22 WEIRD Things Girls Do When Flirting - Strange Signs She Likes You (OMG)

22 WEIRD Things Girls Do When Flirting – Strange Signs She Likes You (OMG)

Girls are far flirtier than guys. It’s a known fact that girls cannot resist flirting with guys that they are attracted to.

A lot of a girl’s flirting technique is subconscious, meaning she does not realize that she is doing it and her natural instinct has taken over.

This can make some of the things she does while flirting, weird. Well, they still attract you to her so they are not that weird but they are strange things that her body lets happen. 

In today’s video I am going to tell you about 22 weird things girls do when they flirt with you. 

Signs she is flirting with you

She is always smiling 

A girl will look really happy if she is flirting with you, like really happy! You might notice her always smiling.

Whether you are talking about something boring like the errands you had to run this week or if it is something more exciting like your passions in life, she is smiling and excited to hear more!

This shows that she is flirting with you because let’s face it, we all look better when we smile. 

She is excited when she is around you 

You can tell when someone is excited to be around you. They seem happy, full of energy and they speak quickly. If a girl is flirting with you, she will always be excited.

Excitement helps her build up the courage to flirt and adds energy to your conversation, which is always important when flirting

She doesn’t hesitate to touch you

She is confident enough to go in and touch you.

Girls will normally not be the ones to make the first move, especially with touch! If she is the one leaning in and touching you it is because she is flirting and has a lot of confidence pumping through her body.

This is about the only time girls will put themselves out there and touch a guy even when he has not touched her. 

She changes the way she dresses

Maybe you work with her or you were friends before now, this gives you a unique insight into how she normally acts and dresses.

Does she seem excited when she is around you now unlike before? Is she dressing differently? Maybe you have only ever seen her in jeans but now she is wearing dresses and heals!

If this is the case then that girl is flirting with you! 

You feel sexual energy 

It’s actually quite difficult to explain what sexual energy feels like.

It is an energy in the air between two people that is a little bit flirty and hot. Even though it is difficult to explain, it is easy to feel! If this is in the air then so is flirting. 

She sits close to you 

When a girl is flirting with a guy, she will move in and sit closer to him. She wants to be as close as possible to you because she simply wants all of your attention.

The closer she is the more likely you are to talk to her, look at her and touch her. These are all things that she wants! 

She flirts with her body 

It’s not just words that give a girl away when she is flirting with you, it is also her actions. She might flick her hair over her shoulder or place her hand on your knee while you both laugh. In these circumstances, she is not just speaking, she is showing you that she is flirting with her little gestures. 

Focus on eye contact 

Is she avoiding your gaze? This is often a negative sign and might mean that she is avoiding talking to you. If she is shooting you from across the room or catching your gaze in a crowded space then this is a better sign.

Flirting is all about eye contact, if she does not give you any eye contact, it’s a bad sign.

If she gives you a lot of eye contact, it is a great sign and shows she is interested in you and is flirting with you. 

She chats a lot 

She talks to you all the time. Whenever there’s even a hint of silence, she fills it.

It’s not because she is finding the conversation awkward, it’s because she wants to say as much as she possibly can to you, and she might be a little bit nervous. If you find chatting with her easy, that is a great sign!

Girls chat a lot when they want to get to know a guy, flirt with him and when they are a little bit nervous around him. 

She locks the door to the room

If she does this, things have probably gone a little past flirting and are really heating up. 

She gets nervous around you 

Girls are often nervous around guys that they like and want to flirt with. She starts fiddling with things around her or biting her nails.

These are standard things we all do when we are nervous. If a girl does this when she is around you it shows that she is nervous. 

She mentions the future 

When you think about flirting with a girl, you might often think that it only happens at the very beginning when you first meet a girl at a bar. This is not true though, even when you are in a relationship you flirt with your girlfriend. The type of flirting just changes a little.

It goes from, I love your eyes to I see a future with you. If your girlfriend starts joking about your future together and things you might do in the future together, like a holiday then this is her flirting with you, it’s just in a different way! 

She is fidgeting 

Girls will often fidget with things around them when they are nervous, they will also fidget though when they are flirting.

This is because they are trying to focus on what they are doing and surprisingly fidgeting can help with this. She might pull a label off a bottle or fidget with her hair.

It tells you that she is feeling something towards you. 

You’re flirting with her

This is not totally something a girl does when she is flirting with you but it still tells you a little about what is going on. If you find yourself flirting with a girl, take note of how she replies. You can tell when a girl is flirting with you, she will blush, play with her hair and giggle.

Is she doing one or all of these things? Then she is flirting back to your flirting! Good job. 

She asks a lot of questions 

She really wants to know everything about you.

She asks you a lot of questions about yourself and listens carefully to what you say. No one is that interested in you, it’s clear that she is flirting with you. 

She bites her lips

When she looks at you, she bites the corner of her lips as if to say ‘kiss me you fool’. 

She is mirroring her body language 

Mirroring is basically copying someone’s body language.

She might be picking up her glass at the same time as you or walking in a similar style to you.

This shows that she likes you and has been learning your mannerisms even if it is subconsciously. 

She doesn’t move away when you enter her personal space 

Everyone has an invisible bubble that they don’t like people to enter, only enter her personal space if you are sure she is happy for you to do so.

They only really let friends, family and people they are romantically interested in into this space.

If she lets you in then it is a great sign and shows you that she is romantically interested in you which probably means she is also flirting with you! 

She gives you opportunities 

She might be too shy to be the first one to start flirting so instead she gives you opportunities to flirt.

She might flash you some eye contact or start a conversation hoping that you will be the one to make it turn flirty. 

She shows her body off 

Whenever you see her, it is clear that she has put a lot of effort into looking good for you.

She might be wearing a tight fighting dress or shirt or a short skirt. When a girl does this, she wants to show off her body and make sure you are interested in her. 

She playfully hits you 

Have you ever had a girl playfully hit you when you are having a flirty conversation? It’s almost more of a tap than a hit but for some reason it works as flirting.

Most girls will do this around a guy and it might seem like a weird thing to do but it works! 

She compares your hand size 

She puts her hand up to yours and compares the size. Normally a guy’s hand is always bigger than a woman’s hand.

Men historically liked smaller women which is why women still do this today. They want to show you that they are smaller than you and yes it is a flirting technique. 

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