Attraction & Psychology ✨ 14 Fascinating Facts For Increased Attractiveness & Attention

Attraction & Psychology ✨ 14 Fascinating Facts For Increased Attractiveness & Attention

Psychology attraction facts! In today’s video we are going to be discussing the psychology of attraction. What makes someone psychologically attractive and how you can increase your attractiveness by using these psychological facts!

Have you heard the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? It means that one person we might find attractive and another person we might not. Now we all have our own personal preferences when it comes to who we do and who we do not find attractive. And some of what we like comes straight from our psychology.

Our psychology is basically what goes on up there in our brains. And some of this is unique to each individual but other parts we have in common with every other person on this planet.

Our psychology tells us a lot about who we find attractive and how we find them attractive.

Psychological facts about attraction

Opposites only attract when people are single 

People often say, ‘opposites attract’.

It’s not untrue and this does happen sometimes. There are people all over the world in relationships that would consider themselves to be opposites. These relationships typically don’t last though, of course there will be exceptions.

Normally opposites only attract when they are both single. They may date for a while and then go their separate ways. 

When we are single, we find ourselves attracted to faces that are different to ours. If we are looking for a relationship, we look for a face that is similar to our own.

It is thought that we avoid people with dissimilar faces when we are single because we subconsciously want to avoid being with a member of our family.

Think back to hundreds of years ago when we were in tribes, and this could have been a very real possibility. Well, we are still wired to think in that way. 

Uncertainty makes woman more attracted to men 

When a woman is not 100% sure about a man she is dating, she tends to like him more.

Now I don’t mean whether she is sure that she likes him or not. I mean she is not quite certain if he likes her, and she does not know everything about him.

We often refer to this as being mysterious. The author of some research on the topic said “When people first meet, it may be that popular dating advice is correct: Keeping people in the dark about how we feel about them will increase how much they think of us and will pique their interest.”

Basically, the more you keep to your chest, the more the other person will think of you and the more attraction will grow. 

Men with beards signal long term relationships 

Subconsciously women view men with beards to be better for long term relationships.

Surely you have a friend who never had a beard and then suddenly when they were in a relationship, they grew one.

Well, they were not letting themselves go, it was probably something to do with this. Women believe that a beard makes a man look more formidable which means that they inspire, respect and are capable enough to look after them.

Beards are also often said to make men appear as though they have a higher social status. 

Research has found that women who are searching for a short-term relationship will often find a man who has stubble. Are you tempted to grow a beard?

Left cheeks are more attractive than right

Women often talk about their good side when they are taking photos of themselves.

Well, it has something to do with their good and bad cheek sides. Our cheeks, although unknown to us, were not created equally in attractiveness or expressiveness.

Your left cheek is often seen as more attractive than your right cheek. It is believed this is because we show more expressiveness on our left cheek.

This could be because of how our brain processes emotions and creativity. 

So, if you have been searching for your good side and finding it hard to pick one, try your left hand side! 

How attractive you are depends on the group you are with

You may or may not already know this one. How attractive you are depends on the group of people you spend time with.

If you would call yourself attractive then spending time with less attractive people, will make you stand out more and appear more attractive to outside people.

If you would say you are less attractive than your friends and they are very attractive, then you are less likely to stand out in that group. You might have noticed this before.

For example, you see a large group of people and they are all attractive in your opinion. Not one person stands out more than another, they have similar levels of attractiveness.

Now if you started to pull this group apart and separate the members, you might start to notice that one person is in fact more attractive than another person.

Remember that this all comes down to how someone views you is what they believe an attractive person looks like.

What is attractive to one person might not be attractive to another person. 

Scent is very important 

We associate people with what they smell like. If someone has a strong scent that they wear, whenever we smell something like it, we will think of them.

We can also subconsciously smell people’s natural scent which can often attract us to someone.

When we really like someone, we like their natural scent.

So, scent has two important jobs, it triggers memories, and it can attract us to a possible girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Facial symmetry is also important 

When we quickly glance at someone’s face and we think, they are beautiful, and then move on with our day. We don’t spend long thinking about the how or why we think they are attractive.

It could be because of their facial symmetry though. The more symmetrical someone’s face is, the more attractive we find them.

When someone’s face is more similar on both sides, we are typically more likely to approach them. 

Signs of health are important 

Have you ever found yourself attracted to someone with rosy cheeks and clear skin?

This is you looking for someone with biological signs of health.

Typically, it is men that do this as they are looking for someone who will have good reproductive health.

In today’s world we know that health is not something you can always see. For example, someone could look healthy but be suffering from an illness.

We are still psychologically programmed to look for a healthy partner to take on though, whether we realize it or not. 

Confidence wins people over

Our brain secretly tells us that we want our DNA to last for other generations which is why we find confidence so attractive. Someone who is confident makes it seem like they will reproduce and keep the DNA going. 

Eye contact is a sign of attraction

When someone flashes you a look from across the bar, your brain receives a signal that says, they might like them.

Then your brain starts thinking of every possible scenario and the anticipation grows. You start to think, I think that person is attracted to me. You are then more likely to approach them whereas you might have normally avoided them. 

Blushing is a good sign

You might already know this one but when your date blushes, it’s a sign that you are winning them over.

Our brain sends a signal to our cheeks and tells them that we are having a great time. They then light up and go a pink color which signals to the other person that we are having a good time. 

Red is the most attractive color 

Red makes us think of romance and sex.

In a study men spent 7.3 seconds longer staring at a woman’s red lipstick compared to someone else’s other color of lipstick.

If you want to attract someone and make them think naughty thoughts, then you could wear something as simple as a red jumper. 

Mirroring is very important 

If the person we are on a date with mirrors our body language, it makes us think that we have more in common with them.

The more in common we have with someone the more likely the relationship is to progress.

If you want to attract someone to yourself, try mirroring their behavior.  

Dog owners have more luck getting a date 

Do you own a dog? Well, your pooch could be the key to unlocking a blooming dating life.

In fact, men are three times more likely to get a girl’s digits if they have their dog with them.

The same can also be true for women with a dog.

The dog acts as a buffer between the two people and is a great conversation starter.

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