How to get women to approach you

Do “THIS” From Now On – How To Get Women To Approach You First – You Don’t Even Have To Speak!

Learn how to get women to approach you in today’s video where we reveal some useful tips and tricks you can use to get girls to come to you first! Today’s video covers a variety of tips, many of which don’t even require any speaking, much of it is about how you make yourself appear, your body language, showing your high value self etc.

Would you like to get a woman to approach you? Instead of you having to approach them all the time? Well it’s going to save you time and energy, plus it would make you look like a high value guy, which will make you even more popular with other ladies. It’s the dream really right, when it comes to women and dating in general? The good news is gents, that it is possible, but you just need to learn how to do it. And today’s video is just for that, I’m going to show you how to get a woman to approach you. So you are about to learn how to be catnip to the ladies!

How to get women to approach you first

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Always dress well 

The better you dress, the more luck you will have with the ladies. The truth is that although some men dress well, most of them do not. They don’t understand how to dress themselves so that it suits their body type or what looks cool on them. 

Women are naturally attracted to men who dress well and they are more likely to approach men who dress well so it’s worth putting in some effort.

If you don’t dress well, you might need some help. You could ask someone in your family or a friend to help you out. If you don’t have luck there then you could hire a personal stylist to help you out.

Spend some time looking through fashion magazines and on the internet to get a clear picture of the latest fashion trends and see if any of them would suit you.

You will need a casual outfit, some smart outfits and some basics. 

Don’t forget your shoes, make sure they are clean and new if possible. Shoes are one of the first things that women notice when they meet a man. 

Remember to eat healthy and be fit 

Now that you have your outfits sorted, you need to make sure your body looks it’s best. Women are more likely to approach a guy that is physically fit. You should eat a balanced diet, a mix of protein and vegetables. Try not to overdo it with too much alcohol or junk foods. You should also stay fit by going to the gym or doing a sport that you enjoy.

This will make your body look good. It will also help your confidence levels rise which is important, it will make you happier and much more approachable. Once you are dating the girl, you will also have some healthy habits which she will be impressed by and you will have something to keep you busy, the gym!  

Smell nice 

Women are attracted to men that smell nice. They like men who wear nice smelling cologne. She will be able to smell it when she walks past you or you walk past her.

If you struggle to pick a cologne that suits you then ask a shop assistant to help you. They can match you to one that sits well on your skin and will make you irresistible to any woman who is close to you. 

Speak a little louder than normal 

You want to be noticed by the girl so that she will approach you. Of course you will be looking the part which is a good start.

You want to grab her attention though and a great way to do this is by lowering your voice a little. Men typically have lower voices than women which women find really attractive. Some voices however are higher than others.

To get a girl to approach you, speak a little louder than you normally would especially if you are in a bar or restaurant. You don’t want to yell or try to draw too much attention to yourself. It needs to be the perfect amount. She will notice you straight away and be able to hear you really clearly. 

Have fun! 

If you are out at a social occasion or you are in a group situation and you want a girl to approach you. There’s a simple thing you can do that will get her to pay attention to you, have fun!

When we are having fun, we are more likely to look confident, happy and relaxed all at the same time.

This is when a girl is more likely to really want you. She will notice the lines on your face as you smile and how confident you are when you speak, all the attractive things! Having fun is one of the best things you can do to get a girl to approach you. 

Always be approachable 

Guys who appear too cocky or closed off are not the ones girls are going to approach. Girls want approachable guys. Women are naturally shy and it is a big step for them to approach a guy, especially because society tells them that guys should approach them. So they want to be really sure that a guy is going to be nice to them when they do approach him. 

That’s why you need to always be approachable. You need to be open with your body language and look kind by smiling. Remember to uncross your arms and keep your back up straight.

Try to chat to other people in the room so that she knows that you are approachable. It is often easier for someone to approach you if they see other people talking to you. 

Use the power of body language 

When it comes to getting a lady to approach you, you should take full advantage of your body language.

You should display open body language which means uncrossing your arms, keeping your neck and back up straight and standing with your arms by your sides.

All of these things help you to appear confident and approachable. 

You should also use your power of eye contact. Glance at her from across the room and catch her eye. Also looking at her when she is not looking will make her feel like someone is watching her and she will naturally look at you, it’s something strange we do as humans! After a few locked eye moments, she will be sure to come over to you. 


You are never fully dressed without a smile! Smiling makes you more approachable, confident and happy. All things a girl wants to see in a man before she approaches him.

Try to smile as much as you can and smile whenever you look at her. When she does approach you, show her how happy you are that she has come to see you. That way she will know that you are interested in her as well. Try to flirt a little with your smile so that she knows you are into her, 

Try out the look

Ohh the famous look. When she looks over your way, look back at her, smile slightly and then keep talking to whoever you are talking to. Do this a few times to show her how confident you are.

It gives off a good impression, you look confident and nice. If you want her to feel as though she can approach you, then you want to look nice. 

There is one other more flirty look you can try out after she has approached you. It’s a slight smirk with your eyes looking at her. It’s seriously very sexy and girls love it. 

Be there so she does not have to search for you. 

At this point you are only trying to get her to approach you. So, you don’t need to be there to listen to her life problems or to help her move her house. Just be there when she is coming over and try to be around her so that she does not need to search for you. This will make it so much easier for her to approach you. 

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