Most effective proven flirting strategies

Most Effective Proven Flirting Strategies – Massively Improve Your Ability To Flirt With Women

You’re going to love these flirting strategies! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 11 tips on how to flirt with women. If you’re interested in learning how to flirt with a girl then this is the video for you. Get her attention and impress her by using the tips listed here.

Are you ready to learn the most effective flirting strategies. These strategies have been proven repeatedly by men just like you. Now flirting is about more than giving a girl butterflies in her stomach, although that is a bonus. It’s about making a girl like you even more and making a great impression.

Guys who flirt well come across as confident and girls find this very attractive. So today I want to tell you about the most effective proven flirting strategies. Being effective at flirting will give you the power to attract more girls and be able to take things further with them.

Most effective proven flirting strategies

Tell them at the beginning that you are available 

Make it very clear from the beginning that you are available. Although in your mind, you are single and very available, in her mind she is not sure.

Guys flirt with girls all the time when they are not available. Girls have learnt to take a step back and not jump straight into flirting until they are sure that the guy is available.

Why should they waste their best moves on someone who has a girlfriend? They want to be with someone who is single.

So subtly mention it at the beginning to avoid her holding back or even walking away. You could say something like “I am still searching for a nice girl.” Something that will make her think he is definitely single. 

Be direct from the beginning 

If you want to flirt with a girl then flirt.

Don’t be shy or do a half job because she might just think you are being nice instead of being flirty. Tell her from the beginning that you like her or that you think she looks sexy in her dress. That will be enough to show her that you are interested and are here to flirt not to be friends.

It’s easier to be direct than being shy and not getting anywhere. 

Know who you are talking to 

What I mean by this one is, know your audience.

You don’t want to be flirting with a girl and joking around when she is quite a serious person. You want to be more serious and listen to what she has to say. On the other hand, if you are being serious and she is quite a fun person then she might get bored quickly.

You need to quickly make a decision and think about the type of person she is and then act accordingly. 

Do it alone 

If you are with friends and you spot a girl that you would like to flirt with then go off on your own to do it. Don’t take your friends with you. They could tell embarrassing stories about you before you have been able to make a first impression. They might make fun of you flirting or it just could be really intimidating for the girl.

It’s better to flirt one on one with a girl. 

Smile if you mean it 

Smiling instantly makes you appear more friendly and attractive. If you like the girl and she makes you smile, then smile. Don’t force a smile though or over smile.

You want your flirting to flow naturally which means your smile needs to be natural. Make sure to notice if she is smiling and enjoying herself as well. 

Pay attention to your eye contact and theirs

Think about what you are doing with your eyes when you are flirting. You don’t just want to be looking through the girl you are flirting with or down at the ground.

You want to be making eye contact with her. To display good eye contact, look at her in the eyes while she is speaking to you, glance at her from across the room and maybe wink if you catch her eyes.

These are all flirty forms of eye contact that show her that you are interested. You also need to pay attention to hers. Does she look interested? Is she paying attention to you? These are all things you need to take note of quickly. 

Use your hands

Touch is an especially important part of flirting. You want to use your hands and place them on her shoulders, or on her arm. Maybe you are close enough that you can hold hands? If you don’t touch her, she won’t really know if you are flirting or not.

Touch adds another layer of closeness to your flirting. You need to make sure she is interested before touching her which is why it is handy to study things like her eye contact and smile.

If it seems like she is flirting back then it’s time to break the touch barrier. 

Try to take up space

When you take up space, you look more confident.

It is proven that men are more successful at flirting when they do it. Now I don’t mean manspreading where you take up all the room and leave none for women. Instead, it’s things like using the space around you, stretching, and using the chair next to you to rest your arm. Women notice when men do this and better yet, they find it sexy.

When men take up more space, they also scare other men away. To women although they might not realize it, this is sexy, and they feel as though men are fighting over them.

Throughout history, women have picked the strongest men, and this is another example of that. 

Dress up 

You need to look the part which means dressing for the occasion. Putting on a nice shirt and trousers if it is going to be a dinner or night-time event. If you are going to a coffee shop, dress smartly but don’t go in a suit and tie. The same goes for if you are both going hiking,

You never know when you are going to meet a lady and have to flirt so if you always dress well, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. 

Buy them something that will make them warm 

You might be thinking, what? Girls love it when guys buy them a drink at the bar. You might however have more luck buying them a coffee.

When we drink or eat warm things, it changes how we perceive the people around us. Crazy right?

When we are drinking something hot, we often think the people around us are more honest, better looking, and nicer. When we drink something cold on the other hand we think those around us are colder. So, if you want to win a girl over, buy her a coffee! 

Try to skip the small talk and dive straight in 

Small talk is fine, but it can be super awkward. Instead dive straight into the deeper topics.

Ask her about her job, friends and family. Don’t go so deep that it becomes serious, you are flirting remember but try to get personal quick.

The closer you feel to her and the closer she feels to you means that flirting will be far easier and more successful for the both of you. 

Make her laugh

Girls love it when men make them laugh. It makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed which is perfect for flirting. Tease her and be funny, the more you can make her laugh, the better time she is having. 

Wear red

Women are more attracted to men that are wearing red. It often signifies to ladies that you are more open to something romantic, and they might even be more likely to approach you. You could wear a red shirt, jumper or even shoes.

Whatever you pick, it’s more likely to bring in the ladies and show them that you are open for business. 

Flirt with confidence 

Be confident and even if you are nervous, don’t let her see it. The more confident you appear, the more likely she is to want you and want to win you over with her flirting.

Just remember that any lady would be lucky to have you and that should help boost your confidence levels so that you can be great at flirting. 

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