Psychology to make a girl think about you non-stop

THIS Works On 99% Of Women – 13 Psychological Tricks To Make Girls Think About You Non-Stop

Learn how to get a girl to think about you non-stop! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 13 ethical psychological tricks you can use to impress a girl and leave her thinking about you. When it comes to learning how to make a girl interested in you, there are some subtle tips and tricks based in psychology that you can use to gain the upper hand

When it comes to getting a girlfriend and finding your ideal partner, or even just getting your crush to notice you, leaving a lasting impression where she ends up thinking about you constantly can make all the difference. By following today’s tips you’ll improve your chances of getting a girl to like you and ultimately falling for you.

This video is not about manipulating someone into thinking about you non-stop. It’s actually about using clever psychological tricks to make a girl think about you non-stop. So the difference between them both is that manipulating someone is convincing them to think a certain way but using deceitful techniques to get them to do so, psychological tricks however are ethical ways that use the knowledge that we know about the human brain to our advantage.

Psychology to make a girl think about you non-stop

Don’t message or phone her every day 

When you are constantly there for someone to talk to, they start taking you for granted. They might start acting cold or not reply for days. It’s too easy for them to get you. If you want a girl to think about you non-stop you need to play hard to get. One of the ways to do this is to not instantly reply to messages, make sure you have some days you don’t message at all and don’t phone her all the time. You need to appear busy and like you have other things to do…that don’t include her. We are all human and we want to be the centre of someone’s world. So when someone is not replying to us our brains start racing. We think about the last time we saw the person and what they might be doing. She will wonder if you have another girl on the go and you will notice that she starts contacting you more. 

Smell nice 

We associate certain smells with certain people. Our brains are naturally wired to do this and it’s something we do without really realising we do it. Make sure you have a signature scent you wear around her. It might be that your clothes always smell freshly washed or that you wear a signature cologne. She might be out and about and smell something similar or someone might walk past wearing the same scent and she will instantly think about you. The scent is a key part of getting her to non-stop think about you. 

Tell her about your life 

Yes, devolving your secrets can lead to a lady thinking about you non-stop. She might be talking to her friends and one of them is having a similar experience to you or she could be lying in bed at night thinking about your life stories. She could also go to a cafe and see a drink on the menu and think “Matthew would like that”. It’s the little things that she will think about often and remember. 

Take things nice and slow 

This trick comes back to playing hard to get. If you rush into things, you risk the girl getting bored. She might think about you intensely for a week and then suddenly she’s not interested. You want her to think about you for a longer period of time to allow her feelings to grow and only get stronger. Make sure to space dates out and not rush into the relationship. Give her time to become addicted to you! 

Be a little mysterious 

Don’t give her everything at once! Keep some things back and allude to things like whether you are dating another woman or not. It keeps her on her toes and wondering what you are really up to when you are not with her. 

Post pictures on social media 

When we see someone having fun without us we instantly feel FOMO, the fear of missing out. Social media means that we are constantly getting a front row seat to other peoples lives. So why not post a few pictures of you spending time with friends, especially girl friends. She won’t know that they are just your friends and will get jealous. She will also see that you have your own life which is really important. She will non-stop think about what you are doing. 

Be confident 

Confidence is important when you want to make sure a girl is thinking about you non-stop. She is not really going to think about a guy that is really nervous and hardly speaks, is she? She wants a man who can confidently come up with conversation, talk to her friends and family with ease and go after what he wants. We have plenty of videos on how to improve your confidence levels, make sure to check them out if you struggle with your confidence. 

Leave something behind 

Say you are going to your crushes house, make sure to leave behind something to remind her of you. The best thing would be your jumper as girls love to wear boys jumpers. You could also leave your hat or scarf. They will most likely smell like you and you will have to get it back somehow which means you will see each other again. Smells are a huge part of overall attraction so her being around your smell for longer will increase her feelings for you and she will be non-stop thinking about you. 

Look your best…always 

Women go for men with good personalities but it is also what is on the outside that matters. She wants a man who takes care of himself and dresses well. Looking your best starts with exercise, grooming and flattering clothing. If you struggle to find clothes or shop for yourself, ask a friend or a member of your family. Stay on top of working out and always keep up your grooming routine. This will drive her crazy for you because well, you will be irresistible. 

Have your own life 

It’s nice that you want someone to share your life with but you still have to have your own life. This means having your own friends, hobbies, interests, career and goals. If you don’t think you are where you want to be at this stage of your life then take a step back and think about what you need to do to get there, work on yourself first before letting someone in on your life. Once you do have your own life, hold onto it. Women want a man who has his own life, in fact, it is one of the most important things to them. If you are busy with your own life as well, it’s like playing hard to get and she will be thinking about you non-stop. 

Make the best first impression 

First impressions really do count, we only have 7 seconds to make a first impression on somebody. We often remember the people who make a good first impression on us and forget about the people that fall flat. When it comes to making the first impression it is all about how the other person feels in your presence. Over time you will realise what works and what does not. The main tip I have is to always ask about the other person and be interested in their response. And they will always walk away thinking about you.

Tell her about your beliefs 

What do you believe in? I don’t mean religion but if you do have a religion then definitely tell her about it. I more mean your morals and values. You might believe that being kind is the most important thing or being honest. Whatever you believe in make it clear to her. She will think about what you have said and ask herself if she shares the same beliefs. You talking about beliefs will also make her think about how wise you are and thoughtful which is something girls love in guys. 

Make her trust you 

When you want to get someone to trust you, you must get them to confide in you. Which means you need to create an environment in which she can do so. Don’t ask her something very personal while you are in a bar. This is more an at-home thing or while you are on a walk on the beach. Somewhere that is private enough for her to open up. Try to open up to her first about something so that she feels comfortable enough to do the same. Once she has told you something that means she trusts you, she will start thinking about how you would be a great boyfriend or how she might like to take things a step further. It will feel very natural to her that she has confided in you and it will not feel like a trick. 

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