women can simply not resist.

Types of guys women can’t resist

What are archetypal personalities? 

You may have never heard of the word archetypal before in your life. It goes all the way back to Carl Jung who is a psychologist and psychiatrist from Switzerland. Carl Jung proposed and developed the extroverted and introverted archetype personality types that we all fit within. Archetypes are inborn models of people, behaviours and personalities that all play a role in influencing human behaviour. 

So how can these types of personality traits help you with the ladies? Well, these archetypal personality types were passed down to us from our ancestors. Women are primed to be attracted to these types of personalities for different reasons. Which means that woman can simply not resists these personality types, let’s take a closer look at them.

7 personality types woman love 

Lover (The romantic) 

The lover is the guy who is straight from a rom com. He loves to be romantic and often goes above and beyond to perform romantic gestures for the ladies he likes. He is willing to invest his time and money in extravagant dates but also believes that thoughtful gestures are just as important. A romantic guy is likely to send flowers to his dates house, help her carry her shopping in and always pay for dinner. 

Women love this type of guy because well it’s the type of man they have seen in movies growing up. Ladies love to be treated well, spoiled and the centre of attention. Women look for this type of man when they need someone to fuss over them and take care of them. She will also be able to let her romantic side show and really flourish as well which ladies enjoy. 

Confident (The Hero)

Every guy wants to be the hero at some point in his life. The confident guy is 100% secure in himself and sure of himself. He is assertive at work and in his own life without being over the top. The confident guy shows he can take control of a situation without being aggressive. When in a relationship, a confident guy does not feel threatened by other guys because he knows what he brings to the table. He wants a girl who can handle his confidence. 

Women have naturally attracted to confident men. They want someone that can take control and assert their power. A confident guy does not try and get the ladies to like him. He certainly would never chase them, he waits for them to come to him and when they do, they then have to win him over. 

Clever (The sage guy)

The clever or sage guy is full of knowledge. He understands the workings of the world and is an expert at his chosen topic. The clever man does not wave his knowledge and never makes someone feel dumb. He simply offers great conversation and he can talk to anyone you throw at him including friends and family. 

Women love this type of man because he is interesting. He always has something to bring to the table and can chat for ages without getting bored. An intellectual connection can often last much longer than a physical connection so if a relationship is based on this, it is a good start. 

The Considerate guy 

This type of guy asks if you would like a cup of tea in the morning. He also helps the old lady cross the road and carries your shopping for you. He cares about your feelings and because of this he attracts friends from all over the place. He is more attuned to emotions and cares about how a girl is feeling. 

Women love a considerate guy because he cares about her. He will always be there to look after her and put her first. He will always be polite not just to her but also to her friends, family and everyone around him. A considerate guy is an ultimate winner. She will spend her time going from guy to guy. Picking unavailable guys who are not ready to commit to her. So who does she end up with? It’s the considerate guy who can do the distance and will last. At this point, she is probably looking for marriage and someone who can really commit to her

Artist (The Creative) 

A creative guy brings a lot to the table for a lady. He is normally more passionate about things and although creative quite goal-focused. He might be focused on finishing a work of art or completing his arts degree. Either way, he is laser-focused while also being naturally creative. He gets lost in his work and can spend hours feeling his creative flow when needed. 

Women love this type of passion. If he is passionate about his creative work, he can also be passionate about her! They also love learning about his work and hearing about what he has coming up. His dedication to his creative side is something she admires and if she is creative, they can make a great match that will stand the test of time.

Explorer (The Traveller) 

The explorer is also known as the guy who is not from around here. He travels far and wide collecting stories and women along the way. He is wise and full of interesting stories. This type of guy is also a mixture of the cultures he has visited. He is not like every other guy in her area, he is different because he has been to different places. The explorer tells others about his travels without gloating or making a big deal about them. He is not someone who likes to show off but he will share his stories if asked. 

Women love this type of man because he is so cultured. He has spoonfuls of charm and charisma. He is a little mysterious but still has so much to talk about. A woman who is curious about the world or has not had a chance to travel will often go for this type of guy. 

Outlaw (The bad boy)

Last but not least is the outlaw also known as the bad boy!! The bad boy is mysterious, he dates multiple women. He goes where the wind takes him which always leads him on an adventure or straight into trouble. A bad boy could ride a motorcycle or own a fast car. His spirit is always young and he never seems to age. He lives the way he lives and is only interested in really dating women as opposed to entering into a relationship with them. 

Women love this type of guy when they are looking for a quick fling and someone to date. A bad guy often adds a rush of excitement to their lives and keeps them wanting more. They might date for only a few months but these will often be some of the best months of the girl’s life. Even though he is not boyfriend material in her mind he will always be the one who got away. 

What type of guy are you? 

The thing about brand personality archetypes is that people are often a mixture of many. You can also have different archetypes throughout your life. Sometimes being the lover and other times being the bad boy. You might be thinking that you have a few of these personality types but you just had not realised it before. If you want to be the man that women can’t resist then you need to work on bringing these traits out and making them more noticeable to ladies. Think about the type of lady you would like to attract for example are you looking for a relationship or someone just to have fun with? You can then adjust your personality accordingly and work at drawing these personality types out.

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