THIS Is How Women Want Men To Approach Them – How To Approach Girls You’re Interested In (EFFECTIVE)

Learn how to approach women. In today’s video we’re going to be discussing how women want men to approach them. When it comes to meeting women, introducing yourself etc it can understandably a nerving experience.

Women are often made out to be hard to read and very hard to understand. Now of course, we don’t always understand maths the first time we learn it, it takes some time. And that’s the analogy we want to apply today.

Men can get really confused when it comes to how they should approach women. And yes, it can be confusing. But do they want you to be forwards? Do they want you to just stand back and let them come to you?

Well, I have compiled some concrete information on how a woman would like men to approach them, and I’m here to share it with you today.

How women want to be approached by men

How to approach women on the street

Let’s start with how to approach women on the street.

Now, guys, you might be the kindest, pure-hearted guy on the planet but when you are standing on a street, a lady does not know this? All she see’s is what you look like. Which can be intimidating because men are naturally built bigger than women are. You have broader shoulders and are often taller than the woman.

Approaching a woman on the street can be scary for her. That’s why it is important that you know how to do it respectfully. 

When you are walking behind a woman especially at night…

First of all, if you are walking behind a lady and you don’t want to approach her to get her attention then it is best to cross the street. That way she knows you are not a threat.

Walking behind her even if you are a few steps behind her might seem harmless. You are simply walking, right? But she might be feeling threatened and scared.

It is better for you to respectfully cross the street so she can carry on without panicking. 

Consider your surroundings 

If you want to approach a lady on the street consider your surroundings. Are you down a dark alleyway and is she alone? This is not an appropriate place to begin your approach.

Is she with a group of friends sitting outside at a bar? This is more of a safe space and you could approach her here.

Just take a moment to step back and think, where are we? How will she feel if I approach her now? If you make the wrong move and make her feel scared by approaching her, you will have lost her and that’s not what you want. 

Open with an honest conversation starter, not a cheesy pickup line

If you open with a cheesy pickup line like “aside from being sexy, what do you do for a living?”, you are guaranteed not to make a good impression. Granted, cheesy pickup lines are funny but not in this type of situation.

If you are approaching her in public then it’s already a ‘cold meeting’ which means you need to put your best foot forward and impress her!

So instead start with something honest and simple like “Hello my name is Jack, how are you doing today?”. You are guaranteed to have more luck with her lady. 

Give her plenty of space 

Make sure to give her plenty of space when you are approaching her full stop not just on the street but also in bars and other places.

Women like to be able to talk with their hands and not feel threatened when they are approached so giving them space allows them to actually enjoy you approaching them! 

General tips on approaching a woman 

Never use sexual compliments 

Ladies do not want you to approach them and then give them sexual compliments.

They would rather compliment their personality or the colour of their eyes. Complimenting them on something sexual is well…a little creepy!

So give the sexual compliments a miss and focus instead on genuine compliments

Try and approach her while she has friends around

Women want you to approach them while their friends are around. It makes them feel safe yes! But it also makes them feel confident!

You have picked them instead of all their friends, they find that super attractive. They are much more likely to then talk to you and arrange another date which is what you want! 

Watch out for body language signals 

Before approaching the lucky lady, study her body language. You might notice that she locks eyes with you or that she keeps looking over in your direction. This is because she has her eye on you as well but is waiting for you to make the first move.

She also might start speaking louder, laughing or flicking her hair. These are all signs that she is attracted to you but is waiting to either see if you like her or if you are going to make a move.

Remember that when you are approaching the woman, you want to make immediate eye contact with her. This will make you look confident and she will know that you are coming for her! 

Approach her from the side not face on

Women prefer to be approached from the side as opposed to you walking straight towards her. It makes you less threatening.

You can still make eye contact as you approach from the side! Women are more on guard around strangers than men are, which is why this is so important. 

Open with interesting conversation 

You have opened with a genuine compliment and conversation which is a great start. Now you need to carry on with the conversation and make it interesting.

You want to attract her and maybe ask her out on a date so you want to give her a taste of who you are.

Some ways to have an interesting conversation are to ask her for advice, be playful, ask them for a favour or to make a stand.

Ask for her advice 

If you are asking for advice try and make it light-hearted. You don’t want to come across as someone who is desperate or would need a lot of help in a relationship.

You could ask, “do you know any nice places to eat around here?” or something like that to open up the conversation. 

Being playful 

Being playful is a fun way to start a conversation and make it interesting. Remember not to make it sexual!

An example of this would say something like “Hi, sorry I have an emergency (pause while smiling) should I go for white or red wine?”. It’s funny and playful but also she will give you an answer! 

Asking for a favour 

Asking the lady a favour is a little risky because you have only just met her but again keep it light and fun. Something like “can you hold my jacket for a moment”.

It starts an interaction and can lead to an interesting conversation. 

Make a stand 

Make a stand on a topic but don’t make it too controversial. Making it too controversial could easily turn her off as she might think you are quite dominant and always think you are right.

You want to appear flexible and open to different opinions. A good way to make a stand without seeming too serious is by saying something like, “Which one is better, rose or red?” while she is drinking rose. Or you can debate things like movies and food.

Anything safe you would discuss with your grandma!

Avoid anything that could come across as rude and you will be winning. 

You are now an expert at approaching a woman 

If you have watched this video you now know how women want you to approach them. It’s fairly simple, approach them in a non-threatening way, have some good conversation ready and display great body language.

Approaching a woman is not as confusing as it seems, you can definitely do it successfully and end up with a date and who knows? Maybe a new girlfriend! 

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