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Irresistible Mindsets That Attract Women INSTANTLY – The POWERFUL Mentality That Drives Girls Crazy

In today’s video we’re discussing irresistible mindsets that attract women! When you think about what women want in a guy and from a relationship it’s all too easy to go to “things” and looks. However, the personality of a guy is far more important to a woman than people often assume.

We’re going to take a look at 5 mindsets that make all the difference when attracting a woman. Improving your self-confidence, positivity and overall having a more high value way of thinking will really boost your chances of impressing a woman and getting her to like you.

By adopting the right mindset you’ll be able to make a woman feel comfortable around you, seduce a woman more comfortably and of course make women chase you with ease.

Mindsets That Attract Women

Your mindset is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to attracting women.

Many men believe that ladies are attracted to things like looks, money, cars and a good job. How someone looks is of course important. Everyone has different tastes but it is not the most important factor. The same goes for money, cars and a good job. Some girls do find this all very attractive while others would rather spend their lives with someone who doesn’t really care about those things. Again it’s all personal preference. 

These thing’s don’t matter as much to ladies as personality. When it comes to personality, some of your personality is natural but some can be altered or highlighted through the power of your mindset.

Mindset can make you a negative or positive person. It can also impact whether you stick to something or leave it and walk away. These are all important factors when it comes to attracting a woman. 

In today’s video, we are going to learn about some attractive mindsets that can help you win over the lady, you have your eye on. 

Be positive 

Let’s start with the most important type of mindset, positivity. 

Now we don’t need to be positive all the time as people. Sometimes we are down or not feeling our best and to be honest, it’s fair enough! We have natural emotions and as they come to us we have to deal with them. If we are feeling down though, it’s not a good time to go on a date or be looking to date, someone. We are better to spend time alone, with friends and family.

There is nothing worse than going on a date with a really negative person. My friend told me a story once. She went on a date with a guy she had met on a dating app. He seemed really nice when they messaged each other and they were getting on really well. So she was excited. When they were on the date though, he was negative about everything. He didn’t like his drink, he didn’t like his food, he didn’t like the waitstaff all around it was a very negative experience. She tried to ask him some questions like so what do you do as a job? He replied, “I am a banker but I hate it”. He really didn’t like anything or anyone. She said it was super unattractive and she never messages or saw him again. 

You see, his negativity completely ruined their date. He may have not even realised he was doing it and wondered why she never messaged him again. Sometimes we don’t realise we are even being negative.

This is why mindset is so important. We need to be able to realise when we are going through a negative cycle and need to re-frame our thoughts

When you are trying to attract a girl, are on a date or are talking to a girl. It’s important to be positive. Think about how happy you are to be around this girl, think about what your future could be like, how happy you both could be and what a date would look like. 

These thoughts will create a positive mindset in your brain. If you radiate positivity, you can attract any woman.

Re-frame your thoughts 

Have you ever heard the saying, you are what you think? Basically, it means, if you always think one thing, you will stay that way. To change and grow you have to challenge your current thoughts.

If you are currently always thinking things like “she’s out of my league”, “she’s too good for me?”, “she would never go for me”. Then you won’t get very far in attracting the girl you want. These are what psychologists call limiting beliefs. If you believe that there are limits on what you deserve, you will never get very far. 

You need to believe that you deserve everything and anything. 

For example, many of the world’s most famous actors, believed when they were children that they could be actors. They didn’t let limiting beliefs get in the way. They believed it, worked for it and achieved it. 

The same goes for dating so re-frame those limiting beliefs. Say to yourself instead “I deserve to be happy”, “I am worthy of love”, “no one is out of my league”. 

The moment you start thinking like that, you will find that you have a lot more success and start attracting women. 


Guys, the truth is that in life, most people give up. Maybe they decide they would like to run a marathon and train for a week only to decide that it’s too much work. So they give up! We all do this all the time, most day’s in fact.

One of the keys to success though is persistence. Persistence is when you just keep going, keep trying and keep working towards your goal.

When it comes to attracting women, persistence is a very sexy trait to them. 

This is for two reasons – 

  1. The first reason is that women love it when men chase them. So they might not give you the attention you are looking for at first. If you keep politely trying to gain their attention though, they will start giving it to you. This is because you have persisted and have not just given up like other guys will do. When guys fight for girls, it makes the girls think wow he is willing to put all this effort into me. You’ll be on a date in no time. 
  2. The second reason that women love persistence is that if men are persistent they are normally more successful. If you keep working towards a goal say one to do with your career, you are more likely to gain a great job. Ladies find it so sexy when they see a man achieving his goals.

So, guys, persistence is key. Just keep going and don’t give up. 

Cool & calm personality 

Ladies are more likely to be attracted to a guy who is cool and calm. This is because someone with this personality type appears to be more confident. This all comes down to your mindset.

If you are constantly panicked and all over the place, you seem draining as a person. The other person will feel as if they have to be on high alert when they are around you and look after you. It’s not very attractive.

If you re-frame your mindset and appear more cool, calm and collected, ladies will fall at your feet. Often men with these types of personalities are the most popular with women. 

So, how do you re-frame your mindset? Well, it’s actually not difficult. When you are on a date you need to think calm thoughts. Things like “she looks like she is enjoying herself” or “there is nothing to worry about here”. You need to encourage your brain to stop overthinking and just relax into the date.

It makes you seem more mysterious as well because the lady will be wondering, what is he thinking? 

If you work on your cool, calm and collected mindset, you’ll start attracting women like never before. 

Like and accept yourself 

A large part of getting attracting someone to you is liking yourself first. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, it’s natural. Learning to love and accept yourself, is not easy. It takes time and sometimes helps from someone else. Once you do though, it’s life changing. You will be more confident in your own skin, you will know what you deserve in a partner and be able to communicate this clearly. 

Ladies find this type of confidence magnetic and seriously attractive. So if you have some self-doubt, or you think, I could like myself more. Spend some time working on that before moving on to actively trying to attract a lady

You’ll find that when the time is right, you will have more luck. 

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