She Likes You BUT Ignores You For THIS Reason (Why Is She Ignoring Me If She Likes Me)

She Likes You BUT Ignores You For THIS Reason (Why Is She Ignoring Me If She Likes Me)

Wondering why she’s suddenly gone ghost on you despite being certain that she was into you?

You were sure you had a connection with a girl but now she’s suddenly started ignoring your texts and declining your calls…weird right? 

Well actually…it might be a good sign – so don’t fret just yet!

Sometimes women do things to keep you on your toes and make sure you’re on your best behavior!

Keep watching to learn all the possible reasons and explanations as to why a girl might ignore you even though she likes you!

Why Is She Ignoring Me If She Likes Me?

She wants you to pay attention

Sometimes, a girl’s seemingly odd behavior is actually just a cry for attention! She probably isn’t doing this with malicious intent, she just wants to be recognized and appreciated by you.

Were you possibly taking her for granted or forgetting to compliment her previously? Perhaps you’ve been super busy with work or other commitments and she’s taken this personally.

Women can really take these things to heart and feel quite disheartened if they suspect that you’re not as into them as they are to you.

This is a massive turn off for women and they’ll almost certainly start backing away from the relationship when they begin to feel this way.

To remedy this, make sure you are much more vocal and intentional when it comes to compliments and showing your appreciation for her.

Tell her often what you like about her and take her on meaningful dates.

Remember, actions speak louder than words.

She wants you to know that she has options

This can seem kind of mean-spirited and uncalled for, but sometimes a girl just wants you to know that if you don’t make the effort, she has no reason to stick around, and, she won’t!

It’s no mystery that guys often become very complacent in relationships, which can leave girls feeling undervalued and unappreciated.

To counter this, she may suddenly go quiet on you and start posting on her social media more about being out and about with other people, particularly other men.

She’s simply letting you know that she won’t wait around if you won’t give her the time of day that she desires. 

You can either respond to this by getting upset and frustrated or up your game and show her what you’re really made of!

She’s feeling overwhelmed 

Sometimes ignoring is simply a response to feeling overwhelmed by a current situation or event.

Maybe things have been going really well but also progressing really fast and she just needs a second to process everything.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to give her the time and space she needs to collect her thoughts.

For you, this can be an unnerving time, but it’s important to give her space and allow her to figure out exactly how she’s feeling and what she wants from the relationship.

Putting unnecessary pressure on her probably won’t help her feel any less overwhelmed… so follow her lead.

Let her know you’re there for her and give her space for when she’s ready.

She’s playing hard to get

She might just be playing hard to get…a sometimes frustrating, but nonetheless popular tactic often employed by a lot of women in the world of dating. 

Usually, this is a good sign that a woman is interested in you, but wants you to actively pursue her, rather than the other way around. Women like the chase, it makes them feel special and desired. 

So if you notice that she’s suddenly talking to you less and less, she probably wants you to really SHOW her how much you want her, through your words and actions.

She’s overthinking

Women often have a habit of overthinking. This is true of dating and relationships too.

She may be subconsciously comparing herself to other women or over-analyzing the way that she has presented herself to you.

Things you possibly didn’t even notice could be really playing on her mind.

This is a sign that she really likes you and is afraid of losing you and so as a result, she is preoccupied with making sure she’s giving you the very best impression.

When she starts to feel like maybe she made a wrong move, she steps back.

During this time she’s probably busy reflecting and waiting to see if you raise anything with her. If this could potentially be the issue at hand, make sure to reassure her and let her know you like her exactly as she is.

She’s actually busy

A reason we often forget – she is simply just really busy! Things happen and life gets in the way, her ignoring you as a result may not be deliberate at all.

Whilst it’s easy to argue that even the busiest person can usually spare a few moments for a quick text or phone call. Sometimes people do genuinely forget, and it isn’t because they don’t care or because they’ve had enough of you.

Consider asking her how things in her personal life are going; perhaps let her know that you haven’t heard from her in a while and you just want to check in that everything is good with her.

Framing your questions about her rather than you shows her that you care about her. She is far more likely to respond openly and honestly.

She’s been hurt before

Sadly, there may be a chance that a man has abused her trust and good nature before. Unfortunately, this can leave lasting scars on a woman and make her far more wary and cautious of any future romantic interactions. 

Tread tentatively, in these cases, she needs your compassion and understanding. Maybe your relationship was really progressing and she’s scared that she is going to get hurt again and isn’t prepared to risk that.

Be sure to reassure and comfort her. Show her genuine acts of love and kindness to win her trust and affection.

She isn’t that into you

Not what you want to hear, we know – but it is a possibility. 

She simply may not be as into you as you initially thought. Maybe she just liked the chase and was looking for something fun and non-serious. Or maybe the initial spark has faded and she’s trying to let you down easy.

See if she’s giving you any other signs of not being very invested in the relationship and if she is, it may be time to cut ties.

Ignoring someone is a good way of letting them know that you no longer have time for them. So if she’s doing this and seems genuinely disinterested… it may be time to say goodbye.

She’s emotionally unavailable 

An emotionally unavailable women will find romantic relationships incredibly difficult.

She will actively avoid deep conversations and anything which elicits more meaningful emotions. 

She will likely be impossible to please and will probably be something of a perfectionist.

Through conversations and her behavior, you’ll likely notice that she keeps things pretty shallow – she avoids any topics surrounding her past or emotional experiences. 

If you notice a pattern of this type of behavior, she probably isn’t ready for any meaningful kind of relationship. As such, whenever she feels like you’re getting ‘too close’ she will pull away.

This type of scenario can be really difficult to navigate, if you’re really into this girl then it might be worth sticking things out… but prepare for a rocky road ahead.

If this isn’t your thing, better to end the relationship and avoid any potential heartache!

She wants YOU to make the first move

Women tend to love when you make the first move and take control of the relationship. They don’t want to feel like they are nagging you for your time and attention.

If you notice she’s taken a step back, chances are that she is waiting to see if you will take the lead.

Message her first and initiate meet-ups and see how she responds; she may be a little hesitant at first but if she seems to react positively to more engagement from your end – this is probably why!

Women tend to retreat when they sense a lack of reciprocity in the relationship, make sure to quickly ease all her potential fears and worries and let her know you’re into her!

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