Body Language Facts A Woman Is Sexually Attracted to You (Subconscious Signals She Wants You)

Body Language Facts A Woman Is Sexually Attracted to You (Subconscious Signals She Wants You)

I don’t think there is one person on this planet that can hold their hand up and confidently say that they know exactly what women want. Not even women themselves.

They are known for their complex mindsets and constantly changing their opinions and wants in the blink of an eye. No wonder a lot of men are confused when it comes to finding out what they should do to score that perfect first date, or even enter into a relationship with a lady.

There are some tips, tricks, and signs that you can look out for that will give you some form of indication that a woman is interested in you.

One of the most reliable and important would be by scanning their body language and gauging what they are thinking during your interaction. But how do you do that?

Well first, it’s important to understand what body language is.

What is body language

Body language is the way your body moves and tells a story on a non-verbal level to other people.

Your subconscious mind could indicate different feelings to what you presume you feel by displaying this through how you hold yourself and how your body is placed.

It sounds very strange, but once you understand the different ways body language can talk, then it will make sense and things will click into place.

There are people that go to college and university to study body language as it can be a magnificent tool used to help understand people and the personalities that they have.

Now, there are different indicators to look out for when trying to read someone’s body language. Also it’s worth accepting that the meaning behind each body movement could mean something slightly different as it differs from person to person.

That being said, we have done the research and come up with the basic skeleton – no pun intended – of things to look out for when trying to decipher if a woman is sexually attracted to you.

Close Proximity

Now if a woman that is sexually attracted to you she’s probably going to make it a little bit obvious by being very close.

If you are sitting next to each other as the conversation progresses she will shuffle closer to you so that you are in close proximity and touching distance.

She will do this slowly so that she can gauge your reaction to the small movements. If she feels like you are going to reject her she will stop moving closer before she starts to feel embarrassed.

If you are standing facing each other she will more than likely step closer to you whilst maintaining eye contact.

Everyone has boundaries that they have. It’s important to understand that before you cross these boundaries you do need consent.

Taking small movements is subconsciously asking for consent to move closer without having to come out and say it-which could potentially ruin the mood or embarrass post people involved to the point that it becomes awkward.


Have you ever been walking next to a woman and then all of a sudden you feel her hand brush against yours as you are walking?

Did you overthink that maybe it was just because her hand was moving while she was walking and she accidentally touched you? It was not an accident.

When a woman is attracted to you she will find an excuse to touch you. This is so she can feel the skin-on-skin contact.

Brushing her hands against yours is a subconscious indication that she wants to hold your hand, but maybe she is too nervous to reach out and grab your hand herself and wants you to do it for her.

Or maybe you have made a joke and she puts her hand on your arm while she laughs so she can feel your arms and maybe picture what your muscles look like under your shirt. 


When you first enter a situation your body is on standby between flight and fight mode, so that if need be it can pull up its defences and protect you from any situation that may come your way.

If you can see a woman physically relax when she’s around you this is a great indication that she is attracted to you and she feels comfortable around you.

The body relaxes by the shoulders dropping rather than being tight and up towards the ears, the jaw relaxing instead of being clenched, and the arms relaxing at the sides of the body or placed comfortably in the lap – if you’re sitting of course.

If a woman is relaxed around you then this is a really good sign that she is attracted to you because it can be incredibly difficult for a woman to 100% relax around other people.

However, if a woman is not 100% relaxed around you but there are some signs that she is not on high alert, this could mean that she is attracted to you but she is also nervous around you which is also very flattering for you to know.


I don’t know about you but when you are around people who make you happy it is almost impossible not to smile.

Even walking down the street and seeing a complete stranger smile at you instantly makes you smile back without even a second thought.

So if a complete stranger can make her smile, imagine what it means when you do it.

A smile is a very contagious gesture, once you start smiling it’s hard to stop. If a woman is constantly smiling and laughing when she’s around you then this means that she is attracted to you and that you make her happy, which is great news for you!

There are different types of smiles to look out for, one of the most important ones being a massive grin.

When a smile looks like it’s going from ear to ear and the whole face lights up – like a really cheesy grin, this is a massive green sign!

Eye contact

Eye contact is very important when engaging in conversation with someone as it tells them subconsciously that they have your undivided attention and you are actively listening to them.

A lot of women can feel ignored, so if you can show a woman from the very beginning that you are willing to listen to her then you will score some major points and you become more attractive.

Something as simple as listening can make such a big difference to her confidence levels when she is around you.

Direct eye contact can also be a very sensual thing in certain situations, if you catch my drift.

The lips

A lady that is sexually attracted to you is going to make her lips look as kissable as possible.

You may find that she is constantly applying lip gloss or lipstick, she’s touching her lips, or she could be biting them.

You will notice that if her lips look like you want to kiss them she has purposely made them look that way.

Science tells us that when we are attracted to someone we partially open our mouths just a little bit so that our lips look even juicier than they actually are.


Some of these points may been confusing to you, given the fact that they may not have a very sexual meaning behind them. But it’s important to understand that for a lot of, if not all women, for them to be sexually attracted to someone there will be emotions and feelings contributing to this which is why something as simple as holding hands could be a massive indicator.

The emotions behind each movement or gesture means a lot more to women than meets the eye.

Hopefully with these tips and tricks you can put them into practice and see instant gratification when it comes to dating and finding that special partner.

Maybe you have been aimlessly walking through the dating scene completely unaware that women are giving you clear signs and hints that they are attracted to you, but because you didn’t know the signs you completely bypassed them.

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