THIS Is How To Attract A Woman Who Is NOT Interested… YET - Make Girls Notice You

THIS Is How To Attract A Woman Who Is NOT Interested… YET – Make Girls Notice You

Women are known to play hard to get. They don’t always run to a guy, they would prefer to make him work for her attention.

You might have met a lady that you really like. You have put the work in, but nothing is paying off. You start to think to yourself “maybe she is just not attracted to me.”

If you walk away now, then that’s it, nothing more will happen. You might find yourself thinking about her a lot and wishing you had put in more effort .

Sometimes you just need to know how to attract a woman who is not interested in you yet. It might not always work, perhaps that woman is just not the one for you. You will notice that it does work sometimes though which will result in you winning over more women. 

I am going to tell you how you can attract a woman who is not interested in you yet.

How to attract a woman who is not interested in you yet

Confident body language 

We often don’t understand how important our body language is, and how much it tells others about us. Our body language is everything and it counts for a lot. If you start acting nervous and you seem very stand-offish, you are probably not going to attract a woman.

Women prefer men who are confident. If you look like you can hold a conversation and you are displaying open body language, then a woman is more likely to approach you. 

What does confident body language look like? Sitting up straight, shoulders back and neck extended. You also want to have open body language which looks like having your arms by your side, your legs uncrossed and making sure you are smiling.

Basically, you want to be looking friendly, relaxed, and approachable so that women are not scared off by you. 

Act enthusiastically 

If you act like you do not care or like you are not having a good time, a girl is not likely to be seriously attracted to you. She might think to herself, he does not want to be around me at all.

Instead, you want to be behaving enthusiastically around her and act as though you are happy to see her.

If you see her more than once, then you should show your enthusiasm. When you act like this a girl thinks, oh he is happy to see me and must like me.

This instantly makes you more attractive to her because you are showing an interest in her. 

Focus on your eye contact

You can tell a lot from simply looking at someone or figuring out how they look at you.

If you are trying to impress a woman and attract her when she is not interested, then you need to focus on your eye contact. This might mean catching her eye from across the room so that she knows you are interested in her.

It could also mean looking at her directly in the eyes if she is talking to you so that she knows you are listening. Eye contact can either be your friend or your enemy, be sure not to just stare, as this can make you look a bit creepy.

If you focus on it though and think about it, you can attract girls that were previously un-interested. 

Boost your self-confidence 

Women find confidence really sexy. If you are lacking in self-confidence, it is more likely that a woman might not be interested in you.

It might be because she has not spotted you. Maybe you are standing in a corner and chatting to one of your friends. This is not going to attract a girl to you.

You want to be laughing with your friends or confidently approaching her and starting a conversation. This is something that attracts her to you. 

If you want to boost your self-confidence then try approaching a few different girls, chat to them and see how they react. Also surround yourself with people who bring out the best version of yourself, this can help with confidence. 

Play it cool 

Earlier on in the video I talked about acting with enthusiasm. It is important that you look like you are enjoying yourself, but you also need to play it cool.

If you come on too strong, she will feel pressured to talk to you and will be turned off straight away.

You need to play it cool. Be confident and talk to her, but also step back and let her come up with some of the conversation and let her come to you.

Girls love chasing guys, and this gives them the chance to put in some work for you which in their eyes, makes you more valuable. 

Try to keep busy 

Sometimes you might be trying to attract a woman on a night out but other times it might take quite a while. It could be after a large number of gatherings and maybe even some dates. You have spent a lot of time with her, yet she is still not hooked.

This is when it is important to take a step back and let her work a little harder. You need to have your own life that keeps you busy and makes you happy.

This means having your own friends, hobbies, interests, and career. These things can keep you busy while you are stepping back and allowing her to work a little harder.

Don’t chase her 

When you chase a girl, you can come across as desperate. Let her do the chasing while you play it a little cooler.

Sure, you can ask her out on dates, girls really love it when guys do this. You want to avoid constantly texting her though, phoning her or always being the one to organize the dates.

She needs to put effort in as well so that you are sure that she is attracted to you like you are to her. 

Accept her for who she is 

She is not attracted to you yet. It is not up to you to change this thought and opinion.

It’s up to you to wow her so much that she can’t help but be attracted to you.

This could take days, weeks or even months. You need to have a lot of patience.

Once she sees that you are accepting her and her opinions though she will think of you as someone that she can trust. 

Listen to her 

Whenever she talks to you, listen to what she has to say and take it all in. When you really listen to a girl, she can tell.

It makes her feel more connected and comfortable around you which are building blocks to attraction. 

Make her laugh 

Laughing releases endorphins which release a feel-good drug, dopamine.

This is a natural reaction that occurs in our body, and it makes us feel great! If it is another person that makes this happen to us, we then associate them with honesty and a good feeling.

We want to spend more time with them because we want another shot of dopamine. So why not try making her laugh

Pay her a compliment 

Girls love compliments and it makes them so happy when a guy pays them one. Give her a genuine compliment and then watch her reaction.

Does she become more flirty? Does she blush? These are all signs of progress. 

Be yourself 

Don’t change yourself so that she will like you.

Further down the line, you will realize that you cannot carry on being someone that you are not. She might end up breaking up with you because she thought you were someone different.

Even though you were just trying to win her over, it is not worth it. Instead, always be yourself and if she does not like you, that is her loss and there are plenty of other girls out there. 

Use open ended language to start a conversation 

When a woman is not yet attracted to you, she might answer questions quickly, with little details. Saying things like “yes” or “no” to answer your questions.

It can make a conversion very un-enjoyable. A way around this is to use open ended language in a conversation which forces her to answer the question in more details. One example of this would be “what is your job?.” 

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