Women Can’t Resist These 15 Types Of Compliments – Best Compliments For Women (USE THESE EXAMPLES)

Compliments for women! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing some of the best compliments to give a girl!

You’ll learn how to compliment a woman, what to compliment, when to compliment a girl and more. We’re going to show you some awesome examples of compliments that you can use and explain why some compliments hold much more value to a woman than others.

Everyone loves someone complimenting them because it makes them feel warm and special. And a woman especially loves a compliment from a man she is dating or someone she is in a new relationship with. Because who wouldn’t love someone noticing a new hairstyle, or a new outfit that they have recently purchased.

Compliments can sometimes come out incorrect though, or just not sound like you imagined in your head. Which is why it’s important to carefully craft your compliments and make sure they are genuine.

In today’s video, we’re going to help you out by sharing many different type of compliments that women simply cannot resist.

Best compliments to give a girl

I value your perspective 

Saying this to your lady especially if you are in a relationship, shows that you value her and her opinion which is really important to her.

It shows her that you will confide in her when you have decisions to make or you just need her perspective on a situation.

When you care about someone, it’s important that you let them know how much they mean to you by taking on their perspective. 

You’re hilarious 

Humor, laughing and fun is important in a relationship. This is because relationships are not supposed to be serious all the time!

You are sharing a life with someone and you want your life to be fun right? When you tell someone they are hilarious, whether you have just met, are dating or you are in a relationship, it’s a huge compliment.

Finding someone else funny, bonds you and brings you closer. If you tell her that you think she is hilarious because you believe it, you will bring her closer to you and make her feel special. 

I always learn a lot from you 

People like to feel as though they are bringing something interesting and important to a conversation.

Ladies may flex their intellect and tell you about a topic they are very interested in, this is them trying to make sure you think they are interesting and know a lot.

If you were to look at her on a date and say I always learn a lot from you after she tells you something interesting she will be so happy and feel like she has really added something to the conversation. 

I love your new hairstyle 

Telling a lady you love how she has done her hair today or her hairstyle will show that you are paying attention and really focusing on her. She will feel flattered and you may notice that every time you meet for a date afterwards she will have her hair in a similar style. 

I trust you

Telling someone that you trust them is a big step and something you should not do until you do completely trust them.

When you do tell them though it will bring you a lot closer together. If you tell the lady you have been dating a while or you are in a relationship with that you trust her, your relationship will start moving from strength to strength.

She will feel like you are a team working together and that she can trust you as well. 

I love how you are so caring 

Women are natural caregivers and they love to take care of those around them. This could be by cooking them food, washing their clothes or simply taking the time to talk an issue through with someone they care about.

If you tell them ‘I love how you are so caring’ it shows that you recognise the work they are putting in to care for you and show how they feel about you.

It will make everything they are doing worth it and they will carry on doing it. 

You’re not like other women 

Women love nothing more than being told they are not like other women.

Never tell a lady, she is like every woman. She will most likely end the relationship if you do this as she will think she is the same as all your ex’s which is not pretty! 

You are good at your job 

Woman often really value their careers and work really hard to get where they are when you meet them.

Their mums might have stayed home to look after them where they were growing up and were not able to have a career. For this reason, a woman values her career even more and it really does mean the world to her.

If you were to tell her that she is good at her job it would mean a lot to her and she will share more information about her career with you. 

You look great today

Telling a woman that she looks great is sure to boost her confidence and allow her to open up around you. It will also make her smile and extra bubbly which is always nice to be around! 

You look sexy tonight 

You look great today is your compliment for during the day. You look sexy is the compliment you offer at night!

You might have planned an extra special date night at her favourite cocktail bar and she shows up in a cocktail dress.

Normally cocktail dresses are tight and revealing so it makes sense to say that she looks sexy tonight. In this type of situation, it is not rude to say this, it is more flirty and shows that you are confident enough to pay her such a compliment. 

I love spending time with you 

This is a lovely compliment to say to a woman and it is definitely one that she will not be able to resist.

Saying that you love spending time with her will cure any anxiety she may have. Sometimes women worry that a man is not enjoying the time he is spending with them.

This might seem silly but men and women have different types of body language and because women are more expressive than men they might think the man is a little cold.

The man could in fact be having the time of his life!

So reassuring her by saying that you love spending time with her will really make her day! 

I can’t wait to grow old with you

This is a lovely compliment if you are in a serious relationship with a lady. If you are only dating, it might sound a bit clingy and scare your lady off.

Giving a lady this compliment shows her that you are committed to your relationship and that you can’t wait for it to keep going and keep growing.

It is a big thing to say though, so don’t say it unless you really mean it because she will believe what you say. 

You are an amazing mum

If you have children with your lady or they have children from a past relationship acknowledging that she is a good mum will really make her feel great.

Being a parent is really difficult and it is hard to know if you are doing it right all the time.

You need to know that your partner supports you 100% of the time so it does not hurt to remind her every now and again. 

You’re my favourite person to see each day 

Ahh, isn’t this a cute one? If you really like the lady you are seeing and you just love spending time with her this is a great compliment.

Who doesn’t like to hear that they are the other person’s favourite person to see each day? 

You make me happy 

Let’s finish with this lovely one! Telling a woman that she makes you happy is appropriate at any relationship level.

Whether just dating or in a more serious relationship, it is really nice to tell someone that they make you happy.

If you are not ready to say ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ then telling someone that they make you happy is a good step to take. It lets them know that you like how things are going and want it to carry on that way without committing to much.

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