Sexual chemistry girls love

Girls Love THIS Sexual Chemistry

Learn about sexual chemistry with a woman!

When you have sexual chemistry with someone it makes you feel a little bit giddy and like you’re on top of the world. And it’s not just men that love the sexual chemistry it’s those ladies as well. They love certain parts of sexual chemistry which is what I’m going to tell you about in today’s video.

Once you understand the 11 types of sexual chemistry that girls love, you can make sure that you both have more of it.

This will help you move it from just sexual chemistry into something more. And if you offer a girl the type of sexual chemistry that she loves and she’s looking for, well you will have a lot more luck with the ladies.

Sexual chemistry girls love

You both smile at each other a lot

When the sexual chemistry with someone is electric, you will find that you cannot stop smiling at each other.

It doesn’t matter what you are talking about, she will be flashing a smile your way.

We smile when we are attracted to someone and when there is also sexual chemistry we will often use a smile as a tool when flirting.

This helps to pump up the heat and you might notice that she does it and loves it when you do it.

Smiling won’t need to be something you really need to think about if the sexual chemistry is there, it will just be natural. 

You also both laugh a lot 

What goes great with smiling? Laughing of course! Girls love it when laughing ignites sexual chemistry.

Without both being able to laugh with and at each other, you might feel as if something is missing. When you can both sit there for hours and laugh with each other about nothing, well it’s magic and everything feels right.

Laughing is a great way to create sexual chemistry and if you are both laughing a lot already, it’s a good sign. 

Your friends start to pick up on it 

You’re both around your friends. Maybe you are all hanging out together or catching a movie. When your girl leaves, your friends start saying things like “you are both very flirty” or “get a room.”

This is your friends picking up that you both have sexual chemistry which might help you recognize that you do.

Girls love it when you tell them that your friends have noticed this. It makes them feel special and also shows them that you are thinking about them in this way. If you weren’t then you would not have mentioned it.

Your friends recognizing that you both have something more than just a friendship is important to a girl, and she needs to know so that she can make more moves. 

You’re both sustaining eye contact 

When you both talk to each other, there are no wandering eyes.

You look straight at her and she looks straight at you. Neither of you can look away. It feels like she can see straight into your soul, and it makes you both very giddy.

When it comes to sexual chemistry, you have to have eye contact. It can really seduce a lady but also make it clear that you like her.

You might sustain eye contact during an important conversation but do short, flirty glances from across the room. A bit of both is important for it to be successful. 

She will comment on how you smell 

Smell is a huge part of sexual chemistry. We have a biological response to how someone smells. We literally love how our lover smells and can’t get enough.

She will probably love the smell of your aftershave but it’s your natural smell that she will be obsessed with. She will subconsciously be able to smell it and make it out.

She might comment on how great you smell even when you are not wearing any aftershave. If she says this to you then you know that it is more than friendship, she feels the sexual chemistry between you both.

Smells are extremely erotic so if she is telling you often that she loves how you smell, it might be because she wants a little more of you. 

You stand close to each other while talking 

We respect other people’s personal space by standing further from them.

This is a normal type of human behavior.

The only time we don’t do this is when we really like someone. Then we can’t get close enough to them.

You might be getting close side by side or face to face. Whichever way it is, it’s because the sexual chemistry is real.

The closer you are to each other, the easier it is to kiss which is what you both want. 

She angles her body towards you 

Girls will turn their bodies towards you when they are talking or in a social situation with you.

This shows you that they like you and that there is sexual chemistry there. It’s a natural thing that we all do when we are attracted to someone.

If you spot this, you know where you stand and can dial up the heat a little. 

The conversation is flirty 

It goes from talking about your jobs to flirting up a storm in 5 minutes.

This is what sexual chemistry does. Flirting is really important when it comes to creating sexual chemistry.

Without it, you simply won’t have any chemistry. You need to make sure that in the early stages, you are both flirting with each other because then you know that you are not wasting your time.

Flirting with a girl that you like is so much fun but remember not to overdo it or offend her by making your flirting to sexual.

Girls like some teasing but not outright sexual innuendos. 

Your conversations feel a little awkward

This might sound like a strange thing to say because we are discussing sexual chemistry.

The last thing you want is for something to be awkward. It’s natural though at the beginning when you are both getting to know each other for things to be a little awkward.

You are both making polite conversation when you would really like to say, “I would like to rip your clothes off.” You don’t know if it is too soon though or how the girl would feel about this. So instead, you both muddle through other conversations until one person is brave enough to suggest something more.

It’s normal to go through this but just remember to keep going and not give up. Good things will come your way. 

You both feel physically drawn to each other

It’s hard to explain but when you are together, it’s like you need to be close together.

You are both magnets and you are drawn together. If you notice that no matter the situation you and a girl end up being right next to each other this is probably a sign that you are meant to be close together.

We are often physically drawn to a person that we are attracted to. You also might notice that she is always reaching out to touch your shoulder or your arm, this is a great sign and you should do it back to her. 

Keep an eye on which girls you always end up around because these might be the best ones to start creating sexual chemistry with. 

You can’t keep your hands off each other

These are the good things I promised would come your way. After you have gone through the slightly awkward phase, everything looks up!

You will both suddenly not be able to keep your hands off each other. Even when you are around friends and family, you find yourself with your hand on her thigh at dinner.

As soon as you are both alone, it’s instant chemistry. You can both barely contain yourselves when you are around each other. This is sexual chemistry and what girls love. 

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