10 Body Language Signs They Have a Crush on You & Like You A LOT!

10 Body Language Signs They Have a Crush on You & Like You A LOT!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could tell that someone has a crush on you without you actually having to ask them? Well, the good news is that you can, it just takes some time and the ability to study the other person closely.

Now we can tell so much just from studying someone else’s body language. Reading someone else’s body language shows us how they are feeling. For example, if they are shy or if they are a confident person, if they dislike us or if they like us.

So today I’m going to explain the 10 main body language signs that proves they have a crush on you. And if you spot another person displaying these signs towards you well it is a very good thing.

Body language signs they have a crush on you

What happens to us when we get a crush 

When we get a crush on somebody, we often believe that we are not acting any differently. In our minds we think we are just being ourselves, but in reality, we are acting very differently.

It could be that we find ourselves talking faster or using more hand gestures. This is because we are nervous around the person, we have a crush on. We want them to like us back and that makes us act a little differently.

These changes are why we can tell if someone likes us by studying their body language.

They display open body language 

We should probably start by learning what closed body language is. This is when someone crosses their arms or legs, puts their head down and does not make eye contact. Basically, they don’t want anything to do with you, they don’t want to speak to anyone, and they do not look approachable.

Open body language is when you look welcoming. When you uncross your arms and legs, look someone straight in the eye and smile at them. This is all open body language.

This open body language makes you look far more approachable and engaging and shows the other person that you are available to talk and it’s a good sign.

They maintain eye contact

When someone looks you in the eye and maintains eye contact, it is a sign that they like you.

If they are speaking to someone and their eyes are darting around everywhere it might be because they are nervous to be around you, or it could be because they are bored.

What you need to be looking for is strong eye contact, right in the eyes and glances as you are walking towards them. This is the type of eye contact someone gives their crush when they have feelings for them. 

They mirror you 

Mirroring is a type of behavior that is like copying really. We often mirror people’s body language and pick up common things they say when we have a crush on them.

You might find yourself picking up your glass when your crush picks up theirs or saying some catchphrase they say because you like it when they say it.

If your crush starts mirroring you then it is a sign they have a crush on you. They are mirroring the parts of your behavior that they find most attractive, so make sure to do more of that type of behavior in front of them. 

They expose their necks and wrists 

To grab the attention of their male crush they expose their necks and wrists.

This is something that most females do to males when they are like them. She does not mean to do these things and doesn’t do them thinking this will attract him. They are things that ladies did back in time and continue to do subconsciously today.

They might wear a dress that goes down around their necks so that their full neck is exposed. Their sleeves may also not be full length so as to expose their wrists.

These are old techniques that still attract men today. 

They give you genuine smiles 

They say that a smile is the biggest compliment you can receive.

If someone likes you then they won’t be able to wipe the smile off their face. It is important to take a moment and ask yourself if it is a genuine smile or if they are smiling because they feel awkward.

Your crush will also smile when you are not around if they really like you. You could simply send them a text message and it will make them smile. When we make someone else smile, we often smile. It is an endless circle of smiles and good feelings! 

They lean forwards towards you 

Whether you are sitting or standing with them, you notice them leaning in towards you. As they are speaking, they lean in and listen to everything you have to say.

It might happen while you are having a drink or a snack at the table. They might even reach over and touch your arm or leg.

This is because they want to be close to you and start breaking the touch barrier between you both. It shows that things are really heating up. 

They act nervous and squirm around in their seat 

You are out for dinner, and you notice them squirming around in their seats. Fiddling with the wrapper on their drink and looking down. You might wonder whether they like you or not because of how they are acting.

The truth is they probably do like you. They are just nervous to be around you and are showing it physically through their body language.

This would be a great time to reassure them that they don’t need to be nervous at all around you. All you need to do is say something like “I was nervous as well before the date but now I am with you, I feel fine”.

This shows them that you were nervous so they have nothing to worry about and it tells them that you are comfortable with them so they can be comfortable with you. 

They fix themselves up around you

As you walk towards each other, you notice that they fix themselves up and start playing with their hair.

They want to look their best when you look at them for that moment. So, they make sure they look their best by straightening themselves up and getting everything in order.

We all do this subconsciously because we want to look perfect for the person we have a crush on. Have you ever noticed someone doing this as you walk towards them? 

They tilt their heads towards the side during the conversation 

This is something that both humans and dogs do. They tilt their heads when they are listening to someone speak.

It shows that they are finding the conversation interesting and want to really listen to what the other person is saying. People often do it when they want the other person to know that they are really interested in what they are saying.

This type of body language is something that we would normally notice ourselves doing and we would pick up on others doing it as well. 

They point their feet in the direction of you

When you are talking to someone, take a moment to look at their feet. Are they facing in your direction? If they are, it is a sign that they like you.

We face our feet towards the person we like, kind of like a bottle in the game spin the bottle. It is something that happens instinctively, and we don’t even realize that we are doing it.

It is a useful piece of body language though because you can look at a crush and see what they are doing with their feet if you are not sure how they feel about you. 

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