21 Habits Girls Hate Guys Doing (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

21 Habits Girls Hate Guys Doing (Attraction & Psychology Tips)

The last thing you want is for all women to dislike you.

For years you have been trying to attract girls, but you have just not been having the luck you had hoped for. Or you have been attracting girls but none of the relationships seem to stick.

You think back but can’t understand where you are going wrong.

In today’s video I am going to tell you where you could be going wrong by revealing 21 habits that will instantly make women dislike you.

I can assure you that you probably have at least one of these habits. This video could change your life so watch with caution! 

Guys, are you doing these things?

When you change plans 

Being flippant with plans is a pet peeve of women everywhere.

They hate it when men suddenly change their plans. It’s kind of a one strike and you are out of rule.

If you have a reason for changing plans and it’s a good one plus you give plenty of notice then sure a girl will forgive you but if it’s something that becomes a habit, she will simply walk away.

Girls don’t have time for this type of behavior so if this sounds like something you do, it’s time to kick the habit to the curb.  

When you zone out while she is speaking 

She is telling you about a work drama she is dealing with. As she dives into the story she looks over and realizes that you are looking straight past her and that you are fixated on the wall.

You have zoned out completely on what she is saying and so she just stops mid-sentence and waits for you to zone back in. When you do this, a woman will instantly think you don’t like her.

Start paying attention when she is speaking. 

Your bad manners

Really there is no excuse for bad manners, girls don’t like it when guys have them and it’s often a deal breaker.

Interrupting her while she speaks, talking with your mouth open and not using your please’s and thank you’s are all signs of having poor manners.

Although you might not see this as a big deal to a woman, it is. If you don’t care about having manners in front of her, you probably are not going to make a whole lot of effort in the long term which tells her she shouldn’t waste her time.

Plus, she doesn’t want to take someone with bad manners back to meet her family! 

You are never romantic 

This is something a woman can often tell from early on in the relationship.

Maybe you don’t arrange another date with her so she has to be the one to do it or when you are on a date, instead of looking into her eyes, you are on your phone.

It could also be something that crops up during a relationship you might have been together for a while and you never seem to do anything romantic for her. Women can get sick of this pretty quickly. 

When you give her too much affection 

Giving a woman too much affection can really get on her nerves.

Picture this, you are out on a double date and the woman opposite you looks annoyed. Her partner keeps grabbing her hand, kissing her, hugging her and complimenting her. Instead of joining in on your joint conversation, her partner seems to be only focused on her. She seems annoyed and embarrassed.

It’s clear to everyone at the table except for her partner, that he is giving her too much affection and is basically suffocating her. She will probably break up with him after the meal!

Over affection is a sign of poor self-confidence. If you find that you do this, work on your confidence before entering back into the dating world. 

When you don’t give her enough affection 

Yes girls do need just the right amount of affection.

Too much and they will be packing their bags, too little and they will also be packing their bags.

Girls prefer when a guy gives them just the right amount of attention. That is some attention, some affection but then leaves them be.

If you don’t show them any affection or enough affection, they’ll think you don’t like them and instead of waiting around to be embarrassed will just leave. 

When you still talk to your ex

If a woman finds out you still talk to your ex, she won’t think “oh he is so lovely for doing that” she will think “that’s strange, he obviously still likes her, I think this is over”.

An ex is an ex for a reason, leave her in the past. 

When you can’t make a decision 

You are incapable of making a decision and it drives any women you date up the wall. Women don’t want to be the only ones to make all the decisions, they want a partner, a team mate and someone they can rely on to make decisions with them.

At the moment it might just be picking the restaurant you are going to eat at but early on women test you with these small decisions to see what you would be like in the future.

If you are unable to make decisions then you are unable to commit which is something women really dislike. 

When you hog the TV remote 

This is a habit women might not see until they are in a relationship with you but it can make them not like you quickly. It’s called sharing! 

When you are a mummy’s boy

Mums and sons have a relationship unlike any other relationship, it’s close.

Women get it but they still want to feel as though they are the most important woman in your life.

They don’t want to have to compete with your mum for attention and they don’t want you to have to run every little thing past her. 

Flirting with over woman 

This is just not ok especially if it is in front of the woman you are on a date with.

It’s an instant strike against your name and if it happens early on, probably the end for your short lived relationship. 

Stop leaving the loo seat up 

Guys this is something that really annoys women.

They hate coming in to use the bathroom and seeing that the toilet seat was left up. It’s poor manners and something you need to unlearn. 

Never order for her

Girls can order their own meals! They don’t need a man to do it for them. Let her pick what she wants to eat and drink or you’ll find yourself single for a lot of your life. 

When you forget important things 

If you forget things, it shows that you don’t really care and that those things were never that important to you.

When guys forget birthdays, anniversaries or even just things girls have said to them, it annoys women. 

When you are vain 

Are you constantly worried about your looks? Looking at yourself in a mirror?

Girls get sick of this vain behavior quite quickly although they might even be guilty of it themselves sometimes. 

When you are messy 

You don’t need to be in a relationship with a girl for this to annoy her early on.

She might be coming over to your house for the night and notice that you have not bothered to clean up. Girls don’t want to be your mum, picking up after you and cleaning up after you. 

You will never compromise 

Everything has to go your way or ends up going your way. You simply never compromise.

From which programs you watch to what you plan to do that day. The woman you are with never gets a say in what you do and never gets to do anything she likes to do.

If you have ever seen a married couple asked what has made them last so long, it’s a compromise and if you want a lasting relationship, you need to learn this. 

When all you do is slouch on the couch 

Everyone loves a couch day during the weekend. It might not happen every weekend but sometimes you just need a day in front of Netflix. It’s when this becomes all you do that it becomes a problem in a woman’s eyes.

Sure, you work all week but so does your partner. She wants to do fun things with you on the weekend and she wants you to help her out around the house. So get up off the couch and do just that! 

When you hate hearing about a women’s time of the month 

It’s something every woman goes through and it’s something a man never will. Since you will never have to experience the pain, exhaustion and mood changes a woman goes through every month, the least you can do is listen when she is experiencing all of this.

Show her that you care about how she is feeling and support her through it. 

When you burp or fart all the time 

No matter what you say, women know that men can control this!

Sure every so often is fine, after all it is natural but not all the time, it’s a serious turn off. 

When you compare her to your mother 

Ouch! Guys let me warn you, never do this!

If a woman is asking you to do something like clean a bedroom, just do it without saying “you’re not my mother”. This cuts a woman deep and will make her instantly resent and dislike you. Even if it seems like she is over it, believe me when I say, she is not! 

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