Playful Teasing That Drives Women Crazy - Learn How to Tease Women in A Flirtatious Way

Playful Teasing That Drives Women Crazy – Learn How to Tease Women in A Flirtatious Way

Being an expert at teasing is all you need to do to win over a particular girl and make her desire you even more!

We respond well to mild teasing because women love it. So, if you want to make things more engaging and thrilling. You need to start talking to the girl in question.

Rapport is a warm, pleasant relationship and connection between two people. To establish that, you must be conscious of your level of comfort with one another.

Always try to connect with her on a personal level by posing pertinent questions. Then you may do the actions she has asked you to take in secret.

Try some these tips to tease her and make her want you

Whisper naughty words in her ear at random

Pull her in close when you are out and about, at a family event or professional function and whisper naughty things in her ear.

Now when you arrive home tell her the naughty things you have planned for her. Whispering to her places your lips next to her ear which is an exciting erogenous zone for us ladies.  It also puts those naughty thoughts in her head.

You are being even more of a tease by delaying the chance for her to do any of those things.

Give her a quirky nickname

You can find a new name to address her with that is cute but unique.

Pet names in relationships solidify the intimacy between people. Giving her a pet name will sound like music to her ears. She would immediately think, ‘hang on, isn’t this what a boyfriend does. Wow is he really that into me’.

Teasing her with the unlock of a relationship will drive her wild.  Even though it’s just a pet name, its meaningful, cute and tells her that you are an intimate person in relationships.

Mention something weird or dorky about her

Be nice, of course!

Tell her something unique about her that you love, ‘your so cute, you have the cutest nose,’ ‘I love the way you sneeze.’ Saying something which is unique to her will make her feel that you have really studied her.

By paying close attention she sees you as a guy that’s all in and notices those small details that no one else does. This will drive her wild!

Make a funny parody of how she acts

If you know her really well and think she is looking as if she is about to start one of those ‘angry moments’ over something quite minor. You know you can stop this dead in its track by quietly huffing at her, with your head slightly tilted, whilst giving her a sideways glance with a smile on your face. Way to go!

You have just changed her mood instantly and will no doubt have earnt yourself some brownie points by making her smile and leave her feeling better about herself.

You aren’t trying to make fun of her, you are letting her see you as a playful person who also knows how to lighten the mood. 

It helps that you recognize her traits and behavior, and it will make her feel validated. However, do not do this if it seems as if she is genuinely upset! No one likes to be mocked.

Try to playfully fight her

I think play fighting should be encouraged more in a relationship.  It’s a physical way to show someone that you want to have fun with them. 

If she agrees to a tumble, for example a wrestling match then great, good for you. But some other simple ideas could be a thumb fight, a dance off in the kitchen or a tickle fight. Absolutely no one should end up getting hurt.

Playing like this can sometimes lead to intimacy, and who knows where that will lead.

Don’t put them on a pedestal

This is yet another major problem in understanding how to flirt with your crush. You’re good at flirting, but the issue is that you treat them almost like a goddess. They are this wonderful, ideal person you have fallen in love with and will do anything for them. 

We’re not suggesting that feeling this way is wrong, but when you admire someone, you stop seeing them for who they really are and instead lose yourself in that image. 

So, remain true to yourself and make sure you don’t give her too much. You need her to see you as a strong person who can sometimes disagree, has different views, and won’t always let the lady choose where they do, what they get up to.

Joke about stereotyping her

Using hilarious stereotypes about your crush is one kind of teasing.

As an example, if she is stern dedicated lawyer call her geeky, too serious or overly ambitious. Just be sure to do it in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner.

If she argues that working hard is important, remind her that when you are spending the day lounging on a sunbed and sipping Pina Coladas, you’ll be thinking about her as he toils away at the office. 

Accuse her of hitting on you

“Are you flirting with me? I can see what you’re doing, and I won’t fall for your girly tricks. “Quit trying to seduce me; I know what you’re up to.” 

Develop your confidence

You need to have self-assurance. Whether you flirt with your crush or not is irrelevant. Only if you believe you are worthy can you flirt with them. 

They are simply people. Decide to get a haircut or a new clothing if you think that would make you feel more confident. Whatever you feel like doing, do it. In this way, people will be able to see just how confident you are. 

Take the initiative

You’ll have to wait your entire life for them if you don’t take the initiative. Count on us for this. Perhaps you are in love with someone and have tried everything to get in touch with them, but to no avail. 

Eventually, you could run into them at a party and strike up a discussion. You two could get along. The key is that you shouldn’t be reluctant to initiate contact. Who can predict what will happen to it? 

Tell her what you intend to do to her 

Tell her what you want from her. Women are particularly good at visualizing things. Why do you suppose humans find romance novels to be so appealing? If you sit there and tell her everything you want to do, you could have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve.

As soon as she can picture everything you’re saying, she’ll start to crave it. Just telling her everything you want to do while making her wait is enough to drive her crazy. 

Make fun of the way she is dressed

Whatever it is, you should comment on her attire. Tell her that she is only attempting to sexually seduce you by the way she is dressed. She may say otherwise, but if you do this, she will be tremendously drawn to you.

The purpose of this is to make it plain that you desire her, but you are also tricking her into thinking that you like her because of the clothing she is wearing. 

Stare at their lips

You are not expected to stare menacingly into their eyes or anything like that at this point. But you ought to sometimes cast a longing glance at their lips. It shouldn’t last too long; just enough time for them to pause and consider, ‘Are they staring at my lips, or was it just my imagination?’

You want to subtly convey that their lips are approachable. 

Learning how to tease your partner in both sexual and nonsexual ways takes practice.

Before leveraging that information to influence her into bargaining with you, you must get to know her and her preferences extremely well. Use these ideas to capture her attention and keep her in your thoughts all day. 

A great method to get to know someone and show them that you’re interested in them is to tease them. It may keep relationships fascinating and new if done properly.

Always bear in mind that the finest teasing is the kind that appears sincere but real. If it seems forced, don’t try to force it. However, if everything seems perfect and the energy is correct, well enjoy it!

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