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12 Science Backed Signs She’s Attracted To You! Attraction Signs A Girl Likes You That REALLY Matter

Learn how to tell if a girl likes you by looking out for these science backed signs she’s attracted to you! In today’s video we’re going to be focusing on helping you to figure out “how to tell if a girl is attracted to you”. The more of these attraction signs you find yourself spotting the better.

Science Backed Signs Of Attraction

Everyone has been there. Finally, you are on a date with a special lady. Everything is going well and it looks like it’s time. Time to say the three magic words “I like you”. The lady replied, “I like you as well as a friend obviously”. OUCH! That hurts and can knock anyone’s confidence. 

There is no magic formula when it comes to knowing if a lady is attracted to you. But there is some science that will stop you from having to think, “is she attracted to me?”. If you see these signs when you are with your special lady, you will know that she is attracted to you. Then you can make the next move. 

She always wants to spend time with you

If a girl likes you, she will say yes to every date and even invite you on dates! She will feel confident enough to do this. Because she is developing feelings that make her want to always spend time with you. 

Science tells us that we are more likely to form emotional bonds with people we spend a lot of time with. 

So if you have just finished dinner and she mentions something you could do next time you see each other, it’s a sign she is attracted to you

She uses eye contact 

We use eye contact to show our crush’s that we are interested in them. This is interested in what they are saying and in them! 

Eye contact is a mating signal so it comes instinctually to us. We do it around people we like. It also causes arousal which only happens, if someone is actually attracted to you. 

So if you are out for dinner and she is maintaining eye contact while laughing at your jokes, chances are she is attracted to you. 

She flirts with you 

If a girl flirts with you, she likes you. 

In 2015, the University of Kansas did a study on behaviours that reveal romantic attraction. They discovered that when a girl flirts, it’s a big sign that she likes you. 

Often guys are used to how they flirt. Which is something they do quite obviously. Girls however are much more subtle so if you think she’s flirting, it’s time to make your move. 

Open Body Language 

Body language tells us so much. It can show us if someone likes us or dislikes us.

If you are on a date with a lady you like and she is displaying open body language, it’s a good sign. She will have her legs uncrossed, arms open and be looking up with a big smile! This means that there is a lot of attraction and she’s enjoying being in your company. Make sure you are displaying open body language better so that when you tell her, you like her. It’s not such a surprise! 


A lady blushes when she likes someone. It’s a natural response to being in the company of someone that she has a crush on. It can be hard to tell if a lady is blushing because of make-up and blusher. But if you are both looking at each other lovingly, you may just pick up on it. 

Where is her purse? 

When I talk about her purse, I don’t mean to start going through it while she is in the toilet. A lady’s purse is full of her own private things and you should never go through it without permission. 

What I mean is, take some time to look at her where her purse is. When you are walking together, if she feels uncomfortable, she will hold her purse close to her, grabbing it tightly. If she feels comfortable, it won’t be a barrier. She will have it down by her side or over her shoulder. So that you can hold her hand as you walk. 

This is something us ladies do automatically. It has developed over years of evolution. 

Mirroring you 

Mirroring is something we all do when we like someone. We start to mimic the other person’s behaviour and voice.

 It’s actually a form of flattery so if it happens, it’s a sign that she is attracted to you. 

Experts say that non-verbal cues make up a large part of the way we communicate with someone. Mirroring actions is a non-verbal cue. 

If she likes you, she might start to use some of the catchphrases you use or even change the way she speaks to mimic her. This is natural and not something she is putting on. 

In a restaurant, she might raise her glass to drink her wine when you do. If you were out exploring she might walk-in sink with you. These are all signs that she likes you. 

So next time you are with your special lady, pay close attention to how she is acting. Did she slip one of your catchphrases into the conversation? Is she drinking at the same time as you? These little actions will show you, how she feels. 

Listen to her voice 

When a lady is around someone she likes, she will lower her voice to match theirs. She will sound huskier and bring it down to your level. Men also do this, they lower their voices when around someone they like to sound more passionate and intense. 

Physically, she is close to you 

Let me introduce you to something called ‘proxemics’. Proxemics tells you how comfortable the connection is between two people according to how physically close they are. 

If a girl likes you she will try to close the gap between you and her. She will stand as close as possible to you and sit close to you. She could even reach out to touch your arm. This is her way of showing you that she is attracted to you. 

I really agree with this one. I try and stay close to any man that I am attracted to. I like to walk close to them and will sit close to them on a park bench for example. It’s my way of showing them that I am interested in taking the relationship further. 

A girl who does not like you, will not be close to you. So watch out for this. 

They are a little awkward 

Sometimes when a lady is being awkward, it can be confusing. Is she not interested? Or is she shy? 

One way to figure this out is to watch the other signs she is giving you

If it is all looking good then it’s a sign she is attracted to you. Lady’s become awkward when they are with someone that they really like. It’s a reaction that happens in their brain which is something scientists have discovered. 

Make her feel safe and pay her some compliments. This should help her come out of her shell and really show you some of her amazing personality. 

Fixing hair and clothes 

This can also be something lady’s do when they are nervous. 

They want to look perfect for you because well they like you. 

So they will fix their hair and make sure their clothes are on properly all the time. As you both get to know each other, she will do this a little less. Because she will feel comfortable with you but you should take it as a compliment anyway. 

If you are on a date and a lady goes off to the toilet a few times, chances are she is fixing up her hair and make-up. 

She can be vulnerable with you 

Trusting someone with things that make you vulnerable is really scary. It is something we all only do with the people that we absolutely trust the most. 

If a lady is vulnerable with you and tells you something private. Make sure you thank her for being vulnerable and support her. 

A lady who knows a lot about vulnerability is the amazing Brene Brown. In her book, Daring Greatly, She defines vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.” 

This means if a lady is being vulnerable, she is really attracted to you. 

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