the power of walking away

The Power Of Walking Away – This Increases Attraction INSTANTLY And Makes Girls Fall For You

The power of walking away! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing walking away from a woman and what this can actually achieve when it comes to dating and relationships. You may be surprised to learn that this can be an incredibly effective technique to instantly increase attraction and make a woman fall for you…

The Power Of Walking Away

Walking away seems counterproductive. How could walking away or leaving a lady, actually increase attraction? I can almost hear what you are thinking, “won’t she just move on?”. 

The truth is, ladies, do find this really attractive. It makes you powerful in our eyes and we like that! 

In today’s video, we are going to learn why walking away from a woman instantly increases attraction. So if you have been thinking, should I walk away? This video will give you the answers you have been searching for. 

You become challenging 

If you have been chasing someone but getting nothing back in return, it’s disheartening. In fact, it really hurts. It’s no surprise to you when you finally give up and walk away. 

To the other person though, you suddenly become a challenge. They have had you hanging around for so long, attending to their every whim. Normally being the first one to arrange a date or message them first. All of a sudden, you are no longer interested in doing that. Put simply, you are done. 

The lady will suddenly be very attracted to you. Ladies like this enjoy a challenge. They don’t care when people dote on them and give them everything they want. These women want to work for it. They want to fight for the chance to be with them. 

No matter what they say, they do not want you to be available 24/7. They want you to be hard to get, confusing right? So when you suddenly say “I have had enough” and then leave. They are like “oh my gosh, I need to work for him”. They will contact you and try to win you back. If you really like the lady, you should go back. Don’t however immediately dote on her, for the relationship to work, she needs a challenge. You will need to not be available sometimes and say her favourite word “no”. It will increase attraction including sexual attraction and keep her coming back for more!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder 

I am sure you have heard this saying before. It relates to how when someone is not around, we suddenly want them more. This does not just apply to romantic relationships. When we don’t see our family and friends for a while, we suddenly miss them a lot. We remember all the great times we had together and how we feel when we are around them. When we see them again, we are so happy and grateful. 

The same happens when with romantic relationships. Sometimes things can grow stale. You have been around each other a lot and you spend so much time together. The chat dries up, you end up in different rooms on your phones and you just don’t feel close to each other. 

This is when spending time apart works a treat! Walking away allows you both time to think about what you really want. Your lady will be non-stop thinking about you, I guarantee it. All she will want is to see you again! You might find that suddenly she phones you saying “I miss you, please come back”. When you go back, you might find that the chat between you both and the energy around you is a lot more electrifying. In the future, you will know that you both need to spend time apart to really appreciate each other. Maybe once every few months, you will go on a guys trip away. 

If you are suddenly finding that your relationship is well…a little boring. It might be time to walk away so that your hearts can grow stronger. 

She will miss the good times

Maybe you have both been fighting a lot. Little arguments here and there, it all adds up. You are wondering, where the old relationship has gone. You used to have so much fun, dates walking along the beach and all the holidays you went on. 

Now everything is an argument and you just can’t handle it anymore. So you walk away and spend some time alone, thinking about the past. If you are thinking about what it used to be like, she is as well. She will really start missing the good times, remembering how much fun you used to both have. 

She will suddenly feel really bad about all your little arguments and realise that none of that stuff really mattered. She’ll just want more of the good times and will be thinking that it was really powerful of you to have the courage to walk away. 

With this realisation, you will find that she will make contact with you. If the relationship blooms again, she will be more attracted to you and only focusing on the good times. 

She will think you hold all the power 

Powerful men are so sexy. There is an image that you can only be a powerful man if you are super successful in your career. The truth is that is simply not true! Powerful men can also be men that have values and stick to them. Or men who walk away when it’s the right time. 

I should not hear guys that powerful men never control women in any way. They should give them the respect they deserve. 

Their power instead is held in the way they stick to their decisions and hold true to their values. 

If you say, “this isn’t what I want our relationship to be like, if this carries on I’ll have to walk away”. She might think, “yeah right!”. So when you actually do walk away, it will be a very powerful move. She will suddenly realise that you hold the power to do this. You have taken yourself away from her. 

She will find the use of this power so attractive. In no time, she’ll be asking for you back or will be trying to seduce you.

Be ready for this. If you want to go back to her, you can. Make sure you lay down some rules though guys so it doesn’t happen again. 

If you don’t want to go back, she will be left regretting the way she acted and will always remember you as a powerful man. 

You will become mysterious in her eyes 

When you walk away, all sorts of thoughts will run through a ladies mind. 

“What will he be doing when he walks away?” 

“Who is he talking to?” 

“What is he thinking about?”

“Will he ever come back?”

And many more questions. You will suddenly become this very mysterious person to her. Sure, she used to know everything about you. But that was before you made the powerful decision to walk away. You will be this mysterious enigma to her. Which is so sexy and very attractive to a lady. 

She will welcome you back with open arms and be more attracted to you than she ever was before. 

You value increases 

When you walk away from a lady, your value increases. She will instantly see you as someone who is not disposable. You have the power to leave her therefore you won’t be hanging around and meeting her every whim. This is attractive and means she has to work for you. It’s the thrill of the chase! 

She will really value you being around her and spending time with her. 

She is more likely to make more of an effort with you and be the one to do things like arranging dates. 

Her true feelings for you will show 

This one is simple, if you walk away and she comes running back, she has deep feelings for you. If you walk away and she does as well, her feelings for you have disappeared. If this happens, it was not meant to be. You can both move on with your own lives and find someone who would always come running back! 

Now you know a little bit more about the power of walking away from women, will you be trying it out for yourself? 

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