unattractive things guys do

15 Super Unattractive Things Guys Do Without Even Realising 😨

Learn what it is you may be doing that women find unattractive.

These can end up turning women off from you for good.

If you’re doing the things in today’s list then it’s likely you’re really wrecking your chances of getting a girl to like you.

When it comes to dating, getting a girlfriend, talking to women etc, you want to be on top of these to give you the best chance of attracting the girl you like.

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Unattractive things guys do

Hey my name’s Anna and welcome back!

Did you know there are a number of unattractive things that you do, that are most definitely driving women away.

It makes a woman second-guess you and can ruin any good thing that you had going.

The scary thing is you don’t even realize it exists so buckle uptight and get ready to be blown away.

Your confidence is really arrogance.

Confidence is such a huge attractive trait.

It really does attract a lady however there is a fine line from confidence to arrogance that can be easily merged if you are not aware of it.

A confident person he’s still confident but humble. He knows what he does well and plays that to his advantage. Such as knowing how to use chopsticks in a restaurant and offering to teach someone else how to use them.

However the opposite is, with the arrogant guy, he’s going to poke fun at someone on the table that doesn’t know how to use chopsticks. He will then use that as an opportunity to show off his skills to one-up himself in the social hierarchy.

As soon as you show signs that you think you are better than everyone else. It’s a huge turn off.

Not being able to judge your own life

Life isn’t always easy. You have to sleep then eat, clean, work out, have down time and then repeat.

It is all one huge unattractive trait, that some guys have is showing how unable they are to manage life.

We all have the same hours of the day to get things done.

It’s obvious that every time a lady goes to your house there’s always unclean laundry on the floor that hasn’t moved. You are always forgetting to pay a phone bill and you’re always managing to just eat three meals a day but then take six days to wash the dishes up.

It shows that you aren’t respecting all avenues of your life and either you were choosing to procrastinate or you lack self-discipline.

You are too needy

Even if you want to scream from the rooftops how much you like a girl, you need to keep that in if a girl feels that you are too needy.

It’s an immediate turn off so this accounts for the endless text conversations, the dragging out of phone calls and always arranging to see her.

You need to keep your cool and don’t let on too much about your feelings.

Now the optimum gauge is making her do most of the chasing as it’s psychologically factual that a girl really does love the chase.

We do have a video all about that. You want to check that next so keep her chasing and she’s going to be happy.

Bragging about your earnings

To some ladies also known as the gold diggers, this will entice them into wanting to have a relationship with you. Which is fine however if you want to have a higher value relationship then you need to keep your finances quiet.

If you bring up how much you actually earn without being asked directly it comes across as an arrogant brag. A lady wants emotional support and consistent value.

She doesn’t care for how much money you make.

Not taking the lead in the decision making

Let’s talk about why girls are very indecisive. When asked what they want to do, to go out for food now for the majority of the time. Women are by default submissive in their decisions so they want you to balance that out with your dominant ways.

So take the lead and decide where you guys are going to eat. It’s going to refrain from arguments and make you appear much more attractive.

So with this in mind pay attention to those times that you say you decide or babe you pick I don’t know, do what you want!

These phrases make you appear very indecisive.

Which is a trait of being submissive which from a guy is very insecure, meaning you lack confidence.

Which is a huge turn off.

Poor hygiene

Women take a great deal of care into their appearance daily.

They strive to look healthy and full of fatality so they appreciate when guys do the same.

A guy that dresses smart but has rotten teeth is an immediate no-go situation.

Pay attention to your grooming, have good skin, smell great and a healthy dental hygiene is always a good thing to see.

A woman doesn’t want to be intimate with a guy that smells bad and has bad teeth.

Stop complaining

Even if you think complaining about something in a comical way is a good thing, it’s actually not.

Always remember that women are drawn to confident positive people and if you always have something to complain or moan about, you undo any work you previously did to attract her.

Try to only talk about the positives obviously complaining is normal. The odd moan here and there is completely fine but if you always complain. Or in the first couple of dates which is pinnacle with a woman, you start moaning about life stuff, your boss whatever she will assume this is what you were like in general.

Dependence on alcohol

Yes drinking beer is fun and however having to hang out with a guy, that gets way too drunk really isn’t what women want to date.

Someone that can handle themselves and doesn’t let themselves go off the rails plus who’s attractive is dateable.

When they are sloppy drunk, not many people will want to date you.

How to treat service staff

The good old anger test. Someone’s personality can be judged a lot and how they treat people they don’t know.

If you are rude to a waiter or any other service staff for example it’s a sign of deep-rooted anger issues.

Which a lady is going to be like nope, not for me!

Poor vocabulary

Some women are attracted to intelligence so this may not apply in all situations. However some women are turned off if they hear lots of curse words.

It screams low intelligence and really turns a lady off.

Lack of foreplay in the bedroom

Let’s delicately talk about this without servicing her needs.

She may never actually reach her happy ending if you refuse to help her out and instead just dive in and get you filled. You are going to leave her feeling frustrated, bored and incredibly turned off.

If this is what the bedroom antics is going to be like for the rest of the relationship, why should she stay with you?

Too dependent on your parents

I get it our parents will happily want to look after us forever.

A lot of mothers actually over mother their sons. Even late into their adult life!

Now I get it it’s cute your mum loves you and she wants you to have the very best of everything which is brilliant but it comes across to a lady that you are not independent.

It’s a huge turn off because well you can’t live unless your mom’s around.

Treating your friends and family poorly

Ladies want to date a confident man, not a boy treating your friends and family poorly.

Just like how you treat service staff, if you are rude to your family and your friends expect your lady to actually turn the other way.

Relationships are important to girls because it means the world to them.

If you cannot maintain healthy and kind relationships with other people, who is to say that you won’t treat her in the same way.

Talking about your ex

Women will naturally spring up their ears at any mention of your ex. So try to not bring it up, if you can now, it’s okay to have a healthy conversation about an ex from time to time.

You are talking about past experiences and memories that’s fine but always insinuating that you aren’t over them or you trash talk them you, it can become very ugly.

She will not want to continue to date you.

Not standing your ground

If you are a pushover either at work with your friends or your family or even with other girls it’s a huge turn off.

She wants to see you as someone that can stand their ground and stick up for themselves.

Naturally, if you can stick up for your beliefs and your values it means you can also stick up for hers too and support her.

Thank you!

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