Cute things guys do that girls like

21 Cute Things Guys Do That Girls Find Sexy And Adorable (Low Cost Things Girls Like!)

Things girls like! In today’s video we’re going to be discussing cute things guys do that girls find sexy, attractive and adorable! Whether you’re single or in a relationship these are going to come in helpful when it comes to impressing women. So, lets dive into some of the many cute things guys do for their girlfriends.

Do you ever struggle to think of something cute to do for a girl in your life? Maybe you want to impress her and make a certain lady really happy, but you’re fresh out of ideas. Well, you might want to bookmark this video because today I’m going to tell you 21 cute things that guys do that girls find sexy and adorable. Now a lot of these things are completely free, but they will make a great impression on a girl regardless!

So, whether you are trying to win a girl over or just impress your girlfriend, this is the video for you. Keep watching, like and subscribe.

Cute things guys do that girls like

Text her and say she is cute first thing in the morning 

This is something you could do every day and it would mean the world to her.

Girls absolutely love good morning texts, it does not matter if you have been dating them for a while or if you have only just met, they love receiving a text.

It makes them smile and they will be thinking about you all day long. 

Always take her opinion into consideration 

If you are both discussing things and she plucks up the courage to tell you her opinion then you should definitely take it into consideration. You don’t have to agree of course, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but you should tell her that you have taken what she has said onboard. It will make her feel respected by you which is super sexy in a girl’s mind. 

Go shopping with her

Does the thought of shopping literally put you to sleep? That’s fair enough but sometimes we all have to do things that we don’t like and that includes shopping.

If the girl you are seeing loves shopping, do something cute and offer to go shopping with her.

She will love the company and be really impressed that you have gone. 

Make sure she knows that she is important to you 

Tell her how you feel about her and how important she is to you.

You might already think she knows this but unless you have told her, she is only guessing and might not be feeling great about it. Why not tell her over a romantic dinner? 

Offer her a massage 

We all have such busy lives, and it takes a toll on our bodies. Why not treat her to a free massage? She will find this adorable and really sexy. 

Be emotional and vulnerable around her

This one is not always easy. It’s hard to open up to someone especially when you have only just met them. Being emotional and vulnerable with a girl though really allows them to get to know you.

They find it adorable when a guy talks about his emotions. Although many men think putting up their walls is better, girls don’t feel this way. They like it when men are open. 

Tell her stories from your childhood

We all have stories from our childhood, good ones, and bad ones. Girls love it when they hear about guys’ childhoods. It’s another thing that makes them feel connected to a guy. Why not tell her some fun stories that you know she will love? 

Only show her the amount of PDA she wants 

Some girls love a lot of public displays of affection and others love very little. Learn what she likes by simply asking her questions about it.

Show her the amount that she likes. For example, maybe she likes to hold hands or maybe she likes to hug. Then instead of finding it cringy she will find it really cute when you go to grab her hand. 

Be her best friend 

Yes you want to be romantic with her, but you also want to be her best friend. Being her best friend means that you can have all sorts of fun together and you will always be there to support each other.

Invite her to meet your family 

Every girl wants to meet their boyfriend’s family. There is nothing more adorable than seeing a guy with his family so she will love it when you invite her to meet them.

Don’t do it until you are ready as it is a big step. She will find it super cute though. 

Put your hand in her back pocket 

Have you ever seen a guy do this move? It makes a lady so happy! When you are walking down the street, slip your hand in her back pocket just to show her that you are there. 

Take her to a wedding or another event 

Do you have an event coming up that you could take her to? Why not invite her, she will love seeing you in a different environment and will find you really sexy dressed in a suit. 

Leave her romantic notes 

Girl’s love finding romantic notes from a guy that they like. If you are just dating, you could leave them around her house before you leave in the morning. If she is your girlfriend then why not leave her cute notes in the fridge or on the bathroom mirror. She’ll be thinking, he’s cute!

Kiss her on her forehead

Girls love it when you kiss them on the forehead. It makes them feel safe and protected which is what they are looking for from a man. Why not kiss her forehead after she tells you that she has had a hard day? 

Give her a key to your flat

This is another thing not to do until you are ready and it’s the right time. Your first date for example would not be the right time to do this. When you are ready though, giving a girl a key to your home is a very adorable thing to do. 

Kiss her hand even if it is a joke

Maybe she is being a bit of a princess so as a joke you kiss her hand and bow slightly in front of her. She might laugh but inside she thinks that it is really cute and adorable. 

Let her leave some things at your apartment 

If she is staying over a lot why not let her leave some things at your apartment. It makes it easier for her, but it also takes your relationship up a level and leaves her feeling great! 

Tell her how sexy she is 

Girls find this one super sexy because it means you have taken a moment to notice her. Even if she is just in her pyjamas, tell her how sexy you think she is.

Girls can never hear this enough and if you don’t tell them, they won’t know how you feel. Plus, other guys might start complimenting your girl instead of you and you don’t want that. 

Be yourself when you are around her

Don’t pretend to be someone else or be the person you think she wants.

Be yourself, she will see that you are being yourself and she will love that about you. Remember that she wants to get to know you because that is who she likes. 

Do favors for both her and her friends

Of course, girls find it cute when you do things for them, but do you know what they love even more? When you do things for their friends. Maybe their friends are moving and could use an extra pair of hands, or they have a specific problem that you have the skills to solve.

Either way you will earn serious brownie points by helping out any of her friends. 

Let her baby you a little 

Girls are naturally maternal. Let her fuss over you a little, it makes her happy and makes her feel like she is being a great girlfriend. Plus who doesn’t like being cooked dinner for or having their washing done for them? No one!

When your girlfriend fusses over you, she finds it adorable that you let her. 

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