Flaws that make you attractive

9 Flaws That Make You More Attractive To People (Appealing Imperfections & Human Faults)

Everyone wants to feel attractive occasionally. However, when it comes to what makes someone attractive and how we view ourselves we often allow our flaws and imperfections to take advantage of our own insecurities. These insecurities can then lead us to feel unattractive and doubt our own worth.

If you’re interested in becoming more likable, and want a relationship with you then learning about how these so-called flaws and imperfections are actually attractive will do wonders for your confidence.

Flaws are often framed as a bad thing. We often read that flaws can make you less attractive and that you should try to work and fix them. The problem with this is that we all have flaws, and they are something that makes us unique.

Girls love it when men have something unique about them. It often makes them much more attracted to that person. It’s important that you don’t try and get rid of or change all your flaws just because you think that it will make you more attractive to the ladies.

You might just need to think about them and think, how can I use this flaw and make it one of my strengths?

In today’s video I’m going to tell you about some of the flaws that make you more attractive. You might have some of these flaws already or it might inspire you to think about the ones that you do have very differently. Let’s dive straight in like and subscribe.

Flaws that make you attractive

You get really obsessed with things

The first flaw is that you become obsessed with things really easily. Having an obsessive personality can be a negative thing because you can get easily addicted to things like drugs, alcohol, and gambling. On the flip side, it can make you really successful and actually make you a very exciting person to be around.

For example, you might get obsessed with different hobbies all the time. One moment you love making candles and the next you are collecting tools.

You jump from hobby to hobby but when you are interested in one of them, it’s all you think about and all you focus on. 

The same goes for your career. People who have obsessive personalities often find themselves working in a career they love.

They might know from an early age that they love something and really want to do it. So, they work really hard to achieve it, no matter what cost.

In the end they find themselves doing the career they have always wanted to do. They also make great employees because they are obsessed with their job and work really hard. 

Other people find this drive really attractive, and they often feed off your energy which in turn helps them to become more successful.

So, although people may say things to you like “you are so obsessive” re-frame it in your head and think I am so passionate. 

Sometimes you overshare

People who overshare tend to be quite nervous people.

You might be in a room, and it falls silent. You can’t stand silence, so you start telling a story to everyone about your weekend.

You think it is a nice story to tell but to them, it is oversharing, and they would rather not hear it.

Another example is that you are meeting a girl for the first time on a date. Within the first 5 minutes she knows everything about you, not because she picked it up from your body language but because you just told her everything.

Although this can sometimes make people feel awkward, it actually makes you seem like a more approachable, honest person which is something other people find really attractive.

If you overshare at the right moment, you might instantly make someone feel better about things they are going through. You are actually a better friend and partner because of it. 

You lean on people to help you achieve your goals

You have a list of goals that you want to achieve. You know that once you have achieved those goals, you will be a different person.

You might be more successful in your career, or you might be happier in your personal life. Either way, it is important to you that you achieve these goals. However, you are not the type of person who can do something like this alone. You need the help of the people around you.

Maybe it is your boss or a friend who can run a marathon with you. Either way you need to lean on others to help you achieve your goals.

It is actually very attractive because when you lean on someone to help you achieve your goals, you are also helping them achieve their goals.

If someone helps you train to run a marathon and then they run one with you, they have achieved some fitness related goal that they have. If your boss helps you at work, you are helping him achieve his goal of being a better boss.

When we rely on people to help us achieve our goals, we lift them up as well. 

You gossip 

Ok so this is not the best flaw to have. Gossiping is looked upon as quite a negative thing to do, yet we all do it!

You might be labelled a gossip and perhaps people stop telling you things which might make you feel isolated and down. Gossiping is not always a bad thing though.

It can bring friends closer together or make you the source of knowledge in the isolated village you live in.

Plus, girls love to gossip so if you can tell someone you are dating a slice of gossip she will be hooked. Sure, it might not be the best flaw, but it is one that you can use to your advantage, and it can make you more attractive in other people’s eyes. 

You stand up for yourself

You never let people walk all over you. You tell it like it is and you always stand up for yourself. Maybe your parents raised you like this, or you had to be like this from an early age. This flaw is often framed in a negative way, but it is a hugely positive trait to have.

It makes you a strong person and it means that you will never be taken advantage of. You can live your life authentically as yourself because if anyone questions you, you will put them in their place.

Remember that you are very strong because a lot of people can never stand up for themselves. This strength is very attractive, and the right person will understand that. 

You like to take things slow

Whether it is in a relationship or a task you are completing, you like to take things slow. You don’t see the need in rushing through life and sometimes people find this frustrating.

You always go at your own pace and don’t feel the need to get to the finishing line first. This often means that your work is of much higher standard than those that rush through and get it in first.

The same goes for when you are dating someone. You don’t want to rush to boyfriend status. You would rather enjoy the dating stage and let the rest come naturally.

This means that your relationships are often a lot healthier, and they last a lot longer because you did not rush in. This is a great flaw to have because it means that you live your life on your terms and don’t spend it correcting mistakes. 

You get embarrassed easily 

Some people never get embarrassed. They trip over something and simply keep on walking. Whereas you stand still for a moment and look around to see if anyone saw. You can feel yourself blushing red and getting clammy. Sure, this is not ideal but what it actually means is that you do a lot of things subconsciously to stop yourself from getting embarrassed.

Our brains recognise thoughts and feelings that we don’t like and that make us stressed. It tries to stop these from happening repeatedly, so it subconsciously makes us behave in a different way.

If you get embarrassed easily you might be more risk averse and you might not be the first to speak in a room. When you do speak, you speak carefully and think about what you say.

Although in your head you might be thinking don’t embarrass yourself, in other people’s eyes, you are sensible and very well put together. This is something that people find attractive and don’t see it as a flaw. 

You are clumsy 

Do you find yourself always dropping plates, knives, and forks? Tripping over? Knocking things over in shops? Yes you might be clumsy, but girls find clumsy guys, cute and funny.

Often when you are clumsy, you just laugh off the situation which makes you a fun person to be around and people like this about you. It’s less of a flaw and more of a uniqueness that others find fun. 

You are always honest 

You can’t help it, you say it how it is, and you are always honest. When someone asks you if they like their outfit, you tell them honestly what you think.

Some people find this hard to be around because they think it is harsh, but you think, it’s just the truth. Not everyone might like it, but you don’t need to please everyone.

Those that are supposed to be your friends and dating partners will find it very attractive and useful to be around. 

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