Signs of sexual attraction in body language

12 Body Language Signs of Sexual Attraction – The Hidden Signals Someone Likes You!

Learn how to spot sexual attraction in body language! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing body language, how to tell if someone likes you sexually by paying attention to their body language!

When it comes to attraction and seduction our body language can end up giving away a lot of clues about how we feel for someone. You’ve probably experienced some of these yourself when you see someone you like, you may start adjusting your look or mirroring them, these are all clues you can look for to figure out if someone is attracted to you in a sexual way.

Sexual attraction is a special type of feeling. It’s like an atmosphere in the air that’s between two people, that atmosphere, it’s electric and very exciting. It’s an interesting type of feeling though because it doesn’t just hang in the air.

You can actually see it as well through the power of body language and of course being able to spot sexual attraction and body language is actually a good way to know if someone is interested in you and if they are flirting.

The biggest question of today is what does that actually look like? So today I’m going to be telling you about the different types of body language that can show up in sexual attraction. And after hearing the different types you might think to yourself, I think that girl did like me after all.

Signs of sexual attraction in body language

Licking lips 

You might not notice that you do it, but we often stare at other people’s lips.

We might not necessarily at that moment be thinking about kissing them but subconsciously we probably are. The lips tell us a lot about a person according to how they look after them.

We are more likely to want to kiss lips that look smooth and clean.

When we are on a date, we spend a lot of the time looking at someone’s lips while they talk. Lips are extremely important when it comes to dating and romance. Which is why it makes sense that it would be an important part of sexual attraction.

You can often spot sexual attraction in body language when someone licks their lips. A girl might lick her lips to draw your attention to them or while she is flirting with you. She could also subtly do it after she eats.

Keep an eye out for this type of body language whenever you are with a girl, it could be a sign that she is strongly sexually attracted to you

Hip movements 

Girls are born with more pronounced hips than men. This is because of childbirth but over time they have become a sexualised part of the body. Which is why girls often use them to their advantage.

Hip movement is a form of body language, and it is something that girls often do when they are sexually attracted to a guy. They might move their hips towards you or push them into you which pushes you both close together.

She might also tap your hip with hers in a flirty way. Girls do this to tease guys and get them excited. She is showing you that she is sexually attracted to you.

So next time you are around a girl remember that her hips don’t lie. 

Eye and facial movements

Eye contact is one of the main types of body language that you can use to spot sexual attraction.

You might notice a girl is really looking at you while you talk, or she might catch your eye from across the room. She wants your attention and is also interested in everything you have to say.

When you use eye contact correctly you can help increase the level of sexual attraction in the air.

The same goes for facial movements. This one is quite simple to understand. If she looks disinterested then she probably is. If she is looking happy or if she is hard to read it might be because she is sexually attracted to you and she is showing you through her facial movements and most likely her eye contact as well.

Girls are particularly good at displaying their emotions on their faces.


A nice smile goes a long way.

When you think of sexual attraction you might not think of smiling. Instead, you might be thinking about a sexier almost puzzled look. Yes, these are often used but so is smiling.

If a girl is smiling when she is around you then it is because she is happy to be near you! This is a great sign, and she might be laughing a lot as well, which shows that she is happy in your company. It might not be seen as ‘sexy,’ but it is a great sign that she is attracted to you.

Making a girl smile is step one into getting her interested in you. 

Leaning in 

This is something that both men and woman do when they are sexually attracted to someone and flirting with them. They lean their bodies in closer and closer until they are touching.

You might be talking, and she leans in as if she needs to so that she can listen closely to what you have to say. She can most likely hear you quite well from where she is sitting, she just wants to be close to you which is a nice feeling right?

She might also lean in for a kiss or sit really close to you so that you both need to touch.

Basically, when it comes to body language and sexual attraction, the closer two people can get, the better! 

Head tilting 

Girls often tilt their heads when they are listening to someone speak that they like. It’s a way of showing the other person that they are listening to what they have to say.

It makes girls look quite cute and flirty which is the impression they want to give off. If they do this, on some level they are trying to impress you and get you to like them.

It might sound like a strange way to do it, but it does work, and men seem to love it. Next time you are flirting with a girl, take note and see if she is tilting her head while you speak to her.


This one is quite hard to spot these days.

You used to be able to see a girl blush, and men would be able to see it because they did not have make up on.

Today girls wear a lot of makeup, and they even wear blush which makes it quite hard to spot. Sometimes though, you might catch a girl on a makeup free day.

A good way to make a girl blush is to compliment her, this will often make her cheeks flush a little bit. Blushing is something a girl’s body does automatically when she is a little embarrassed.

This is not a bad thing, it just shows that she is flattered by what you have said.

Girls will often blush around guys that they really like and are sexually attracted to. 

Faster heart beating and breathing 

You might need to be really close to a lady to hear this one.

If you are kissing or hugging, you might notice that you can hear her heart beating really fast and she might be breathing quickly and heavily.

She is most likely swept up in the moment, is excited but also nervous. The body does all these things when she starts to feel like this. In her mind, things are getting hot and heavy.

She is excited but also nervous about what is to come. This is a great sign that sexual tension is in the air. 

Speed of movement 

If a girl is waving her arms around and moving quickly then she is probably very nervous and may be in a situation that she does not want to be in.

Girls will often display slower arm gestures and hand gestures when they are feeling comfortable in a situation.

If a girl is comfortable that is often when sexual attraction can develop. You might notice that she gently and slowly places her arm on your shoulder. This shows that she is comfortable around you which will allow sexual attraction to work. 

Hair touching 

Girls touch their hair a lot when they are flirting with a man. She might flick it back over her shoulder or twirl it around her fingers. It can actually become distracting because she does it so much. She is not really meaning to do it, it’s subconscious but what it should tell you is that she likes you and is flirting with you.

Take that as a hint that you can start moving towards sexual attraction. 


We often mirror people’s behavior when we like them, we don’t mean to do it, it just happens.

We might start using slang words that they use or pick up our glass at the same time they pick up theirs.

It can be hard to notice, but next time you are with a girl keep an eye out for it. It’s a sign that she likes you in a very romantic way. 

Moments of touching 

Have you ever had a girl touch you and it feels like there are little electric sparks flying?

Those small often quick moments of touching during the sexual attraction phase are magical and something that both guys and girls feel.

A girl will touch you every so often if she is sexually attracted to you or if she likes you. She might place her hand on your thigh, hold your hand for a moment, touch your shoulder or even just move closer so that your elbows can touch.

However she touches you, get ready for that magical electric moment. 

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