This is preventing you from being attractive

GUYS! This Is Making You LESS Attractive – Must Stop If You Care About Your Appearance

How to be more attractive! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing attraction! We’ll take a deep dive into what it is that prevents someone from looking their most attractive self. From day-to-day negative routines, bad posture and body language, to the way we engage with others. There’s plenty of small and easily fixable things we do that end up turning women off and ruining any of our chances when it comes to seducing a woman.

I’m guessing you’re watching this video because you want girls to like you right? Well, if you want them to like you then they need to be attracted to you first. This is the most crucial step when it comes to finding someone to date. The problem is we do things that turn people off or scare them away and most of the time we do it without even realizing.

We pick up different types of behaviors throughout our lives which we can then struggle to unlearn. Sometimes all it takes is being made aware of our behavior to shake us out of it. Which is what I hope this video is going to help you with.

Today I’m going to be telling you about what could be holding you back and preventing the ladies from seeing you as an attractive gentleman. And if you relate to any of the below behaviors, that’s okay. Each one is something that can be changed so that you can start attracting more women.

Preventing you from being attractive

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Not taking care of yourself 

Let’s start with not taking care of yourself. We all know what we need to do to be looking after ourselves.

The basics are taking care of our skin, keeping fit, eating well and basic hygiene practices and dressing well. On top of this looking after our mind is also important.

Looking after ourselves does not take a lot of time but it does make the world of difference.

When we stop looking after ourselves it looks like we don’t love ourselves which makes us appear unattractive. Other bad behaviors start to creep in, and we become someone that others don’t view in a romantic way. 

If you struggle to look after yourself that is ok, we all do sometimes. What is important is that we realize that it is the most important thing that we could do in our lives. It should be our number one priority.

All you need is to start putting it above your other habits like video games and start to make slow improvements.

It won’t take long for other people to realize the work you are putting in and start to see you as someone that they find attractive.

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Sleep deprivation 

Sleeping is one of the healthiest activities we can do as humans.

When we don’t get enough sleep we become grumpy, anti-social and sometimes depressed. Our skin breaks out, our hair gets thinner, and we start putting on weight.

We have bags under our eyes and need to catch up on sleep during the day. Sleep deprivation can easily become a habit when we play video games until 2am or stay up scrolling through our phones.

Nobody wants to date someone that drifts off during their date. So, if you think you might not be getting enough shut eye at night, do yourself a favour and go to bed a little earlier.

You’ll notice an immediate improvement. 

Being mean 

This behavior is obviously not something that girls would find attractive.

Maybe you are being mean because you are nervous, or you are trying to show off.

The truth is that this is unacceptable behavior and something you need to put a stop to as soon as possible if you want a girl to find you attractive. 

Closed body language 

When we are nervous or don’t want to speak to someone we display what is known as closed body language. That is when we fold our arms, look down at the ground and have poor posture. This makes us appear cold and unapproachable. It is not something that you want when you are trying to land a girl.

You want to be displaying open body language which makes you more welcoming. It’s important to check your body language when you are around others and think, how am I presenting myself? 


It’s very natural for us all to be stressed out sometimes in life.

We will have things in our personal lives and in our work lives that leave us feeling stressed.

The problem is that if we start to let stress control our lives, we can start to not look our best.

People who experience stress most days age faster and can also gain weight. When we are stressed all the time we can also become more aggressive even though we don’t mean to. 

It’s hard to always avoid stress but we can do something to help and that’s to learn to manage it. You might manage stress by exercising or cleaning.

Finding whatever helps you to avoid stress will make you more attractive to be around. 

Looking too happy or too proud 

Have you ever been around someone who does not stop smiling?

They have a strange smile on their face at all times and it starts to make you feel uncomfortable. They also tend to talk the whole time about themselves and all their achievements.

After a while it becomes boring and unattractive. You don’t want to be this person, so if you recognise some of this behavior then see how you can tone it down.

Not having a good sense of humor

Girls love guys that have a great sense of humor.

They find it really unattractive when guys don’t have a sense of humor or they take things too personally. You can learn to have a good sense of humor though and the best place to start is by watching videos on YouTube, so you are already in the right place. 

Being lazy 

Girls find it unattractive when guys are not motivated or don’t do their fair share of work around the home. It’s important that you are not like this.

If you think you have picked up some lazy habits then start correcting these by addressing one a week. 

Being dishonest 

It’s important that you tell the truth and are honest with the people around you.

It’s a deal breaker to girls if a guy is dishonest because she feels as though she can never trust him.

If you want to attract girls and have a girlfriend one day then you need to be honest from the very beginning. 

Smoking or drinking too much

Even if you have only just started dating, girls want a guy who could eventually be their boyfriend.

This means they want a guy they can rely on which is why they find it unattractive when guys drink too much. It normally means they are always out with their friends and often girls can’t trust them. If you think you drink a lot, try to cut down a little. 

Smoking gives you bad teeth and breath which girls don’t find attractive. It’s better to quit and see if you have more luck with the ladies. 

Not being humble at all 

If someone takes the time to pay you a compliment then you should always respond in a humble way. You can do this by saying thank you and paying them a compliment back.

When someone is not humble, they often brag about things they have achieved or compliment themselves in front of others. This is not attractive behavior and girls really don’t like it. 

Disagreeing with someone and not being polite about it 

It’s ok to have different opinions from someone, in fact it is very important.

If we all thought the same things the word would be a very boring place. However, it’s important that you don’t go over the top when trying to express your opinion.

For example, if you disagree with someone else’s political view it is not polite to raise your voice and tell them that they are wrong. Even speaking to them in a nice way and saying you don’t agree with their political view is rude because in this case they are entitled to their own opinion. 

If it is something that you believe you can have a difference of opinion about and not be rude then it is ok to express your opinion.

You should however be polite about it and tell the other person that you respect their opinion but wonder if they have considered your point of view before.

Girls will find this much more attractive plus it shows that you have a lot of knowledge which makes you interesting. 

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