18 Easy Ways to Make ANY Woman Chase You (How to Make Her Chase You - Powerful Psych Tricks & More)

18 Easy Ways to Make ANY Woman Chase You (How to Make Her Chase You – Powerful Psych Tricks & More)

I think I can speak for most men when I say that it is a man’s dream to have a woman or multiple women chasing them.

Some men always seem to have women chasing them while others are sitting on the side lines wishing it would happen for them.

The great news is it really can happen to all the men on the side lines; they just have to know the secrets that will encourage women to chase men. 

Women can be very confusing and difficult to understand which is why learning these secrets and understanding what you need to do to get them to chase you is so important. In today’s video I am going to reveal 18 secrets that will make women chase men…are you ready? 

What you need to be doing to keep her interested

Make a good first impression 

The first secret is one of the first things you have to do when you meet a woman. If you want her to chase you, you need to be something special.

Women are often used to men chasing them so you need to be able to impress her so that she simply cannot resist you.

The key to doing this is making a good first impression. On average we have about 7 seconds to leave a good impression on someone. That is how long someone will pay attention to us before they make a judgment call on the kind of person, they think we are.

So, you need to make sure that the impression you are giving off is one that will make her think ‘wow I need this guy.’

Focus on being friendly, welcoming and ask about her. This will impress her, and she will consider you a very confident person. 

Always look good when you are around her

You want her to chase you? Well, you need her to find you physically attractive as that is an important part of attraction.

Make sure that if you know you are going to see her, you do your hair, smell nice, shave, or trim your facial hair and dress nicely.

Your clothes should be clean and look nice. Try to avoid wearing old clothes.

If you are looking good, she’ll do a double take when she sees you. 

Show her your mysterious side 

Don’t give everything away too early.

Leave her guessing and wanting more!

Try to avoid some subjects so that she does not learn everything about you upfront.

If you speak in a lower, slower tone she will also think of you as a mysterious person.

Guys are always a bit of a mystery to girls so this will really make her think twice about you. 

Always be confident 

If you want a girl to chase you then you need to be confident in your abilities and show this confidence off.

If she thinks you are a shy or nervous person, then she will avoid chasing you because you would be too easy again. Part of the appeal to girls when it comes to chasing guys is the thrill of the chase.

If you are confident, you are more likely to be hard to get which involves some chasing on a girl’s part. 

Hold back a little 

This again is part of the thrill of the chase. If you instantly show a girl how much you like her and that you love that she chased you, the table flips. Suddenly you have gone from being chased to chasing a girl.

That is why it’s important to hold back a little. Inside you can be so excited but on the outside, you need to stay cool, calm, and collected. Keep your cards close to your chest and don’t give away that this was what you were aiming for.

You want her to be the one that keeps chasing for a while longer. 

Don’t be too clingy 

Girls don’t find it sexy when a guy is clingy, in fact it can be quite a turn off.

If you want to be chased, then you can’t be following her around the club. You need to stand back and let her come to you.

Once you know that she is chasing you, don’t fall into the trap of then being clingy.

Give her space and freedom as it is something a girl looks for in a man. 

Keep any romantic feelings for her a secret early on

Play down any feelings you might have so that she feels as though she needs to keep chasing you.

A girl will stop chasing as soon as she feels comfortable, so you need to keep her guessing for a while longer. 

Become the one who knows her best 

Ask her questions about herself and get to know her so that you can be the person who knows her the best.

A girl will stick with a guy that knows her well as you both have a certain level of trust between you.

She will also start to develop stronger feelings for you because you know her better than anyone else. This is something girls do subconsciously which is why it’s a good tip for chasing.

Be playful with her  

Girls will chase guys that make them feel good. So don’t take life too seriously.

Be playful and have fun with her. Flirting is a good way to be playful or by making fun of her in a not too serious way.

You could also encourage her to arrange fun dates for you both to go on like bowling or going to an arcade together.

This allows you to show her your playful side and she will leave the date high on endorphins. 

Make your hangouts a group affair 

As I have already talked about, you need to keep a girl guessing if you want to be chased.

An effective way to do this is to make your hangouts a group affair. It allows you to both spend time together but without the pressure of being alone and it feeling more like a date.

This way, it’s just friends hanging out but while you are both within the group, she still has the opportunity to try and chase you. She might try to sit next to you or say things that are a little flirty to you.

It makes your situation a little less serious and leaves her wondering if you are just friends or if you maybe have feelings for her which keeps her chasing you. 

Get close to her friends

On the theme of friends, try to get closer to her friends.

This gives you both more opportunities to spend time together but also, she might be worried that you will pick one of her friends over her which will keep her on her toes. 

Be a good listener 

This is another trait that girls look for in a guy. Being a good listener means you can really get to know her, but it also shows her that you care.

Not all guys listen very well to girls or really care what they say so she will be impressed by the fact that you do listen.

Be the one who ends the date 

Doing this shows her that she is the one that is chasing you. Obviously don’t do it in a rude or mean way but ending the date does allow you to have more of the power.

When the date is reaching its natural end, just say “well this has been lovely, and I have had a wonderful time. I actually have to get up early tomorrow morning, so I better be off now”. That is a polite way of being the one that finishes the date first. 

Make her a little jealous if possible 

This one can go so wrong and can turn a girl off so exercise it with caution.

If you can make a girl a little jealous, she is more likely to chase you because you appear to be in hot demand. It could be something as little as talking to a girl that is your friend, in front of her. She doesn’t know that you are just friends or what you are talking about so this can lead to jealousy.

If a girl becomes jealous of a guy, she is often more likely to put effort into winning him over. 

Challenge her subtly 

This is also something that should be done with caution. Try to subtly challenge her when she discusses topics you have an opinion about. If she says something that you do not fully agree with, tell her your opinion, and challenge her on the topic.

This shows her that there could be a fire between you both that she needs to chase. 

Make it as clear as possible that you’re open to a relationship 

You don’t want to be clingy or give everything away, but you do want to make it clear that you are open to the girl you want to chase you and that there is a possibility of a relationship.

This will show her that by chasing you she is not wasting her time. You need to make sure that it is subtle though because you don’t want to give everything away. 

Live your own life

Make sure that you have your own life that makes a girl want to chase you.

Focus on being the best person you can be, on looking after yourself physically, on having a good career and being close with your family and friends.

This will make any girl want to be a part of your life so focus on this rather than on chasing girls. 

Invest in yourself 

Spend some money on nice clothes, on education, on new shoes and on a gym membership. Basically, spend money on things that make you happy and a better person.

Investing in yourself will make you appealing to any girl and will have them lining up to chase you. 

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