21 Relationship Red Flags in Women You Should NEVER Ignore! Dating Warning Signs You Need to Know

21 Relationship Red Flags in Women You Should NEVER Ignore! Dating Warning Signs You Need to Know

It’s not just the men that have red flags, women do as well. And I think that the media has made out that every single woman is birthed from heaven and perfect. But today I am highlighting all those relationship red flags that you need to be looking out for.

Now some of these dating red flags you might have already experienced but like I said, we make out that women are perfect creatures, that’s when you think “Hang on a second, that lady that I dated did this all the time – these were major red flags!”

So, you need to know what to be looking out for so that you can avoid that relationship and wasting your time.

Warning signs you shouldn’t date the girl

She doesn’t share the same values as you

Values play a huge part in relationships. Even if you are only dating a woman, values are still very important.

We all have our own set of values that we have had since being children. As we grow older, we develop other values and some of our values start playing a more central part in our lives.

A value might be loyalty, respect, or kindness. If your partner does not share them, it means they don’t mean very much to her. On a personal level this is fine, it does not make her a bad person, she just has different values.

The problem is that when you are in a relationship with someone, you need them to share the same values as you. If one of your values was honesty but she didn’t value this, then she might find it ok to lie.

Although this might really annoy you, she can’t see what she is doing wrong because it is not one of her values.

Sharing values is important and it’s something to discuss early on. 

She becomes violent when she is upset 

Women are more emotional than men. They have more oestrogen and higher levels of hormones which lead to this. Therefore, it is understandable when they cry more or become upset easily.

What isn’t understandable though is when they become violent. It’s never ok to become violent with someone else.

If someone is violent once, they will be violent again. If you ever experience this, it’s a major red flag and a sign to leave.

She has a completely different lifestyle from you 

You like to stay in while she loves to go out and party. You are always working but she prefers to work on and off. Basically, you have completely different lifestyles.

This will not work because you have different goals, wants, and needs. It’s a red flag for the relationship. 

She has just left a serious relationship 

She has been in a serious relationship and has jumped straight into bed with you. Even if you think her feelings are real, you need to come to terms with the fact that you are probably her rebound.

This is not always the case, sometimes she might have been experiencing relationship difficulties and then she met you and could see a good future with you.

It’s important to communicate honestly with her and see what her motivations are. 

She tells you all her exes were horrible 

Honestly, maybe they were horrible but that only shows that she has a terrible taste in men.

It’s unlikely they were all terrible though and she is probably saying this because her relationships ended badly.

If she is spending her time talking about her exes in this way, it’s a red flag. 

She lies to you, and you caught her

This really is a major red flag. A girl should never lie to you, full stop!

If she has and you have caught her, you are going to find it hard to trust her which is a poor start to any relationship.

You would be much better off cutting off the relationship early than dragging it on and having it full of drama. 

Things can only go her way 

You never get to do anything you want. It’s all about her and every decision made is something that she wants. If you ever want something different, you never get your way.

This shows that she doesn’t really care about you or what you want. It’s all about her and this isn’t a collaborative relationship. 

She is rude to her parents 

If she has always had a troubled relationship with her parents, this is understandable.

If she is just plain rude to them even though they are really nice to her then it shows she has a lack of respect. It’s a red flag guys!

She is obsessive 

It’s nice when a girl likes you and is interested in you. It gets a bit much though when she becomes obsessive.

She needs to know where you are all the time, she non-stop messages you, she stalks you on social media, these are all signs of a woman being obsessed with you.

Obsession turns into control which is something you really want to avoid. 

She never takes responsibility for her behavior 

When she behaves poorly, it is not her fault! It is always someone else’s fault.

This shows lack of accountability which again is another major red flag. 

She is unappreciative 

You do so much for her, and she does so little for you.

When you do things for her, she never appreciates it or says thank you. This is not something you want in a woman.

You want your partner to be so thankful to have you in their life.

You deserve to have a woman that treasures you and appreciates everything you do. 

She uses the L word to early 

You have been dating for a week and she drops the L bomb. It’s too soon and it’s definitely not true.

Love develops over time, it’s not something we feel straight away unless it’s for a new baby being born! She might be saying it because she is worried you will leave her, or she might just want to see what you say. Either way it’s a red flag guys. 

She makes you feel bad about yourself 

You want a partner who lifts you up, not puts you down.

Don’t date someone who makes you feel bad about yourself or leaves you feeling down. If someone is doing this, they are not the person for you.

A woman should never make a man she is dating feel bad about himself and it’s actually a sign of control. 

She puts you on a pedestal 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a woman puts you on a pedestal, it’s also not a good sign. She might think of you as perfect so if you put a foot wrong, she will be really upset about it.

This is also a type of obsessive behavior and again is something that is best avoided. 

She doesn’t respect your boundaries 

Everyone has invisible boundaries in place, lines they won’t cross.

When we enter into a relationship with someone, we communicate our boundaries with them both verbally and subconsciously.

If she is constantly crossing over your boundaries, it shows a lack of respect.

This will continue to happen and is something that will wear you down. 

Your family and friends don’t like her

These are the people that know you the best. They understand who you are as a person and have an idea of who they picture you being with in the future.

If your friends and family tell you that they don’t like the girl you are with, you need to listen to them. 

She has zero work ethic 

She hardly works and when she is working, it’s not hard. This shows that she does not have a great work ethic.

Some people don’t want to work but if you have a great work ethic then it can be hard to date a woman like this. 

She cheated on her last partner before you 

This is a red flag. Even though at the time you might have been really happy because she picked you, it’s still a red flag. You can’t trust that she won’t do it again to you. 

She likes to guilt trip you

She guilt trips you into feeling bad for things you might have done…I say might because you probably have not done them.

She might ask for a new handbag because you said something mean the day before but when you think back you can’t remember saying anything that was mean. This is standard guilt tripping tactics and it’s something that is a red flag.

It’s not something that will just happen once, it happens over and over again in different ways. This type of behavior can lead to lying and so much more. It’s a major red flag that you should try and avoid. 

Your relationship is full of double standards 

She can do something, but you cannot do exactly the same thing. It’s called double standards and it is something that can happen within relationships.

At first you might not really notice it happening but after a while, it could make you deeply unhappy, resentful, and angry.

It’s not what a healthy relationship should consist of. 

She always has work emergencies 

Whenever you have planned a date or have arranged to see each other, a work emergency pops up. She messages you at the last minute and says sorry I can’t make it, something at work has come up!

The truth is unless she is the president of the United States, she probably had a better offer.

Don’t let yourself experience heartbreak, let her go early

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