Know when to walk away

You NEED To Know When To Walk Away From Someone – Respecting Your Worth (Toxic Relationships & More)

In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how to know when to walk away from a relationship.

Knowing when to walk away is so important.

You don’t want to get stuck in a toxic relationship that brings you down, involving narcissist behavior or gaslighting of you and your emotions.

Women are often told to respect their worth and when to walk away which is why women often do walk away before the guys.

It’s just as important for men to understand when they should walk away though.

Men often feel they should stick around and maybe the relationship will get better.

The truth is, this rarely ever happens, and men waste a lot of time doing this.

So today I’m going to talk you through when you should know when to be walking away.

This all comes back to you respecting your worth and being honest with yourself so that you can leave when it’s no longer a nice place to be.

Know when to walk away

Recognise her patterns 

Does she have toxic patterns? People often find themselves in a situation where their partner has toxic patterns.

They do something toxic, apologize and swear to change and then just do it repeatedly anyway.

Although you might want to believe they are going to change. They are only telling you what you want to hear. Words without action mean nothing. 

Every person has behavioral patterns that they go through over and over again. The difference is that for some people these patterns are cycles of toxic behavior.

You need to look at their patterns and ask yourself “is this toxic behavior? Have they been promising to change but never have?.”

Once you start recognising these toxic patterns, you will start to realize that you need to walk away. 

She has strange relationships with those close to her

Her relationships with people close to her in particular her ex seems to not have boundaries. You feel awkward when you are around them and it makes you feel like you don’t really matter to her.

You start to feel like you are not valued at all, and it makes you sad.

No one should feel this way and no one else should have the power to make someone feel this way. Which is why it is important to recognize that these strange relationships are not normal.

You can ask her to address the way she is acting but if she does not wish to change and you feel uncomfortable then you should walk away.

The real truth is that she probably still likes her ex and is using you as a way to make them jealous.

You don’t want to be the person who she leaves for her ex so it’s better to leave first. 

They try to make you jealous 

You realize that they are constantly trying to make you jealous.

She mentions other guys all the time.

When you are watching TV together she talks about how good looking everyone is. Then when you are both out with her friends you notice that she is very physical with them.

Finally, she constantly talks about her ex’s and all the great things they did together.

She wants you to be jealous. It might be because she wants more attention from you. In that case, you can probably fix the situation.

If, however she is doing it for other reasons it may be because she is wanting to push you away.

You should know that you are worth more than this and it’s time to walk away. 

They don’t treat you well 

Everyone deserves to be loved and treated well.

No one wants to be in a relationship with someone that treats them badly.

If you do everything you can to make her happy and she gives you nothing back then this is simply not good enough.

Every relationship should be 50-50. You can talk to her about her behavior but if she does not change and continues to treat you poorly, it’s probably time to end the relationship. 

They always talk about the future but you don’t move forwards 

They talk about moving in together, future holidays, a wedding, and children but they never actually act on it.

You never move forwards, you find yourself constantly in the same place.

It can really hurt when you have a partner that talks about the future but then never sees it through. You feel as though you are waiting for your time.

You might be getting older and think to yourself, I’ll never get to have children unless I do it soon.

They might not be ready to move forwards but if they are talking about it and then not acting on it, this is toxic behavior.

If you feel as though you are ready to move forwards then it might be time to end that relationship and find someone who is on the same page as you.

They are always the victim 

Even when something is their fault, they are the victim.

They can turn anything around to make it look like it is your fault.

Sometimes you might actually believe that it is your fault instead of it being theirs. You might start to feel like a bad person because they are always crying.

The truth is, they are playing the victim so that they get more attention. This can become really annoying and can start affecting your self-worth

They gaslight you 

Gaslighting is when someone makes you question your own reality. You no longer trust your own thoughts or feelings.

You start to doubt yourself and question everything.

If you start to notice that someone is gaslighting you, you need to get out.

They are very toxic and could seriously damage your mental health. 

You are always having to decode their behavior 

You never really know how they are. One minute they are happy and the next they are angry.

They never tell you why they feel this way and leave you to play guessing games.

Who has the energy to be in a relationship with someone like this? Not you or me. 

They never show any interest in your life

You ask them questions all the time about their career, friends, and family but they never return the favor. They show no interest in your life, it is all about them.

You might end up feeling isolated and like you have no one who cares about you.

This is a horrible feeling and if you do start to feel like this, it is time to walk away. 

They are selfish 

Everything is about them. You wait on them hand and foot, but they will never do anything for you, even if you ask.

Anything they do is because it benefits them which often leaves you confused and hurt.

This does not sound like a good partner to me! 

They don’t like it when you get defensive 

If you ever stick up for yourself, they really don’t like it. They turn it around and blame you instead.

You never get to voice your opinions because you fear how they will react.

This is not normal behavior from your partner. You should be able to talk to them about anything and voice your opinions.

They lie and continue to apologize 

You often catch them in lies and are not sure what to believe anymore. When you do catch them, they say sorry but then they do it again a short time later.

This is not great behavior from someone that you like or even love.

Lying is one of the worst traits your partner can have because you can never truly trust them.

If you start to notice a pattern of lying, you probably won’t be able to trust them again. It is most likely time to walk away. 

They are a hypocrite 

They tell you not to do something and then they do it themselves.

This is very hypocritical behavior, another toxic trait.

They might also talk about your friends to you and criticize things they do only to then do them the very next day.

You don’t want to be around someone like this as it can make you a very negative person.

Know your worth and walk away. 

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