Women Love High Value Men! Learn How High Value Men Command Respect & Get Girls

Women Love High Value Men! Learn How High Value Men Command Respect & Get Girls

Some men are considered ‘high value men.’ These men command respect from those around them. This is not a god given right, they have earned this respect and they continue to earn it by living their lives a certain way.

If you would like to be a high value man or just learn about how they command respect then keep watching because that is what today’s video is all about.

Are you a high value man?

They stand by their word

If a high value man says he is going to do something, he always does it. Whether it is turning up on time for a date or helping his friend at work solve a problem.

He makes sure he does what he says he is going to do. Those around him really trust him.

Every time they stand by their word, they gain more respect from those around them. 

They look after their body 

They are always well dressed, well groomed, with their hygiene up to scratch and they work out regularly.

High value men understand that to be respected and well regarded, you need to look the part.

You’ll never catch them looking scruffy. Even their work out clothes are clean and nice.

If anything starts looking old they replace it with something new.

They stay on top of their personal grooming and always smell nice.

They also exercise because they know that if they want to look good, they need to feel good. 

They know their purpose in life

They have drive, passion, and motivation.

This is because they understand their purpose in life and know what they are working towards.

They normally had parents who helped them realize their purpose in life early on or they were self-starters and realized it themselves. It could be to start a family which means they need to work hard to provide for them. Or it could be that they want to own their own business, so they work towards it.

Either way knowing their purpose helps them stay motivated and lead to their success.

They look after their minds

High value men understand that it isn’t just about looks, it is also about what is on the inside.

They are known for looking after their minds. They read a lot of books and spend time educating themselves on things they are passionate about.

High value men also know it’s important to switch off sometimes and will spend time doing things they enjoy outside.

If they are ever experiencing mental health issues, they seek help and talk to those closest to them. They understand it’s important to do this. 

They support their friends

These men are good friends. They always support their friends and look after them.

If they notice a friend being quiet, they reach out and ask them if they are ok. If a friend is going through a breakup, they help them through it.

High value men often have the best advice which can be really helpful for a friend who needs some extra support. 

They are loyal when in love 

You might have already guessed this but high value men are in high demand. That’s right, women love them.

They have many good qualities which women look for in men and one of those is that they are loyal when they are in love.

If they are committed to one woman, that’s it. He won’t have his head turned or flirt with other women. This is another reason that both men and women respect high value men. 

They are considered a hero

Some high value men might be considered heroes by their local community while for others it might be friends, family or a partner that thinks of them in this way.

You often find that it is high value men that are fire fighters, ambulance drivers or police officers.

They are great at supporting others and will always do anything for anyone. This makes them heroes in the eyes of those closest to them. 

They are not nice guys

When you think of nice guys you might think of guys that are easily walked all over and don’t have a whole lot of luck with women. That is not what high value men are.

They are kind and nice, but they also stick up for what they believe in and have their own opinions.

These qualities mean people don’t think of them as nice guys and instead think of them as a high value person.  

They develop their skills

They never sit still but in the best possible way. High value men continue to develop any skills they have over time.

They understand that to be the best, you have to keep practicing and learning.

This is why you often see high value men at the top of their field or as sports stars. 

They dress the part

You’ll always find a high value man perfectly dressed for any occasion.

Whether it is a dinner for work and requires a suit or some networking on a golf course, he has an outfit for everything.

He keeps on top of his wardrobe and if anything starts to look old, he will replace it. That way he always looks smart. 

They have good hygiene 

They shower every day and use nice hygiene products. People are always complimenting them on how nice they smell.

Although this might not seem that important it gives people a good first impression of you which is everything. 

They earn a decent living 

High value men never stop developing their skills and getting better.

They are great leaders and are motivated to be the best.

This normally means that they earn a decent living. Of course this makes them even more sought after by women and more respected by others. 

They know their own values

High value men have a strong set of values, and they never stray from them.

They often adopt these at an early age and carry them through their lives.

One of their values might be to always respect those around them, this is something they will always do and never give up on.

You will become aware of a high value man’s values if you spend some time with him. 

They are generous 

Generous with their time, money, and actions.

A high value man always shares what he has with others. It could be with a friend who needs to borrow some money to get out of a tough situation or it could be some advice that someone at work needs.

High value men never keep what they have solely of themselves. 

They are confident 

High value men always have confidence. They can speak their mind and when they enter a room everyone looks at them.

This type of man can often talk to anyone and cares about what they have to say. This isn’t to say that they are not sometimes shy but they are known as confident people. 

They care about their family 

The family they are born into and the family they create mean the world to them.

Their family goes before anything else in their life.

Part of a high value man’s drive to do well in life is because he wants to make his family proud. He loves his family and will always be a family man. 

They avoid black and white thinking 

They are not the type of people to never budge or only think in one kind of way.

They are open to having their minds changed and they enjoy out the box thinking.

They always listen to everyone’s opinions before making any kind of decision. It makes them someone that other people want to be around. 

They care about their diet

High value men care about what they put inside their bodies.

They tend to eat well and always check what the ingredients say. Although they won’t obsess about their diet they do care about it. 

They have practical knowledge and curiosity 

They are not just educated, they are practical.

They are curious about the world around them and the people around them. They also know how to change light bulbs and build some Ikea furniture which is always useful. 

They use their anger for good

Even high value men get angry. This might surprise you but it’s true.

They don’t pretend to be perfect but when they do get angry they try to use it for good. For example to help them get rid of any excess anger they might take up boxing or they might use it to complete chores around the house.

They find ways to use it that will have positive benefits in the long run. 

They are creative 

It’s not all about thinking, they are also creative. They can turn their hands at anything and enjoy down time doing art and other hobbies that allow their creativity to flow. 

They never hold grudges

They don’t tend to hold grudges because it takes away so much of their energy.

Instead, they simply move on and leave the past in the past.

They work hard

They want to work hard because they know that is what it takes to be successful.

They will put in long hours at work but also long hours at home working to make sure everyone around them is happy. 

They know their own value 

They are not big headed, but they do know their own value and how much they deserve from the people around them.

Although they are nice to everyone if someone upsets them or they don’t like how they act, they will distance themselves from them because they know they are worth more. 

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