Girls Do THIS When Physically Attracted to A Guy (Body Language You Can Rely On)

Girls Do THIS When Physically Attracted to A Guy (Body Language You Can Rely On)

Girls are good communicators. They often use their words to communicate with those around them. When it comes to communicating with guys though it’s often their physical body language that can give them away.

Girls are good communicators. They often use their words to communicate with those around them. When it comes to communicating with guys though, it is often their physical body language that gives them away.

If a guy can understand these signs, then he will have more luck than all the men who don’t. When it comes to men, women typically bite their tongue and let their bodies do the talking. 

So, if you want to have more luck with the ladies then you need to know these magical signs.

Luckily, I am going to share them with you in today’s video! Are you ready to find out what girls do when they are physically attracted to a guy?

Body Language Signs She Is Physically Attracted To A Guy

She gets you to touch her

This sign will have you thinking about all your past dates.

A girl might be physically attracted to a guy, but she might not feel as though she is brave enough to make the first move. She does not want to be the one to make it, but she also doesn’t want to have to wait around for you to make it.

So, what does she do? She gets you to touch her instead. Girls can do this very subtly without you even realizing they are doing it.

She might put her arm on the table because it is an easy part to touch. She might move her leg closer to you or lean in so that you can touch her.

You might not even realize that she is doing this so that you will touch her, but she is. 

She leans towards you while you are speaking 

When a girl leans in close it can feel like a magnetic force. Girls will often lean towards a guy that they are attracted to while he is speaking.

You might notice that you also do this when a girl is speaking to you. It’s partly so that she can show you she is listening to you, is interested in you and so that she can be close to you. 

She exposes her neck, ankles, and wrists 

This sign might sound a little old fashioned, but it is actually still very relevant.

Men still find women’s necks, ankles, and wrists very attractive. In Roman times, women were instructed to cover these areas of their bodies to help men avoid temptation and sometimes this still happens in the world today.

This is because men are still attracted to these parts, so women still expose them when they want to attract a man. To get your attention she might wear sleeves that stop just above her wrist or jeans that cut off at her ankles. When she is talking to you, she might also stretch out her neck to bring attention to it.

She will do something to make you notice her

She might have spotted you, but you haven’t seen her yet.

As she finds herself feeling physically attracted to you she wants to do something so that you will notice her.

She might laugh or talk loudly so that you look around. She could also try and catch your eye from across the bar. Girls will do all sorts of things to make a guy notice them but only if they think he is physically attractive.

Remember at this stage all she knows about you is what you look like. So, it is physical attraction that is driving her to make these advances on you. 

She will give you hints

Girls are the queens of dropping hints. Girls will often drop hints into a conversation with guys. They might be something like “I have been searching for a long time for someone like you” or “I think you are husband material.”

Hints are not always verbal though. They could do this physically by increasing the amount they touch you. They might also laugh more at your jokes then they normally would.

Sometimes guys can easily notice these hints but other times, you might need to focus on what she is saying and doing to see what she really means. 

She gets lost looking at you

Do her eyes get lost when she is looking at you? Eye contact is a good sign, and it is also a sign of respect between two people.

If you notice her eyes drifting down to your body or up to your lips while you are speaking to her, it’s a sign of physical attraction. She is checking out your body so that she can see if you look as good up close.

Girls like it when men do this back to them as it shows that the man is also interested in them. 

You can hear it in her voice

When a man likes a woman, he will start acting more masculine. He might lower his voice and start doing things that are considered stereotypical manly.

Women do the same thing except they do the opposite. They start acting in a more feminine way and their voice gets softer.

She will have a lower, softer voice and she might also speak slower. You might not even realize this until you hear her talking normally to some friends. 

She makes the move to kiss you

Girls do not normally make the first move. They normally leave it to the guys, even in today’s world! Which is why if she makes the first move to kiss you, it means that she is really attracted to you.

It might be a quick peck on the lips or a longer, more passionate kiss. This lady isn’t waiting around and is willing to make the first move.

Physically and mentally she is attracted to you if she lands the first kiss. 

She invites you over to her place

Things are hotting up. When it is the first time going to each other’s house, a girl would rather take a guy back to their house rather than go back to a guy’s house. This is because she feels safer in her own home.

Girls need to develop a lot of trust between themselves and a man before it reaches this point.

If she invites you over, it shows that things are hotting up but also that she has connected to you and trusts you. 

She starts playing with her lips 

As I mentioned earlier in the video, girls don’t always want to make the first move. Sometimes they really want the guy to make a move.

If they want you to kiss them, they will make this clear by playing with their lips. A girl might bite her lip or run her finger over them. She will encourage your eyes down to her lips so that you cannot resist them. This is subconscious behavior so she might not even realize that she is doing it. 

She starts a conversation with you

Just like girls don’t like to make a move, they also don’t like to be the ones to start a conversation. If she is doing this, it is a good sign!

It shows that she is interested in getting to know you more and wants to make a good impression. She might flick her hair flirtatiously while she talks to you, or you might catch her looking you up and down.

She is physically attracted to you and a conversation is a great chance for her to see if she is attracted to your personality.

This is your time to shine and show her how great you are! 

You catch her looking at you 

It does not matter if she is looking you straight in the eye, or looking you up and down, girls don’t just look at guys for no reason.

They look at you because they find you attractive physically.

She might look at you so quickly, you nearly miss it. Really it doesn’t matter how she looks at you or how quickly she does it, it’s a sign that you should take notice of.

It might be time to make your move

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