Want to get a girlfriend? Doing THIS is SO important! (Your Body Language & Attraction Guide)

When it comes to getting a girlfriend the way we display ourselves with our own body language can make all the difference! Body language and the topic of dating are so intertwined these days that you’d be silly not to pick up some extra tips in this area.

Today we’re going to be discussing why body language is so important when it comes to attracting a woman, and what you can do to improve your own body language and get women to notice you more.

Body language whether we like it or not, tells others a lot about us and how we feel when we are around them. Without even realizing it our body language gives a ton away. Which can be positive, for example landing as the girl that we want, or it can be negative, pushing the girl away pretty badly.

Body language is important when we are trying to do lots of things, including getting a girlfriend, which is what we will be covering in today’s video. If you want to know more about the science behind body language and why it works in the dating scene well this is the video for you.

Dating, getting a girlfriend & the importance of body language when attracting women

The science behind body language and dating 

Researcher Vacharkulksemsk and associates (2016) conducted a study on body language and the role it plays in present-day speed dating and online matches. Both are scenarios in which people are making split-second decisions based on their feelings.

The research group conducted three studies, looking at different types of body language and noted down the features of getting a yes in speed dating situations. 

The first scenario  

In the first scenario, researchers observed nonverbal body language in an existing speed-dating situation. The researchers evaluated the non-verbal body language between males and females while they were on a speed date.

They compared their body language vs who got picked on a date. The results showed that daters were more likely to be picked if they displayed expansive body language.

Expansive body language is when you have an open posture involving widespread limbs, a stretched torso and/or they took up more room. 

The second and third scenario 

In the second and third scenarios, the researchers studied expansive body language in an online dating situation.

The researchers created online dating profiles and uploaded images of the person displaying expansive body language (open)  and contracted body language (closed). The result? The profiles that displayed expansive body language were 27% more likely to get a yes match. 

This research shows us that expansive language helps you get a yes when dating which proves that body language is important when trying to get a girlfriend. 

We now know that expansive language is popular but how can you use this when you are trying to get a girlfriend? 

The three basics 

There are lots of tips and tricks when it comes to body language but there are three basic things that definitely work when getting a girlfriend. They have even been proven by research! 

Be expansive 

Being expansive with your body language basically means being as wide and as tall as possible. Even if you are a smaller built person this can work!

Broadening your chest and straightening up your back will do the trick.

A potential girlfriend will see this as being a very attractive trait because to them, it shows you will look after them. 

Be open

Open yourself up to good things coming your way via your body language.

Crossing your arms is very off-putting because it makes you look like you have closed off and serious. Instead, you want to sit with your arms by your side and try to look as relaxed as possible (without falling asleep).

When we are nervous we tend to tense up so try and be as relaxed a possible by taking a few deep breaths in. 

Take up space 

Taking up more space makes you appear more dominant and confident.

Don’t take us so much space there is no room for your date but broaden your shoulders and put your elbows out.

This will allow the lady to give you all of her attention because you are within her line of sight and it will show how confident you are

Body language must-haves! 

You now know the three basics of expensive body language which women are naturally attracted to. There are other types of body language must have’s though that are important when you are trying to get a girlfriend.

The types of body language that I am about to introduce you to are also open/expensive types of body language. 

Stick your neck out 

Sticking out your neck when you are talking to your date can help you appear more open in your body language. You don’t have to stick your neck out very far for this to work. All you need to do is straighten up your neck and stick it out a little.

It makes it look like you are listening to the lady while she is speaking and that you are interested in what she is saying which is important.

Your future girlfriend wants someone who will listen to her and be interested in what she says so you need to practise this type of body language. 

Stand up straight 

It is amazing how many people forget to just stand up straight. We can get used to slouching especially now that a lot of us work from home and sit in uncomfortable chairs. We slouch without even realising it.

If you are on a date though it is very important that you stand up straight and sit up straight. This helps you take up more space but also it just makes you look more put together and it makes you look smarter.

Slouching is very closed off body language and it can make us look messy and disinterested. 

Quick adjustments 

Imagine a girl is walking towards you in a restaurant and you are standing nervously. You might be fiddling with your hands or looking down at the floor. This is all normal body language when you are nervous but it doesn’t look very good to someone who is walking towards you.

It makes you look a little more closed off in your body language and not very confident.

Instead of doing this, you should instead make quick adjustments. What I mean by this is fixing up your shirt, making sure your hair is tidy and making sure your pockets are tucked in.

This gives you something to do instead of thinking about being nervous and it means when she walks through the door, you look a million bucks!

This will make you look confident and presentable when she comes in. 

Strong eye contact 

Eye contact is always important when it comes to dating and trying to get a girlfriend. My friend once went on a date with a guy who instead of looking at her. Constantly looked around the room and at the floor.

My friend found it so off-putting and spent the whole date feeling ignored. She never saw him again this is what you do not want to do! 

Catching your date’s gaze from across the room as they get a drink or maintaining eye contact while they speak is important.

Strong eye contact will show them that you like them and it introduces some flirting. For example, while she is talking you can look intently at her which will show her that you are interested in what she is saying.

If she is telling a joke, you can look at her seductively and give her a little smile, this is where the flirting comes into play! 

Remember to smile 

A smile can say more than a thousand words! You can get so busy trying to remember everything that you have to do include all of the body language tips we have been over, you might forget to smile!

Smiling brings out your best facial features and it shows that you are enjoying yourself. Make sure you smile when you first see her, while she is talking and at the end of the date.

Your smile could brighten up her life enough that she wants to be your girlfriend!

Body language is definitely so important when you are trying to get a girlfriend. Body language will enable you to show her that you like her and that you want more than just being friends.

If you wow her enough on your first dates, you will be sure to land her and have a happy relationship. 

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