23 Things Women Do When They Genuinely Love You (Even If You Think She Doesn't)

23 Things Women Do When They Genuinely Love You (Even If You Think She Doesn’t)

Considering women are really emotional creatures, sometimes they aren’t great at showing a guy that they genuinely love them.

It’s not because they don’t love him, they do, but they just forget to show him or don’t realize that he needs to see it.

In today’s video I am going to encourage you to look for the small stuff as it will show you whether or not a woman genuinely loves you. 

Things women do when they genuinely love you. 

She remembers small details about you 

A girl will remember small things you say and do if she loves you. It’s not that girls have better memories than guys, it’s just that if you are important to her, she will be listening to the things that you say and studying the things that you do.

She might remind you of these details later or she might use them to surprise you with a romantic date.

Even if all she does is remember them, it shows that she really cares about you

She flirts exclusively with you 

If she loves you, why would she flirt with anybody else?

Her eyes should only be on you and if they are not, it might point at some underlying problems. Her feelings might not be as strong as she claimed they were or she might not understand how serious your feelings are for her.

If she is only flirting with you, then she genuinely loves you and probably could not imagine her life with anyone else. 

She always speaks highly of you 

Even when you are not around, she only has wonderful things to say about you.

She tells everyone how wonderful she thinks you are and when you are around, she compliments you often.

This shows that she thinks you are amazing and has strong feelings for you. 

She makes you her best friend 

The best relationships are normally the ones where a man and women are best friends and lovers.

If you become her best friend, she tells you everything, hangs out with you all the time but also wants to be romantic with you. It shows that you are a super important person in her life. This is genuine love.

She goes out of her way to make you smile 

Whether you are having a good or bad day she wants to make you smile.

She will do anything from putting on your favorite TV programme to buying you a coffee and dropping it off at your work.

This is romance and it proves her feelings towards you. A woman only makes this level of effort when she really loves a man. 

She worries about you 

You notice that she worries about you. How you are feeling, if you are happy, about a problem you are having at work.

She asks you questions about how you are feeling all the time and wants to make sure that you are as happy as you can be.

A girl worrying about you is a really good sign, it shows that she genuinely loves and cares about you. 

She shows interest in your personal life 

She wants to know about you and what you get up to in your personal life. Not just your past but your present life.

She might ask you detailed questions about hobbies you have like gaming or she might ask if you would like to go for a mountain walk together because she knows that you love adventure.

She wants to do the things that you love with you because she is genuinely interested in you.

She prioritizes you 

She still has her own life but she also moves things around to spend time with you.

Maybe she has a friend who she was supposed to catch up with over cocktails. If you suggest meeting at the same time, she might ask her friend if she can reschedule so that she can hang out with you instead.

This shows that she is prioritizing you in her life and that you are special to her. 

She respects you 

She really respects you and all the decisions you make.

A woman might not directly tell you this, but you will be able to tell from her actions.

If you tell her that you have made the decision to start your own business and she tells you that she respects your decision, that shows that she respects you.

In front of your friends she might stick up for you or tell them about all your accomplishments, again this shows you that she respects you, even in front of other people. 

She includes you in her life

You are a highly valued person in her life which is why she includes you in it.

She invites you to hang out with her friends, to meet her family and to do the things that she loves to do.

She wants you to feel as though you are a part of her life and not just that but an important part of it.

A girl would never do this if she did not genuinely love a guy. 

She takes the initiative 

She doesn’t wait for you to always make the first move; she takes the initiative to do it as well. She might be the first one to suggest meeting each other’s parents or be the one to message you and ask you to come over to her place.

She often surprises you with gifts or dates and she tells you how she feels before you tell her.

This shows that she isn’t afraid to put herself out there in front of you which means she trusts you. 

She supports you 

Whatever you decide to do or the decisions you make, she sticks by you and supports you. Now that’s what I call true love! 

She seeks your counsel and asks for valuable advice 

She leans on you by asking your opinion and asking for advice when she is faced with a hard decision.

This makes you an especially important and valuable person in her life. 

She tells you when she is wrong 

She is not afraid to say “hey I am sorry, I got that wrong”. She feels as though she can be honest with you and swallow her pride to admit when she has got something wrong. 

She hates being away from you for too long 

If you spend any length of time apart, she messages you and says, I miss you.

This shows that she hates being away from you because she loves being with you!

It’s cute if it is in a non-clingy way, she just genuinely misses you and can’t wait until you can be together again. 

She always celebrates your victories 

Whenever anything goes well for you, she celebrates with you.

You might not even think that what you are celebrating is that big of a deal but in her eyes it is and even the smallest things are worth yelling about.

It’s special to have someone like this in your life so make sure you treasure her and try not to take it for granted. 

She accepts you for who you are 

If a woman you are dating never expects you to act a different way and doesn’t try to change who you are, this shows that she accepts you, just as you are.

In her eyes you are perfect, she loves you because you are you and so why would she try to change you. 

She talks about future plans that include you

She includes you in her future holidays, family events or friends’ weddings.

She pictures you always being by her side and can’t imagine her life without you.

This is a great sign and shows that love is a feeling she has towards you. 

She sometimes shows signs of jealousy 

A little bit of jealousy is ok but too much can be toxic. If she is only showing some signs of jealousy then it shows she cares.

She might joke that you were looking at the waitress for too long or make comments about you complimenting a woman’s outfit.

This is not serious jealousy; she just has strong feelings towards you and she can’t help but be threatened by other people. 

She blushes a lot when she is with you

As soon as she sees you, she blushes and then every time you say something nice about her, it happens again! She might be a little nervous around you but it’s only because she loves you. 

She mirrors you

She seems to copy your behavior.

She might pick up some of the slang you use or pick up a glass at the same time as you.

This is called mirroring and is something we do when we like someone but it is subconscious so she doesn’t realize she is doing it. 

She thinks you are perfect despite your flaws

It’s normal to point out your own flaws. No one sees them or notices them more than you.

If a girl genuinely loves you though, if you do it in front of her she will say something like “you are perfect to me” or “I love that about you”.

It’s not that she does not see your flaws, it’s that she thinks you are perfect despite them. 

She values your opinion 

Your opinion is worth more to her than anyone else’s.

She really trusts your sage advice and always comes to you first before seeking any advice from others.

She genuinely cares about what you have to say which shows that she genuinely loves you as well. 

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