Sexy habits women love

15 Sexy Habits That Drive Women Wild! (Do THIS To Become A Sexy Guy)

Learn how to become a sexy guy! In today’s video, you guessed it, I’m going to tell you the 18 sexy habits that women simply love.

Women have said that these are some of the most attractive and seductive habits they see guys doing. So, if you want to look effortlessly sexy then learning some of these habits would be a great place to start.

Did you know that habits are the ultimate energy saver. Motivation is something that requires a lot of energy. You need to constantly push yourself to keep doing something for example, I need to go to the gym today. Once it becomes a habit though you do it automatically and it becomes as easy as tying your shoelaces, which is also a habit we’ve learned over time. Over 40 percent of the things that we do are habits, meaning we do them automatically. 

Now on average it takes 66 days to form a habit or even to break a habit. Which means habits are not something that you can just pick up straight away. First you need the motivation to make it a habit and then eventually a habit is formed.

There are certain habits that men can adopt that women find incredibly sexy. Some of them you might already have others might take you 66 days to form, but it could be worth committing to them if you do want to impress the ladies.

Sexy habits women love

When men are on time

If a man is punctual, it’s a great sign in a woman’s eyes. Women really do find it very rude when a man is late, and it makes them feel like he does not care about them.

You should always turn up to a date at the right time and preferably just before it.

Ladies find this a sexy habit because it means if your relationship were to develop, she could rely on you to always be on time and be there when she needs you. In a woman’s eyes that is sexy. 

When men are well mannered 

It shows that they were raised right. It might seem strange to think of manners as a habit, but it is something learnt, not something we were born with.

Our parents most likely taught us at an early age to say please and thank you. Of course, manners go far beyond just these two words, but it was a starting point. It is something you need to keep checking in on, but girls really find it sexy as it makes a man a gentleman. 

When men smile when they see their girl 

Have you ever been in a restaurant and you have noticed a guy waiting at a table? Then you see a girl walk in and his face lights up. It is his girlfriend, and he has been waiting for her.

It is so sweet when guys do this, and it is something that girls really love to see from a man. 

When men have a great sense of humor 

Girls don’t want a man who takes life too seriously. They want someone they can have a good time with which is why it is important to them that the guy has a great sense of humor.

They want someone that can make them laugh and that they can relax around. 

When men are romantic 

Romance is definitely a habit, and it is something that you need to practise to get perfect.

Every girl is different and the type of romance they like might vary from other girls you have dated.

Romance does not stop after she becomes your girlfriend, it is something that you need to keep up and carry on with so that she does not lose interest. 

When men can start a conversation 

Girls don’t like it if they have to do all the hard work when it comes to conversation. They want men to put in some effort and be able to start a conversation.

This is an important habit because they want to be able to leave their man with a group of their friends and trust that they will be good at talking to anyone. 

When men are good listeners 

Listening is an especially important habit to women. They hate it when men don’t remember something they have said or when they are not interested in what they are saying. It makes them feel like the guy doesn’t really care.

When a man is a great listener though, girls find this so sexy, and it is something they often actively look for in a partner. 

When men are affectionate

Kissing, hugging, holding hands and giving them compliments. These are all habits that come under the umbrella of being affectionate. It’s something girls really love.

They might not like public displays of affection, but they still want their man to be affectionate when it is just them at home.

It can be easy to forget to do these things especially if you have been in a relationship for a long time which is why it is much easier to create a habit around it instead of having to find the motivation to do it. 

When men are confident 

Confidence is a habit that we talk a lot about. Not everyone is confident, and it is something they need to work on in practice.

Women find confident men a lot more attractive, and they are often more likely to date a confident guy over a non-confident guy.

You can learn to be confident and turn it into a habit if it is something you lack. 

When men take control 

Women do not want to be controlled by a man, but they do like it when he does take control of a situation. Maybe it is in a restaurant and the women’s order is wrong. She wants the man to tell the staff but in a polite, well-mannered way.

She wants a man who can stick up for himself and her in a situation and take control of it without being angry or domineering. 

When men take care of themselves 

Self-care and grooming are habits that all men need to have.

Women find men who look after themselves much sexier than those that do not.

They want you to physically look after yourself so that you always look your best, but they also want you to mentally look after yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself. She wants you to pay her attention but continue to put yourself first. 

When men have ambition and passion 

Ambition and passion are both habits that create more habits. For example, if you are really passionate about something that is to do with your career then you will need to form habits around working times, the way you work, goals setting, the list goes on.

So, from one passion comes several habits.

Women find it super sexy when a man has ambition and passion. It shows that he will work hard to provide for her. 

When men roll up their sleeves

Are you thinking, what do you mean roll up their sleeves? Well, it’s simple, women love when men show off their forearms which happens when they roll up their sleeves or wear a t-shirt. They find it a very sexy part of a man’s body

When men have a signature scent 

Women love it when men smell of one particular after shave and then every time they smell it, they think of them.

It’s important to find a signature scent that you like and then get in the habit of wearing it every day. 

When men like to read

Sure, not all women find this one sexy, but a lot of women do. Ladies love it when they see a man reading in a coffee shop or in a library. It makes him look clever and sexy.

Want to impress a lady? Go to your local coffee shop and pick up a book. 

When men can be handymen 

Women do find builders sexy but what I really mean for this one is when men can fix things.

It does not have to be complicated things but when men can fix a door handle, or even change a light bulb. Women find they are normally great to keep around. 

When men can be kind

Kind to them but also kind to strangers.

Women love seeing men being kind to little old ladies or to children. It makes their hearts flip, and they often repay the man later in the bedroom. 

When men rock stubble 

Not all men can rock the stubble look but those that can, women find super sexy.

To keep your stubble looking fresh you need to groom it regularly which is a habit. It will pay off later though with the ladies. 

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