Reasons Why We Like Older Men - THIS Is Why Younger Women & Older Guys Are So Compatible When Dating

Reasons Why We Like Older Men – THIS Is Why Younger Women & Older Guys Are So Compatible When Dating

A lot of people like to assume that they know what women want and what they don’t want without even asking her for her own opinion.  But if we let you into a little secret sometimes women themselves don’t know what they want until that exact moment when something clicks in their head, and they think this is it, this is what I want.  

If we could give you one piece of advice it would be to not rule anything out when it comes to entering the dating scene.

Take it one step at a time and keep a look out for the signs that things are going well.

There is a bit of stigma towards age gaps in relationships and people like to assume that women like men their own age.

Although this may be true for some, a lot of young women tend to go for older men for several reasons.

If you are an older man and you are wondering if you have what it takes or the personality traits that a young woman is looking for listen up and we will tell you exactly why we like to go for the older man.

Why Younger Women Like Older Guys


It’s been recorded that men don’t mentally mature until they are around the age of 45, which is extremely worrying for women in their 20s and 30s who are looking for a partner.

No one wants their partner to feel like a child to them, someone that they have to look after and hold their hand throughout life.

One reason why young women like to go for older men is because their communication skills are a lot more advanced than those in the age range.

Communication is key for any relationship to work. But for some reason young men find it extremely difficult to communicate with their partner about their feelings or anything other than football, video games, and food.

Older men have good habits of communicating even the littlest of things to their partner – which is exactly what women want.

Men will really underestimate how far a “hey, I’m busy working today but I’ll check in when I can” text can go.

If you communicate with us about even the littlest thing, it leaves a little to no room for us to overthink about what you could be thinking or feeling or doing.


To the younger generation of males, the idea of self-worth is really lost on them. Somehow it’s become a bad thing to look after yourself and your mind, body and soul.

Unfortunately, this means that the vast majority of younger men don’t like to look after their hygiene or their mental health which then causes a ripple effect on other aspects of their life and how they treat women and how women view them.

Now, there are several different ways that you can look after yourself to attract women, especially younger women.

Appearance: Older men tend to look after themselves better than the younger generation because they are looking at it from a less vain point of view, and more towards an overall health point of view.

They will go and get their haircut every six weeks to maintain whatever hairstyle it is that I want. And if applicable they will get their beard trimmed too.

They will take pride in the clothes that they wear so that they feel confident in themselves.

However, they won’t chase designer brands to try and impress other people, but rather feel comfortable in themselves which makes them more confident.

Mental health: when you get to a certain age the stigma around mental health slowly disappears and people realize that you need to look after your mental health just as much as your physical.

Older men will take the time to process any trauma they have endured throughout their life rather than ignoring it, thinking that it makes them more manly to not acknowledge their feelings like the younger generation think.

Being feminine: Taking a shower daily does not make you feminine. Getting your beard trimmed and having a facial once in a while does not make you feminine.

Expressing your emotions and processing things as they happen does not make you feminine. Being feminine is not a bad thing.

A large portion of women tend to gravitate towards older men because they understand this concept a lot more and will fully accept themselves however they come and grow without belittling themselves or women who like men like this. 


Long gone are the mind games and playing the field when it comes to dating older men.

We found out that a lot of younger women tend to go for older men because they can skip past the 21 questions stage and a lot of heartbreak by being with someone who is mature enough to know when to walk away and when to put effort in.

Young men like to play games when it comes to dating because they never truly know what they want, they’re always chasing what they think is the next best thing which can lead to trust issues and heartbreak for young women.

Older men have already played the field and grown up, learning from their mistakes, and knowing how to treat women correctly which is a massive turn on and green flag for women.

A part of being mature is also knowing when a situation is not beneficial to both parties and having the maturity and confidence to take a step back and say let’s try and fix this, or this should be the end of it now.

It has also been known that older men will not create the atmosphere that one woman has to compete with another woman for their affection.

Older men are mature enough to let you know if they are interested in you or not, without trying to put you against another woman to see who wants his attention more.

There is something very attractive about a man who knows exactly what he wants and will not shy away from vocalizing this.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have time for games, but older men are a lot more straightforward with what they do and do not want in a relationship.

This is a massive green flag for women and more than often, a lot of younger women look for this in their partner to save themselves time and effort with the wrong type of partner for them.


Of course, with years comes experience.

Experience could be anything from a life lesson all the way to a bedroom experience.

Having lived longer and experienced different things in life. Older men have the upper hand when it comes to offering knowledge and experience to younger women in comparison to younger men who presume they know everything.

For a lot of younger women, the idea that their partner has more experience than them relieves a lot of stress and anxiety about going into a situation blind and unknowing of what the outcome could be.

But don’t get too cocky with this thought, confidence and cockiness have a very thin line between them. We wouldn’t want anyone to go too far onto the wrong side and ruin their chances of a second date.

Now, experience in different departments is a given and depending on the woman, she will place the importance on a specific department should she wish. However, overall, the vast majority of younger women gravitate towards older men because they have experienced life that they may not have experienced yet and can show them things they haven’t seen before.

So, there you have it, why younger women tend to go for older men. And I bet you thought that you were out of the game and benched for life because of your age, didn’t you?

Hopefully, this helps you to dust off your dancing shoes and gives you a new lease of confidence when it comes to attracting younger women.

Why not get up off the couch and go and look for a pretty lady that you would like to take on a date. Remember these points and allow yourself to feel confident in yourself and your age knowing that you are in a league of your own compared to younger men.

We love men who are confident in themselves, and if it helps them get that perfect date with their younger babe then it’s a double whammy for them! We hope these pointers have given you guys that extra kick in your step to go head first into the dating scene and enjoy the experience yourself.

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