signs someone is actually flirting with you

12 Subtle Signs Someone Is Actually Flirting With You – How To Tell If They Really WANT You

Flirting signs – Learn how to tell if someone is flirting with you! Flirting vs friendly can understandably be tricky to distinguish between. You obviously want to be able to tell if they’re flirting with you before you make any sort of move yourself.

So today’s we’ve put together 12 ways you can tell if someone is flirting. By looking out for these signs you’ll hopefully have a much better chance of figuring out if they actually like you and are into you, or if they’re just being friendly.

If you’ve found yourself wondering “is she flirting?” or “Is he flirting?” then today’s video is perfect for you. These are all signs of men and women flirting.

How To Tell If Someone Is Actually Flirting With You

Have you ever met someone who is naturally flirtatious? They are friendly, laugh at your jokes and have intense eye contact. You might even wonder, “are they flirting with me?” Well, the answer is, maybe! They could naturally just be like that because it is a lot of peoples personality types or it could be that they are flirting with you! 

It can be tricky to learn how to spot flirting. After all, it is very similar to just being a lovely person! But there are certain signs you can keep an eye out for along the way, that will prove once and for all, that your crush is flirting! 

In this video, we are going to teach you how to tell if someone is actually flirting with you (and not just being nice). 

It’s normal

Not being able to tell if someone is actually flirting with you is very normal. In fact, the University of Kansas conducted a study in 2014 that showed just how clueless we can all be when it comes to telling if someone is flirting with us. It showed that only 18% of women in the study picked up the hint and I am sure it is the same for guys! 

So don’t worry if you have had issues in the past and maybe been shot down. I am here today to give you some clear signs you can look out for. So that it never happens again. 

Eye contact 

Look into my eyes…no really look into my eyes! If someone is looking at you with prolonged eye contact, they might be flirting with you. The more interested someone is, the more they will look at you. Perhaps the conversation is flowing and you notice that they are displaying lingering eye contact and so you offer some back. Now both of you know the other is interested and flirting. 

Eye contact is something to watch out for if you are asking yourself, “are they flirting with me?”. 

Physical Touching 

Physical touch is a sure-fire way to find out if someone is flirting with you. It might be a sly touch of your arm or a brush of the shoulder. Antonia Hall who is a psychologist and relationship expert says “a big giveaway is touching or tapping on an arm”. If this happens often during a date. It means they are flirting with you. 

One thing to remember here is that if you try this on a date. Make sure the other person is comfortable. It’s very important that any touching is consensual. 

They will make it clear they are single 

This one sounds very obvious, why would you be flirting with someone who was not single? It is important that they are definitely single and it’s not always clear. 

If someone mentions they are single to you, it’s no coincidence. They have told you for a reason. It’s their way of showing you that they are single and therefore are ready to mingle! AKA (also known as), telling you to make your move and flirt with them! 

The opposite is also important if you are single and talking to someone. Make sure that they know you are so that they interpret you’re flirting as flirting and not just friendship. 

They contact you

If they are contacting you to arrange a date or a walk in the park, this is a way of flirting. They are showing you that they want to spend time with you and that they like you. 

If they were not interested in you, they would not be messaging you for a date! They would probably tell you that they just saw you more like friends. 

So if someone is messaging you and asking when you are free, they are not only flirting but most likely interested in more with you. Remember to sometimes be the one to arrange things like dates because then they know that you are flirting. 

Teasing in a fun way 

This is a classic way of flirting with someone and I am sure you have experienced it yourself. 

I have and have used it myself. When you are attracted to someone this part of flirting comes very naturally. When the conversation is flowing, teasing is a fun way to flirt. Now when I say teasing, I do not mean, being cruel about how someone looks or their personality. It’s wittier one-liners that are good things to use. For example, if you are on a date and the other person spills something, you could jokingly say, “this is why we can’t have nice things”. 

You could also carefully use sarcastic comments to tease her but make sure you are good at delivering sarcasm beforehand. 

They compliment you 

They litter the conversation with compliments. If someone is throwing compliments your way like, “I love your smile” or “I really like the colour of your hair”, it’s a form of flirting and flattery. This means that they are really enjoying your company and are attracted to you. They might maintain eye contact while they pay you a compliment to really spice things up. 

If you are flirting with someone make sure to drop some compliments into the conversation. 

You will definitely know that someone is flirting with you if this happens. 

You can smell romance 

Sometimes you can just smell the romance in the air. It is important to make sure that it is not one-sided. You can tell if romance is in the air by the dates you go on. If you are going on strolls through the park just the two of you or for a picnic on the beach, this is very romantic. Even going to see a movie is romantic. If you are going on dates like this, you are more than friends and most definitely flirting. 

Titling their head 

If you are talking to someone and they tilt their head, they could be flirting with you. It is natural mating intuition according to the University of Kansas. 

When we are with someone that we find attractive, we tilt our heads slightly while they talk. We also tilt our heads slightly down, a slight smile and our eyes turned forward towards the person we are flirting with. This is very sultry, flirtatious behaviour. It’s sexy! 

If you are talking to someone and they start to display this type of body language, they are flirting with you. This is a great way to spot flirting so keep your eyes peeled. 

They treat you differently 

When they are around their friends, they are different compared to how they are with you. If they are treating you differently when you are on a date, perhaps dressing really smart or speaking slowly. This could be because they see you as more than a friend and they are flirting! We all treat our friends different to how we treat our romantic partners. It brings out another side of our personalities so watch out for this. 

They pay attention to you

There is absolutely nothing worse than being on a date with someone who is not paying attention to you. Maybe they are staring into space or looking at other tables around you. Either way, it is super unattractive and a major turn off. 

Someone who is flirting with you and respects you will look at you and only pay attention to you. This is because to them, you are the most important person in the room. They are attracted to you so what more could they possibly need or want. You will clearly see them listening to you and engaging in conversation. It’s an important part of flirting and without it, you probably don’t want to flirt with them at all. 


The final way to tell if someone is actually flirting with you is through vibes. Vibes are just natural things we humans pick up. We can tell when we meet someone if they like us and if we are their type of person. It’s like energy in the air. So finally, I would say. Just see how you feel around that person. Do you think there is more than friendship? Do you think they are interested in you? If so, make your move. 

When it comes to flirting, the most important thing is simply to be confident. 

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