Girls Do THIS When Trying To Seduce A Guy – The Subtle Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You (WATCH NOW)

Learn how to tell if a girl is seducing you. In today’s video we’re going to discuss some of the common signs of seduction that you can look out for on a woman who is interested in you

You may be interested in some of the following topics: How to tell if a girl likes me, signs a girl is flirting with you, how to tell if a girl is interested in you, and many more along a similar theme. Today’s video is all about seduction signs, the type of signs a girl will emit when she really likes a guy.

It is not only the guys that do the seducing, believe it or not girls often seduce guys. They are a lot more subtle about it, and it goes very unnoticed, easily missed. So it’s important for you to know what to look out for when a girl is trying to seduce you. If you’ve ever been on a date and thought to yourself “not sure if she’s trying to seduce me right now” the answer probably was a yes. Our intuition is almost always correct, but we do double guess at times. So today’s video we are going to look at what girls do when they are trying to seduce a guy, so that the next time you are on a date, or out somewhere, you know what to look out for.

Is she seducing me?

They suddenly want to be your friend

When ladies want to seduce a guy, they will start by being their friend. If they laid all their cards on the table at the beginning, they are at greater risk of failure. Which is something they want to avoid because women do embarrass easily. You might notice that they start by being friendly with you. Joking around with you and wanting to spend more time with you. Sometimes this can seem very natural because you have gained a new friend! Other times you may have seen the lady around the office for example for a few years and then all of a sudden she wants to be your friend, confusing right? This is just their way of getting close to you so they can get to know you better and you can get to know them on a more personal level before they start making their move. 

The disarming stage

You are already friends and so step 1 has been achieved by the lady. Now she wants you to think she is the perfect lady for her. You might notice that she is spending a lot more time with you. She will most likely share the same hobbies as you and have similar interests. Maybe you love playing golf and mention it to her. The next time that you meet she might suggest you play a round of golf because she loves playing as well. Now, this could be true but it’s highly unlikely to be. She simply wants to make it seem like she shares the same hobbies and interests as you. This is because she wants to spend more time with you and she wants you to think ‘wow, this woman is perfect for me’. This might sound manipulative and well, it is a little! It’s also really sweet though because it shows how much effort she is willing to put in just to seduce you. She will spend a while in this stage without asking you directly on a date or telling you that she likes you. It might just seem like friendship to the untrained eye when in real life, it’s so much more! 

The attack

Now that you are established friends and you have a lot in common she knows that you are more likely to have feelings for her. Which means it is time for her to attack. She will risk it all to show you how she feels about you. She might invite you to dinner and tell you honestly that she likes you or she might try and kiss you while you are out doing something. She is being really brave by doing this so try to be kind if you don’t feel the same way. Explain that you like her as a friend and want to carry on your friendship but that’s all. She will understand but may not want to remain friends. If you feel the same way well that’s great! 

She will suddenly spend a lot of time with you

When a lady is trying to seduce you, she will suddenly want to spend a lot of time with you. She might have ignored you in the past and suddenly invite you to events or arrange meetings that you will both be in. This is a typical sign of seduction and also a sign that she has developed feelings for you. 

She will always be around you

If you work together you might notice that she is at your desk a lot more asking your questions or for help with her work. If you share the same friends when you are all doing something you might notice she is always next to you. This is a common sign of seduction. She might not realise she is doing it but if she does, she knows that being around you more will catch your attention and might lead to more.

She will message you more often 

When a lady seduces you, she often also likes you and will want to be around you as much as possible. When you are not together she will message you frequently and reply quickly. This can just be a sign that she really likes you or that she wants to seduce you. Either way, if you like her, this is a positive sign. 

She will compliment you often 

If she is trying to seduce you, she will compliment you often and notice small changes you make. She might notice your new haircut or a new jumper you have bought. She is studying you so that she can know everything about you which makes it easier for her to notice new things. This is not her being creepy, she is trying to be nice so that you know that she likes you. 

She will dress up for you 

The art of seduction starts with what you are wearing. You will notice that she always looks nice when she is around you and is well put together. Once she has reached the ‘attack’ stage, you might meet for a date and she will wear something sexy. When a lady is trying to seduce you, she will never simply wear jeans and a top on a date. She will wear high heels and a sexy dress or a tight skirt and top. She wants you to know that she is interested and she wants to look attractive to you. She will often show more skin around you at this stage which can be disarming especially if you like her. It could make you nervous but just remember that she is the one putting in all the effort to seduce you so let her. 

She will give you special treatment 

She won’t treat you like she treats other guys. This might be hard to spot in the beginning because you might think she is just being nice. You might for example be in the kitchen at work, she might offers to make you a coffee but not to your friend Mark who is also in the kitchen. This is her giving you special treatment. Enjoy the special treatment and take it as a sign that she is trying to seduce you. 

You won’t really know if she likes you or not

Ahh seduction, it can all be tricky mind games! When a lady is seducing you, you won’t really know if she likes you or not. She might seem interested some days and then ignores you the next. She might tease you in an almost mean way and then be so nice and charming you are wondering if there is something wrong with her! Women are confusing at the best of times but especially when they are in seduction mode. If she is going hot and cold she is normally seducing you so take it as a good sign, not a negative one. You could put her out of her misery but telling her that you like her as well or asking her out on a date! 

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