IF She Is Thinking of You Sexually She Will... (Signs A Woman Is Thinking of You Sexually)

IF She Is Thinking of You Sexually She Will… (Signs A Woman Is Thinking of You Sexually)

What do women want? This is a question that has been asked for centuries and men are still trying to find the answer. Women themselves don’t even know what they want sometimes and that’s why it can get frustrating so incredibly so easily.

It can be incredibly difficult to decipher the mixed emotions and mixed feelings that a woman can display when it comes to if she wants to date you or not, so don’t get stressed out if you don’t know the answer yourself.

It would be a lot easier for everyone if a woman just stood up and said “hi, this is what I want and this is what I want from you. Do you think that you could do that?“ Nice and straightforward, no mixed signals. But of course, nothing is ever easy in life. Some of the best things are not easy for you to achieve.

So we’ve done some research and figured out some ways that a woman subconsciously lets you know that she is into you without having to use her words. This means that you can look out for the signs and know what she is thinking about you so that you can act accordingly.

Is she thinking of you sexually?


A woman will go out of her way to compliment you on anything and everything from the way you are dressed to your personality traits that she finds attractive, as a way to drop hints that she is interested in you and is waiting for you to make the first move.

Over the years we’ve been conditioned to believe that the easiest way to let someone know how you feel is to compliment them on something that will instantly make them smile. They then associate a smile and that burst of happiness with you and what you have complimented them on.


One of the easiest ways to express yourself and your emotions is through the clothes that you wear.

We learn from an early age to dress comfortably and use the clothes that we own to express our identity and personality.

This is taken into consideration when a woman is interested in you sexually and wants you to know it. For instance, the stereotype is that women will wear short skirts and low-cut tops to reveal more skin to the love interest, which inadvertently helps them visualize her in a more sexual way.

Your reaction to these visualizations will let her know if you feel the same way or not.

However, some women may choose to dress sexier without revealing more skin as they feel more comfortable in certain clothes. An example of this would be a tight dress – the little black dress as a lot of people call it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to show skin, but the material of the dress and the way that it hugs a woman’s body allows her to display her curves and edges for her love interest to see without stepping out of her comfort zone.

Lingerie is also a big part of showing a guy that a woman is interested in them sexually. A lot of women enjoy shopping and wearing sexy lingerie for their partner as it makes them feel confident in themselves but also adds a little bit of spice to the relationship.

So the next time you get to a certain stage with a woman and you notice that she is wearing a matching lace lingerie set, just know it was her idea for her to get this far and she is of course very much into you.


If you notice a girl starts to talk to you or text you more often, and the messages get longer, the conversations get deeper and so on, then that is a great sign that she is interested in you and is starting to think about you sexually.

She’s trying to make that emotional connection with you so that she can go onto the next stage of sexual contact. 

Eye contact

Have you ever been in a conversation with a group of people talking about something that you were really interested in and then you look up to see that they not paying attention?

When someone makes eye contact with you they are subconsciously letting you know that they are listening to what you are saying and you have their undivided attention. The saying ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’ is very true, especially when it comes to making eye contact with someone that you are attracted to.

It’s a way in which you can let them know that you are interested in them without having to wear your heart on your sleeve and use your words.

So the next time you are in a conversation with a woman and she stares intently into your eyes just know that she is listening to you, she is fully engaged in the conversation and you have her undivided attention, and she is also insanely attracted to you and wants you to know.


If a woman is always fidgeting when she is around you; maybe she’s picking at her fingers and her nails or the hem of her top, this is a clear indication that she is a little bit nervous around you.

She is still trying to remain in that conversation without making a fool of herself. She doesn’t want to come across as strange or nervous because she wants to remain cool and collected around you, making a good impression so that you like her too.

When we are nervous our brain starts to process more than one conversation at one time and this is when people get overwhelmed, so by fidgeting and focusing on one entity i.e. picking out your nails, it allows the brain to drown out all of the overthinking and focus on the one task at hand until you can regulate your emotions.

Women often feel nervous around men they like because they want to give a good impression and also leave a little bit of mystery which is incredibly difficult to do if you are fighting with your brain at the same time.

So, if you notice a woman fidgeting or playing with her clothes whilst engaging in a conversation with you it means that you make her nervous.


A woman who is sexually attracted to you will do everything that she can to try and spend as much time with you as possible, without over stepping a boundary and coming across as needy. 

She will ask you when you are free in ways like “hey, what are your plans today?”, or something like, “oh I’m bored, what are you doing?” She is trying to gauge what plans you have in place, and then try to make plans with you.

Something as boring as running errands would be exciting to her because all she wants to do is spend time with you. Lying in bed and scrolling through social media? She would be just as happy to lay beside you and just be in your presence.

Asking to spend time with you without asking you on an official date is a girls way of spending time with you without the fear of being rejected as sometimes a date could have pressure around it, whereas hanging out and running errands has little to no pressure associated with it. 


Have you ever looked at a woman and instantly felt that sexual attraction to her, but don’t know if she feels the same way? Hopefully with these signs you will be able to spot them occurring and feel better knowing that she does feel the same way.

Make sure you keep an eye out for these signs, as we all know it’s very rare for a woman to tell you straight up what she wants from you – nobody wants to be rejected so protecting your feelings and your heart from this is completely normal. 

Now it’s important to know and understand that for a lot of women there has to be some form of emotion involved for them to feel a sexual attraction to you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is the feeling of lust; they think you look sexy and like what they see, but for a lot of women to want to peruse these sexual feelings, they have to have an emotional connection to you.

This is why little things like holding hands and spending quality time together are massive signs from her. You’ll never understand how happy she will be just to have skin on skin contact.

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