24 Signs She Thinks You Are Hot - If A Woman Does THIS She Thinks You're Attractive

24 Signs She Thinks You Are Hot – If A Woman Does THIS She Thinks You’re Attractive

We all have different tastes in things. For example, some people love apples while others despise them. Who we find attractive and who we don’t is no different.

No matter how good looking you are, not everyone is going to find you attractive, sorry guys! Because you don’t know what someone likes and dislikes it is not always easy to tell if someone finds you attractive which is why knowing how to tell how someone feels is important.

Today I am going to tell you about the signs you should look out for.

Can you tell if she thinks you’re hot. 

She stares at you a lot 

Eye contact is a great way of telling how a girl is feeling.

She basically looks at what she likes. So, if you catch her staring at you a lot then it is a good sign.

Girls will often look at guys they think are hot when they are not looking.

The girls assume that you did not catch them looking but if you are quick, you will. 

She compliments you a lot 

You have nice eyes, I like what you are wearing, you are so funny. Sound familiar?

Girls will pay compliments to guys they think are hot. Normally if she thinks you are hot, she will pay you a lot of compliments and they will mostly be about how you look or what you are wearing.

She won’t compliment your personality as much because she is too busy thinking about how hot you are. 

She asks you out on dates 

She makes the first move.

It’s risky because normally a guy would make the first move but she wants a date with you so she steps out of her comfort zone to ask you out.

This is a big move and shows that she has confidence and that she really likes you.

I think at this point it becomes obvious that she thinks you are hot. 

She enjoys hanging out with you 

No matter when or where, she will meet you if you are free.

She seems to really enjoy hanging out with you and is always laughing and smiling when she is around you.

While she is hanging out with you, she is already planning the next time you will see each other. 

She checks you out 

You catch her checking you out.

This is when someone looks at you, normally while you are not looking and kind of just takes you all in.

She will be looking at every part of you and might be smiling while she does it.

You might also notice that she does this more than once! 

She makes an effort to get you to open up 

Sure she thinks you are hot but she wants to get to know you better and she wants to connect with you.

To help you open up she makes an effort to make sure you both have deep conversations together.

She is vulnerable with you so that you feel as though you can be vulnerable around her. 

Other people are envious of you

It’s not just her that thinks you are hot.

People that you meet often become envious of you. Envy is a type of jealousy.

They wish they could be you. Your looks and personality have them floored.

This might mean they are unkind about you behind your back or that they talk to everyone else about you.

At the beginning this might get you down but you can’t do anything about people that are jealous of you. 

She DMs you on social media 

Did it all start with a DM? Girls will often send a DM to get a guy’s attention.

It’s a way of making the first move without having to do it in person. She might DM you and say that she likes your recent picture or that she thought last Saturday looked fun.

This is her way of saying she has been checking out your social posts and she likes the look of you. Modern romance! 

Other attractive people pay attention to you 

All of your friends seem to also be attractive people. Look around your friend group and the people you spend time with and ask yourself if you think they are good looking.

If the answer is yes then you are probably also hot. Attractive people attract attractive people! 

Everyone is really nice to you 

Everyone you meet is really nice to you. They always seem to want to be your friend and hang out with you.

This is of course probably to do with your personality, but it is also to do with your looks. 

She smiles at you 

She smiles at you from across the room, as she walks up to you in a bar and whenever she ever sees you.

You make her smile which is a huge deal!

It shows that she really likes you, enjoys your company and probably thinks you are hot!

She maintains eye contact with you 

She hardly looks away. She has strong eye contact with you and shows you that she is interested by nodding while looking you in the eyes. 

She looks you up and down 

When a girl looks you up and down, she is checking you out. I have told you all about checking out and what it means when a girl does it. Hint: it’s to do with your looks!

She parts her lips slightly 

You might notice her doing this when you are speaking to her.

Normally she will be looking at you, with her head slightly tilted and her lips will be slightly apart. If she is doing this, she is thinking about kissing you. 

She tries to attract your attention 

She contacts you a lot and when you are together she comes up with different ways to get your attention.

It might be by standing as close as possible to you or she might come up with different ways to speak to you.

Either way whenever it is possible she vies for your attention. 

She is constantly fixing her appearance 

Is she constantly fixing things like her hair, top and jeans when you are around? She wants to look her best in front of you and most girls will only do this when they really like a guy. 

She stands facing you 

We position our bodies towards the people we like because it is our best angle. It is something that happens subconsciously but if you notice her standing facing you then you know! 

She leans in closer

When you are speaking and she is trying to listen to you, she leans in closer so that she can show you she is listening and be closer to you. It’s a good move!

She touches you 

It’s small touches and they are quick, but she is the one to break the touch barrier between you both.

It could be a hand on a shoulder or on your thigh either way she is showing you how she feels. 

She teases you 

She makes fun of you but in a fun, flirty way. Not in a mean way.

It might be about your clumsiness or how you speak a certain way.

Teasing creates a certain electricity between two people so she is helping to create a spark

She asks you questions 

It’s not all about how you look, she wants to get to know you. Which is why she asks you questions about yourself.

They could be about anything from your favorite book to your childhood memories. 

She has a nervous twitch 

It could be any part of her body but if she has a nervous twitch it is probably because she is nervous to be around you because she thinks you are hot.

She might also show other nervous signs like over talking or not talking enough, avoiding eye contact or fiddling with things around her.

Once she gets to know you more, she should become less nervous. 

She tries to make you laugh

She laughs at your jokes but also tries to make you laugh.

We instantly like people who make us laugh more so she is probably trying to impress you.

If she is going to the effort of making you laugh then she is kind of doing all of the work for you.

Normally you might try to do all of this to a girl that you find hot but the shoe is on the other foot and she is doing it to you. 

She tells you 

She walks straight up to you and says “you’re hot”.

Well that is one way to put an end to the guessing game and make it simple!

If you get lucky, she might just come out with it and tell you. 

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