reverse psychology how to make women chase you

Reverse Psychology To Make Her Chase You – Psychological Tricks To Get Women Thinking & Wanting You

Learn how to make a girl chase you by using reverse psychology tricks. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing dating psychology and some little tips you can use to get a girl to chase you. If you’re interested in learning how to get a girl to like you, make her fall for you, and end up chasing you for a change, then today’s video is for you. 

Reverse Psychology To Make Her Chase You

Humans love to feel loved are cared for. Girls don’t “need” men, they can pay their own bills, look after themselves and can do their own DIY. They “want” a man. This is because they want to be loved and cared for. It’s important to them. So although there’s nothing you can do to make them “need” you, you can do things to make them want you. This includes using reverse psychology.

You may have never heard what reverse psychology even is. It is a practice or principle of subtle encouraging a behaviour or belief by advocating its opposite. So, what does this look like in real life? It could be that you really want to go to Italy on holiday. You know that the other person would prefer to go to France. You subtlety start playing Italian music and taking them out for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Suddenly they say, do you know what I think I would rather go to Italy? You say, oh I guess we could go there then. You got what you wanted and the other person, well they don’t realise, it’s even what you wanted. Another example would be suggesting to your best friend that he is always too stingy and would never buy a round of beers at the pub. Next time you go, he buys the first round. 

Reverse psychology is not manipulation. That is never ok in a relationship. It’s a tool that you can use alongside body language, flirting and being yourself to hook a lady in and get her to chase you. It’s every guy’s dream to get a girl to chase him so keep watching to find out how you can make this dream come true. 

Let’s look at some harmless reverse psychology tips and tricks to make a girl chase you…

Giving her space 

I get it, it’s risky…will she ever come back? The answer is probably. Girls hate space. Honestly, I can vouch for this, it drives me wild. Sometimes I will say things like “please go away, I need some space”. I will then be horrified when my guy does just that! Even if he is just in another room, I will wait 5 minutes and then run back to him. I guess chasing him! 

If the lady you have a crush on is a little distant. Give her some space. Don’t make the first move, wait for her to message you to arrange a date. Giving a girl some space also allows you to both miss each other so when you are back together, you will have more to speak about and it will be a lot more interesting. 

Be assertive 

Sometimes when you are first dating a lady, you want to please her. So you let her make all the decisions, arrange all the dates and basically call the shots. This is nice and girls do like it. They also like it when you take charge though and be assertive. Sometimes it is important that you put your foot down, arrange the date first and pick the restaurant. It will let her know that well you have a backbone and that in a relationship, you wouldn’t be a pushover. It also encourages her to take charge more as it is natural for a lady to be the ‘organiser’. She will like it when you take charge but also want to take more of the power back. Meaning she will start being more assertive with you, making the relationship move forward. 

How to get her to compliment you 

There is a classic reverse psychology trick to get a lady to compliment you. You definitely would have used it before maybe without even realising it. When you complain about your outfit or hair, normally a lady will pay you a compliment. An example is: 

When you say, “I am not sure about the colour of this shirt, I think it washes me out”. 

She will reply, “I love that colour on you, you look handsome”. 

Now you know that that shirt looks nice on you, that she thinks your handsome and well it’s always nice to get a compliment, isn’t it! 

You can’t use this trick all the time as it can come across as desperate but every so often, when you need a confidence boost, whip it out. It also shows a girl that you are not afraid to be vulnerable. Girls love someone who can be vulnerable with them. 

Be cool 

Picture this, you are on a date with a girl you have been seeing for a while. She is not being her normal nice self. She is bickering and picking on things you are saying. It would be easy to do what she wants which is for you to fly off the handle. So don’t! Keep cool, calm and collected. Just try to change the subject or avoid falling into her trap. Talk about other things instead like what your plans are for the weekend. If she keeps going just say, “I agree”. It will drive her wild but she will calm down. She will return to her normal, nice self. You have got what you want and she will realise there’s no point in her acting like that. 

Be unpredictable 

Ladies love a man who is unpredictable. They love to be spontaneous and don’t really like routine. If for example you always take her to the same place on a date, she won’t love this. She will know what to expect, the same food, the same chat, it will get old. If you spice things up, take her to the beach on a picnic, the movies another night and then on a hike the next week, she will never know what’s coming next. 

This does go beyond dates though. It’s important to be calm but if let’s say your lady keeps picking arguments with you. Sit her down and ask why is she not happy? Does she need space? Don’t be a pushover but do be respectful. She won’t expect you to talk to her like this and will be taken back. You might notice a shift in her personality or how she acts. 

You can never control a lady, she is independent and her own person. She will do as she likes. With this in mind make sure you also spend time with your own friends and doing things that you like, like playing video games! If a girl really likes you and there is potential for a relationship, it’s really important that you keep being spontaneous so that it does not get boring. 

Become friends with her friends 

Girls love it when guys make an effort with their friends and family. If a girl is being slightly distant from you, becoming friends with her friends can bring her closer. She will love that you are making an effort. It will also make her interested in you.

This is because she will see you chatting to her girlfriends and not want them to steal you. Her brain will suddenly release some chemicals and she will most likely go straight to you and sit down next to you. She might put her arm on you or get closer to you to show that well your hers.

Even if she is really close with her friends and understands that they would never do this to her it’s a natural response. You don’t need to flirt with her friends for this to work. In fact, I would strongly suggest that you don’t (it could give you the opposite effect). Just chat and make a few jokes that will make her friend laugh. She will be running back to you in no time. 

Tell her she is a distraction 

Now you have to be very careful when it comes to this last point. Women only like to not be the centre of your universe if it is because you have goals you are working towards. If you are studying and need to concentrate on a test you are working on, nicely say that unfortunately, you need to focus on that, once you have finished your test, you will contact her again.

She will love that you are focused on your education and driven. It will also drive her wild though because you have other priorities and are giving something else your attention. Play this one right and you will have a lady chasing you! 

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