body language women use to flirt with guys

Body Language Women Use To Flirt With Guys / 15 Female Signs Of Attraction You Don’t Want To Miss

How do girls flirt? In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some female body language signs of attraction. It’s not always easy to tell if a woman is flirting with you and if she’s attracted to you.

Sometimes women can use such subtle flirting techniques that they go un-noticed and under your radar. But if you truly want to know if a girl likes you and is interested in you then it pays to know how to tell when she’s flirting with you and the body language she will use.

Body Language Women Use To Flirt With Guys

Learning about a woman’s body language is the first step to understanding ladies. Men often study a ladies body language so they can tell if they like them or if they are flirting with the guy. Once you are in a relationship, understanding a ladies body language also helps you interpret her moods. Which is very important to a lady.

If you are wondering, does she like me? It’s time to learn about how women use body language to flirt with guys. You will be clued up and instantly know if a lady is interested. 

Women’s body language 

Traditionally ladies will be shy with their body language when they first meet someone. They might make themselves smaller on purpose until they warm up to you. Learning about body language will give you the tools to fully understand women. 

Tilting heads 

Ladies tilt their heads to show you that they are listening. Women especially do it when they are speaking to someone with authority which they could feel is you. If she is flirting with you, she might feel as though you have the upper hand and will feel vulnerable. Ladies also like men to feel like they are in control so this is a way of showing men that the lady is being submissive. If you are out on a date and you notice that she is tilting her head while she speaks to you, she may be flirting with you. 


Smiling is a form of body language. If you are speaking to a lady that you like and she keeps smiling at you, she is flirting with you. If it is paired with head tilts, hair flicking and playing with her purse, she is most definitely flirting. I went on a date with a guy recently and we didn’t even have to tell each other that we liked each other. I was smiling from ear to ear and the guy naturally knew that I was interested. 


Nodding during a conversation is another way ladies flirt with you. They will nod while you are talking to show you that they are listening and interested in what you are saying. It’s also a way of them encouraging you to keep speaking. Ladies like it when a man leads the conversation. Nodding is their way of telling you to keep going, take charge and that they are flirting with you. 

Leaning towards you 

Ladies will lean towards you while you are speaking and while they are speaking if they are flirting with you. You might notice that you are chatting about something and suddenly the lady is closer to you, looking into your eyes. This is her way of showing you that she is interested in you and is flirting. She also might lean towards you while she is walking. Keep an eye out for this type of body language. 

Hand gestures 

Women are very expressive. They speak with their hands when they are excited. When a lady uses hand gestures, she is expressing her emotion, she is trying to take control of the situation and she wants to be taken seriously. If you are on a date and a lady is using hand gestures to animate a conversation she is flirting with you through her body language. 

Eye contact 

Eye contact is a major form of flirty body language. If a lady is looking you in the eye while you speak or you catch her looking at you from across the room, she is flirting with you. If you like her as well, make sure to maintain eye contact with her. She will be reading your body language just like you are reading hers. Plus eye contact is super sexy. 

Eye blinking 

You might notice that sometimes ladies blink their eyes a lot. This is a type of body language they use when they flirt. It might be off-putting sometimes but just remember it is something ladies do when they are flirting and attracted to the person they are with. 

Licking or biting their lips 

When a lady really wants you to kiss her or when she is thinking about kissing you, she will lick or bite her lips. This is quite a sexual way of flirting and it means that she most definitely likes you. She might slightly lick her lips when she is listening to you talk, this is her way of drawing your attention to her lips. When she bites her lips she is normally picturing you both kissing. If you notice this and you think she most definitely likes her, it’s your opportunity to kiss her. She will be on cloud nine afterwards and be so impressed that you knew she wanted you to kiss her. 

Hair flip 

Ladies will flip their hair when they are flirting. This is something they just do without thinking about it. It’s to show you their neck which is a very sexy part of the body. Hair flicking is something a lady will only do around a guy she is really attracted to

Raised eyebrows 

I raise my eyebrows when I am really interested in what someone is saying or when I am flirting with someone. It is a very subtle body language technique so you will need to study your lady to pick up on this one. You might notice while you are speaking that her eyebrows are slightly raised or when she is laughing this might happen. When paired with some of the other types of body language mentioned above, this can be a very good sign. 


This is a difficult one as ladies wear blushers now. But if you go on a walk and she is bare-faced, take notice of her cheeks. Is she blushing while she speaks to you? This is a major sign that she is a little taken back by you, she is attracted to you and wants you to flirt back. If you notice this, you will know that it’s time to make your move

Feet pointing 

Both men and women point their feet at people they are attracted to. It’s something we automatically do without even thinking about it! Make sure to look at her feet under the table and see if they are pointing towards you. Guys, make sure you do this without her noticing though. She might think it’s a bit strange if you are looking at her feet! 

Speed of movement 

Take note of how fast the lady you are let’s say, on a date with is moving. If she is moving really quickly, she might be quite nervous. If she is moving slowly, she probably feels really comfortable in your company. This is a good sign. If she is moving quickly, try and make her feel comfortable. Maybe say “are you as nervous as I am?”. She will laugh and you will notice that she starts to move more slowly. 

Touching you 

When she is making hand gestures she might touch your arm or shoulder. This is her showing you that she is interested. She wants to be close to you but she also wants to make it clear that she is flirting with you. Return her touch by brushing her arm with your hand or placing a hand on her thigh. This will drive her wild and she will be so excited. 


Does she pick up her glass when you pick up yours? This is called mirroring. We do it when we are around people we like. We pick up some of the languages they used and we might even change our tone of voice to match theirs. It’s natural and is endearing. If you notice that your lady is doing this and wondering, does she like me? The answer is yes yes yes! 

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