Psychology To Make A Girl Want You More

Make ANY Girl Want You More (EASY Psychology Tips)

Psychology to use to make a girl want you. Learn how to make a girl want you more by using these simple psychological tips! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing 10 tips you can use to keep women interested and increase their attraction to you!

Our psychology is a powerful thing. We often don’t realize how many of our decisions and thoughts are ruled by our brain and how we are wired.

We might believe that we fully made a decision when in fact outsiders influence our thoughts and decisions without us even realizing.

Once you start to understand how powerful our psychology is you then realize you can use it to your advantage, which includes using it on girls.

Whether you’ve been single for a long time or you’ve just started dating, psychology can help a girl want you more. This is what you will learn in today’s video so keep watching like and subscribe.

Psychology To Make A Girl Want You More

Be mysterious 

The most exciting part of dating is at the very beginning when you are getting to know someone.

Everything they tell you is so exciting and interesting. You learn more every time you see them, but you never really know them.

Normally you don’t really know someone until you get into a relationship with them.

If you are at the beginning stages of making a girl want you more, then you should focus on not giving everything away.

Girls love it when guys are mysterious and it’s something that makes them want a guy more.

So, if you want to keep her around then be a little mysterious. 

Like things that she likes

First you need to find out a little bit more about her. Then you need to find out what she likes so that you can mirror these things.

For example, she might really like going out to watch movies as do you, well then you should be doing more of that. Or she could really like going on hikes and this is something you could learn to like.

It’s good to remember that you should also tell her about things that you like doing so that she can do some of these things and impress you.

Liking and doing the things that she likes will make her want to spend more time with you.

This is a good position to be in when you are attracting someone towards you. 

Don’t be weak

Girls don’t like weak men. They like stronger men who can look after them and protect them.

It is important that a man can do this in their eyes, and it is something that makes them want a man more.

So, although showing your emotions and being vulnerable is fine, always needing to spend time with them or making them pay for their dinners all the time can start to make you look weak.

You need to be there for them when they need you and be strong for them whilst also displaying your emotions when you feel vulnerable. 

Give her compliments 

Let’s be honest for a moment, every girl loves compliments and giving her them is a psychological way to get her to want you more.

A girl does know when you are giving compliments just for the sake of giving them, so you need to make sure that you are giving them when they are genuine.

You could compliment her on her outfit, hair, makeup and of course her personality by saying something like “you are so caring.”

Girls love a man that do this and psychologically it tells her that you care about her, which is important.

Always play nice (even if she is not)

Girls don’t always play nice. In fact, sometimes they can be quite cruel which sounds counter- productive because they are trying to attract you, but it’s just how girls are.

Something girls hate though is when guys are mean back to them.

It immediately makes the guy less attractive to them. So, it is worth remembering that even if she is not playing nice, you should always be a gentleman and play nice.

Treat her like a princess and she will want you badly because not all guys do this anymore. 

Focus only on her

You might be tempted to play the field especially if she is taking a while to warm up.

This is a risky game though that could have very risky consequences.

If a girl catches on to the fact that you are playing her it is likely she will walk away.

It’s much better to play the long game with patience and wait for her to warm up and want you.

Put all your attention on her and focus on only her. This will make her happy because even if she is looking at other guys, the fact that you are focusing on her will make her want you more. 

Be yourself 

There is no point in pretending to be someone else, eventually the real you will come out. You will have far more luck if you just be yourself upfront.

No matter who the girl is, or you think she is out of your league, she needs to fall for you and not the guy she thinks you are.

Don’t change yourself or the way you dress. Psychologically a man who does not change himself for a girl appears stronger in a girl’s eyes.

Try to hold on to who you are and remember that you are great just the way you are. If one girl does not recognise this then there are plenty of other girls. 

Show her your confidence

You need to show a girl how confident you are from the very beginning if you want to win her over. Girls really value confidence.

You might be thinking to yourself, I lack confidence so a girl will never be interested in me. This is not true at all.

A girl will be very interested in you and confidence is something that you can learn and improve.

You just need to set aside some time to increase your confidence by practicing starting conversations around friends, talking to yourself in the mirror positively, and by meeting some girls in a bar and seeing how you get on.

Practice makes perfect and the same goes for building confidence

Did you also know that you can be shy and confident at the same time? Sure, you might be quite shy, and this can often be painted as a negative thing when it is not.

Being shy is when you might not be the first to speak in a social situation, but this is not the be all and end all.

You can let a girl speak first and then the confidence comes out when you choose the conversation topics. Practise your conversational skills and perfect them over time to help with your confidence.

Challenge her

A great way to psychologically make a girl want you is to challenge her.

You could offer an opinion on something that she has not considered before, or you could ask her to join you in an activity that will challenge her in some way.

She could have a fear of heights, and you invite her to go bungee jumping for example.

These challenges bring her closer to you and make her more addicted to you.

She will feel a rush of adrenaline whenever you do something like this together. It will release a hormone called dopamine which will make her feel really happy.

When she thinks of you she will think about trust and happiness which are both highly positive. 

Don’t be predictable 

Most women see predictable as boring.

When a man displays this type of behavior she is normally going to feel bored, and she quickly gets over him.

If you want her to want you more, you need to bring some excitement into her life by keeping her on her toes.

Surprise her with dates that are anything but ordinary.

Buy her gifts when she least expects them. Don’t always be available when she needs you.

Do things that other guys won’t do for her. This unpredictability is what will draw her to you and make her really want you. 

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