13 HARSH Dating Truths Men Need to Know (The Reality Guys Must Understand When It Comes to Women)

13 HARSH Dating Truths Men Need to Know (The Reality Guys Must Understand When It Comes to Women)

Men originate on Mars, whereas women are from Venus. We are familiar with this phrase. 

Everything from children’s novels to contemporary literature to psychology courses has discussed the differences between men and women. Discovering what makes us specifically  “man” or “woman” is what we find so fascinating. 

Contrary to common assumption, despite cultural variations in gender roles and behaviors, men and women often have comparable brain makes up. This should be kept in mind while we examine gender disparities. As a result, even though the majority of this video is devoted to dating advice for men, keep in mind that it also has plenty of useful information for women. 

Dating observations that every male should be aware of

Be a gentleman and open doors

It never hurts to be kind and a gentleman. Even older ladies appreciate this kind of action.

The difficult thing is keeping the girl after you get her

We are so fixated on accomplishing things as soon as possible. Everyone wants speedy answers.

Guys want to know how to deal with approach anxiety quickly. Learn how to hold fascinating conversations or how to become a natural flirt.

When anything goes wrong, they only then consider making a real effort. They begin the damage control stage when it’s already too late. Poor connection-making is the result of shallow thinking. 

It’s not difficult to create an initial feeling of attraction or to appear momentarily confident in someone. You can only play the part for so long, though. If you don’t genuinely possess any fascinating traits, you’ll eventually reveal your true, insecure self. Leading to the women you value inevitably leave you. 

Active effort on both sides is necessary for healthy partnerships. These things need to develop. You must maintain your relationship, especially sexually. 

I have met many long-term, devoted couples who are still very much in love with one another. They joke around, touch, and flirt like a young couple. Their eagerness is almost too much.

If you want a relationship to be fantastic and fulfilling, you must stay in it for the long haul. And you should get started straight away. 

It does not hurt to be traditional

Never send a first-time date invitation by email or text to a lady. Since dating is all about getting to know someone personally, the latter are impersonal. It also strikes a bad tone for the communication dynamics of the partnership. 

Your ex doesn’t want to date you again

Rather than trying to solve the issue, she ended it. 

Does she speak as much as before? Has she been flirtatious or romantically intimate?

Is she hanging out with you and making it seem like she wants a relationship once more?  Probably not.

Even if it hurts, you have to respect her decision and start moving on. 

If you really need to know whether there is any hope, stop thinking and start doing. I’m sure some of you won’t stop until you get “closure.” 

Give her the impression that you are still in love with her. Try to kiss her, flirt with her, and talk to her. If she ignores your calls and messages, won’t see you in person, or rejects your advances while you’re together, it’s done.

Simply because you fear being alone yourself, you shouldn’t pursue her. The impulse to grow fixated on her must be resisted; just keep in mind that you can’t have her anymore.

Don’t let your feelings about her negatively affect your daily life. Remember that her rejection has nothing to do with your worth as a person—that is the most important thing to remember. 

Flowers are not a bad thing

Despite how ridiculous they might be, no lady is going to slap you in the face for giving her flowers.

She only wants you to listen not solve things

Women just want to be heard, supported, and validated, unless perhaps there is a nail in our heads. A simple, “Sounds like you’ve had a very bad day,” is so much more helpful than, “Here’s what you should do to make it better.” 

Keep your speed in check

Before initiating a meeting in person, spend some time getting to know her online, over the phone, and in a video chat to make sure she feels comfortable. For the majority of women, online dating entails some amount of danger and worry. 

If you can’t travel together, you shouldn’t be together

When you’re traveling, your best and worst traits are on full show. 

I previously dated a guy who would berate every aspect of our trip, including the hotel room, the taxi service, and even the city’s architecture.

Another other guy I dated, on the other hand, was constantly on the go and wouldn’t even pause to use the toilet. After I had had it with pounding espresso halfway through the holiday, I convinced him to go out partying alone. 

Always choose a date that is enjoyable over one that is flashy 

Restaurants with white tablecloths are awkwardly formal. A better date is almost always going to be in a little cafe with fantastic comfort food.

However, you should really simply give it some consideration and arrange something based on what you believe she would be interested in. 

Looks do matter in a relationship 

Most men who are “great” with women are at least a little bit beautiful. Why? Because every guy who consciously chooses to develop his abilities with women is aware that he can and would need to enhance his physical attributes. 

He knows how crucial his look is to his initial impression, therefore it wouldn’t make sense for him to disregard it. He now focuses on improving his posture, fitness, style, and grooming. As a result, he often improves his appearance, rising from mediocre to gorgeous. 

Naturally, he also approaches several women, adjusts his conversational techniques, and accumulates comparable experiences, all of which over time make him feel more at ease among women. 

The cycle continues when a witness sees him engaging with a stunning woman and exclaims, “It’s all down to his good looks!” 

The truth is that looks do matter. The fit, well-groomed, fashionable man will have an edge over an overweight, sloppy, plain man. Being a genetic freak of beauty is not required to attract gorgeous women, though. You don’t need to worry about your facial appearance or get plastic surgery. 

You should work on improving your health, looks, hygiene, and sense of style since these are all things that you CAN manage. This will give you all the physical ability you need to approach attractive ladies. 

But don’t simply focus on those. Also, keep working to improve your communications skills. This will put you in the top 5% of males and help boost your exposure to attractive women. Combine it with the work you put into improving your appearance. 

Complaining that “you’re not attractive enough” will just push you farther into the victim mindset.

Take the lead

As the guy always has a time and place in mind, it’s best to chat or text when arranging the date. Never engage in a conversation that starts with, “What do you want to do? Oh, I have no idea. What are you planning to do? Be certain and provide a suggestion.

Go to a place where you feel at ease

You might believe that by letting your date choose where you go on a date, you’re being a gentleman, but ladies prefer to see that you can take the initiative. Make plans to meet at a place you are acquainted with so that you can relax and help ease any anxiety.

Just play it cool 

Avoid freaking out and asking her 80 times in one hour whether she’s enjoying herself or if her meal was delicious. It takes no more than ten times in an hour to determine if she is having fun or not.

Kidding aside, don’t ask her. Unless she flees from you screaming, just assume she’s having fun. Then you are free to ask. 

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